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DESTRUCTIVE CRUSH (Ragini Parth Short Story) CH -04

Here is the last chapter
Chapter 3

Lazily dragging her feet Ragini walked to her desk which was as usual empty like all those 10 days from past. Placing her bag beside her she took out a note book and kept patting the pen on the desk. She again felt the cold breath near her ear where some hair strands moved and she closed her eyes.

Though this had not stopped happening in those 10 days. The sudden silence of the class made her open her eyes as she guessed the arrival of the professor.

She gathered herself and stood up to greet the professor and sat back as he signed. The professor was hopelessly boring and she knew it was natural tendency as it was the last lecture before the summer vacations kicked off.

Exams had been mind stirring and she did knew she is gonna score very very bad this time. Her constant interruption is concentration had added to the misery that she could hardly read for the exams. She even thought that she had to repeat the year for her poor performance.

Studies weren’t of her actual interest but music and dance was her life. But as per her mother to stand on her self Ragini needed education. Janaki knew how difficult it was for a single woman to survive and she just did not wanted her daughter to be depended on someone for her living.

Time was moving very slowly as the heat increased. Einstein’s theory of relativity crept her mind and her lips curved up into a smile which more looked like smirk.

Beautiful’ she jerked hearing his voice again. She looked around horrified when the bell rang and she sat there holding her paining head and fast beating heart.

“I’m totally lost it” she rose up from her seat and walked out not willing to spend more time in that very place.

She was a total introvert. She never talked unless it was very urgent. Everyone in the college knew her but not really knew her. She was complicated to understand and she loved being that. She did not wanted anyone to explore her life.

A light string of guitar hit her ear and her steps stopped. She felt herself in a new world suddenly the surrounding across her changed to a forest. The land was covered with the ice and the pine trees showed minimal green leaves and some of the ice falling from their sharp leaves.

She looked at her self and found it strange. She was wearing thick woolen clothes. A cap cladding her hair perfectly just letting some strands to dangle down her shoulders. Her neck was covered with the thick muffler.

The cool wind made her shiver and when she blinked her eyes she was standing at the corridor of the college unmoved. Some people gazed at her strangely. And she was herself confused what just happened. It was so real that she could still feel the cool air.

Was that dream what she saw earlier or was it the one she was in now.

She stood there for a considerable time before walking out of the college. Saying a good bye to it for the last time and a promise to return back after 40 days she headed to her car.

As usual Derek stood leaning to her car. She wondered how he can resemble the car so much. “Who told you to stand here? Could have come back after a while right?” she gave him a serious look. And like all the robotic days he did not respond to her.

Only her mom could make him talk. And it annoyed her more.

“Derek” she said when he was standing very near to the door. “Please move your stone butt away from the door because I’m not any Super man like you to break the door” she pleaded him and he moved away and seated on his bike.

Even if it was pitch black Derek would never remove his shades unless Ragini’s mom told and she wondered how her mother has trained him like this. It was an unsolvable mystery to her.

The sun was reaching the horizon for the good night kiss when her car stopped at the shop. She found an alluring cute dress. She wanted to buy it immediately. There were very less things which Ragini liked and wanted to pursue in her life. And when she wanted something she made sure she got it.

Stepping out of her car she walked inside the clothes shop where Derek kept following her to analyze the surrounding.

Rolling her eyes showing utter displeasure over Derek’s puppy like behavior Ragini walked further in.

The sales man stopped Derek finding his weird dress sense. Derek was trying to explain him when Ragini chuckled finding Derek’s annoyance behind his serious look.

She turned forward to find a back door. Biting her lower lip she swiftly slipped away from there before Derek followed her. Derek looked up to find Ragini not there and panicked. He searched around but did not find her. He walked out of the shop to search her.

Ragini laughed at her childish behavior to escape Derek. And she realized she was on a parallel street away from Derek’s reach.

She did not realize the time while loafing around the street as it was the first time she was away from Derek’s vicinity and she so loved it without even bothering that he will be hell worried for her.

She picked up some street food from a stall and munched it walking over the streets. The cool breeze touched her face when she reached a empty street and the moon in the sky lightened the earth in that part.

It looked like she was walking in some heaven where the moon light was forming a white carpet and tickling her senses.

Her feet did not feel the pain though she had walked so much in her life for the first time. She was just enjoying her craziness which she tried for the first time.

At the footpath there sat a homeless person who was not in his right mind. She felt pain squeezing her heart seeing the old man. Looking at the food in her hand helplessly she held it in front of him.

It was his burning huger which made him to snatch the food from her hand slightly scratching her hand. She felt the pain but then smiled at him when he was munching over it as it satisfied his hunger a bit.

She looked at her scratched hand and suddenly her vision changed. It was again the same place where there was snow all over.

She walked further in the woods and found a small cottage. It was so silent and she wondered why was there a cottage made of woods in the middle of such a spooky jungle.

She felt a sharp light blinding her eyes momentarily and blinked her eyes. She saw a speeding car in front of her. Her legs froze and she lost her mind to make a move.

Within seconds when she closed her eyes she felt a hand on her waist. When she opened her eyes she was standing at the edge of the foot path. Panting for breath she still felt that strong hold across her waist and looked up.

Those black orbs. She took a moment to recognize them as everything other than them looked fuzzy. She blinked her eyes again and his figure still remained unmoved clutching her tightly- Parth.

He brought her hand near to his face and analyzed it. He gulped in hard like he was thirsty and his mouth watered. Ragini looked at him strangely.

“Why are you here?” he coldly asked looking into her eyes and she felt the earth beneath her sliding. “I…” she gulped and looked at him lost.

He moved his left hand and placed it on her cheek. She closed her eyes feeling that cold hand which momentarily froze the blood in her body.

Her eye brows knitted in pain a shooting pain which had no reason.

His touch was tickling her senses and she felt weak to hold it anymore. He moved his thumb finger on her cheek sensuously and her lips parted to take the deep breath as she felt breathless.

“Parth” she whispered and he pressed the thumb finger on her cheek more and she closed her fist to control herself when he drew circles on her cheeks.

He leaned to her lips and she could feel his sinfully cold breath. She parted her lips more. He moved up to her forehead and placed his cold lips on her hot temple which was sweating due to the heat her body burned.

She opened her eyes to find him disappeared in thin air like he was never there. ‘Go home Ragini’ she heard his voice and jerked. Looking around she walked to the car where she had parked it.

She leaned to the car and the emotions inside her burst. She did not knew why was she feeling that deadly attraction towards Parth. ‘He was really there’ her mind spoke and her eyes went wide with horror.

“Why are you doing this?” she screamed looking up. But there was no answer from the direction she felt she will get an answer.

She slid down to the ground. Derek who came there after searching her everywhere found her in a miserable state.

He walked to her and she surprised him with a hug. She felt so lonely at that time she could not define it. Derek was a robot for sure but Ragini had a very special place in his life. Though she was a responsibility to him when she was no where to be found he felt his heart in his mouth.

“I’m sorry Derek” she whispered between her sobs. “It…It’s okay madam” he said and raised up and she stood on her feet finding the support from the car.

“You want to drive?” asked Derek leaning to the window when she buckled her seat belt. “I will be fine” she said and he nodded his head and walked to his bike and followed her.

She was aimlessly driving the car lost in her thoughts. A sharp light again blinded her vision when a huge truck was about to hit her car. Derek was screaming at her but she was in her own thoughts when the truck was just near her.

“Ahhhh” she screamed and closed her eyes behind her hands.

In no second she felt herself in air. Opening her eyes she found herself all safe without even a scratch. She looked at her left where Parth stood lifting her in his arms.

She looked at him horrified.

“Why are you so fast?” asked she not finding ways to react for the sudden happenings. She moved her gaze to the road worried for Derek and Parth placed her on the ground..

Derek panicked looking at the truck which had rammed Ragini’s car. He searched for her inside the car while the driver of the truck flew away fearing of a court case.

Derek was horrified not finding Ragini inside the car.

He looked around and then he found Ragini standing at a corner. He let out a deep sigh and walked to her. After his frozen brain was back to track he wondered how Ragini reached there.

He gave her a confused look when Ragini smiled at him coming out of her trans.

“I just flew” she smiled at him nervously and he looked at her confused. There was a pause in his actions. Though he should act all surprised he just made way for her to walk front and followed her.

She looked at her rammed car and remembered how swiftly Parth moved her to the corner. She remembered the earlier incident which was similar and her mind was just jammed.

Derek waited for her to sit behind him on the bike and ignited it as she sat behind him and drove off to the mansion.

After her mother’s worry filled care she walked to her room. Leaning to the door after closing it behind she looked up. The day looked exhausting. She did not knew what and all happened with her in a short period of time.

She folded her legs sitting on the bed. Her head pained with confusion. She bit the nail of her thumb and started analyzing each thing happened after she escaped Derek other than the freaky response of Derek which was more mysterious to her than anything.

Why was he all normal instead of fainting. It was almost usual for her after spending her nights in nightmares she did not bothered about the strange things happened in her life. Her dream looked reality at times and her reality looked dream at times.

There was a very thin line between these two worlds of different dimension for Ragini which she used to cross without her knowledge. Her life seemed controlled by someone she never knew of.

“Why why why it is happening with me?” she rose up and walked across her room trying to understand the difference between her dream and reality.

“Your legs will hurt” “I don’t give a damn” she retorted to a voice.

Her eyes went wide realizing it was his voice. He was leaning to the wooden wall behind her placing his one leg supporting himself.

She would have fainted if it wasn’t for his strong arms which held her quickly. “Are you okay?” asked he shaking her head and she stood still holding her head.

“Why do you hate my brain so much?” asked she annoyed sitting on her bed. He knelt in front of her. “Are you okay Ragini?” he asked again. She nodded her head.

“Parth” she said when he walked to the wall again. He surprised her in a second kneeling in front of her. She was taken a back finding him near her so swiftly. “What are you?” asked she as horror covered her face.

“You are not ready to know me” he said looking into her eyes coldly. “Am I ready to explore your hidden talents?” asked she looking at him. Tears were at the edge of her eyes.

“What did you do with Derek?” asked she. He smirked at her.

“He lost his partial memory what happened in that fraction of minute” said he and she gasped looking at him.

“Who the hell are you?” asked she controlling her urge to scream. “You will hate me” his eyes flashed emotions and she did not knew how her hands moved to cup his face and she touched his forehead with hers.

“I will not” she whispered pecking his lips. “I feed on animal’s blood. A nocturnal creepy creature” she closed her eyes hearing him and now the face of the demon of her nightmare cleared.

He was smirking at her with his fangs. A chill shiver ran down her spine. “A vampire” she opened her eyes and the tear dropped out of her eye.

The face of the demon matched with Parth finally. And she withdraw her hands and found him disappeared in thin air. Was she dreaming again. She felt her lips frozen and she was sure she wasn’t dreaming.

The moon outside marked the arrival of new season. And new mysteries were promised at the end of every turn.


Hope you still remember this story and liked it.


Sally 😘

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