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Chandrashekhar 6th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Sukhdev proves Chandra innocent

Chandrashekhar 6th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jagrani talking to Chandra in divine voice. He sees her. She says I was just cheering you, come home. His friends come. She asks him to come home soon. She goes. He asks where is Tatya. Tatya falls down and says I climbed the tree to get mango. Chandra smiles. Ganesh likes the food. Lachhi stares at him. Ganesh changes his words.

Sitaram praises Sukhdev. Lachhi says yes, Sukhdev is better than Chandra. Sitaram says he can adjust in any situation. Lachhi thinks Sitaram can send him to my house for studies. Ganesh says yes, he is a bright student. Chandra comes home. Lachhi stares. Chandra makes her wash hands. Sitaram thinks I had to hear this because of Chandra. Chandra drops the water pot and falls. He says I slipped, sorry aunty. Ganesh says its fine. Lachhi gets angry.


morning, Gopal cries. Ganesh asks Lachhi to talk slowly. Sitaram asks why is Gopal crying. She says I made a kurta for him, did he get stolen. Sitaram says its impossible. Chandra comes and says I m going to school. Lachhi asks him to open his bag and show, did he take Gopal’s kurta. He gets angry. She insists. He says I have books in my bags. She says I will check it. Jagrani stops her and says Chandra said he doesn’t have kurta in bag, its enough now. Chandra gets late for school. She asks him not to feel bad of Lachhi’s words. She feeds him curd. Sitaram comes home and asks Chandra did he steal mangoes. Lachhi taunts Jagrani.

Ganesh says let there be bit of my prestige left here. Lachhi blames Chandra for theft. Jagrani says stop it, not a word anymore now. Lachhi says I was saying this for Chandra’s good. Sukhdev catches Gopal and gets him. She says keep your good, I held his hand, not neck, dad see this kurta. He asks Gopal to say why he had hidden kurta. Gopal says I had hidden this to get saved from Lachhi’s scolding. She says don’t know why he is lying by Chandra’s fear, why to drag the matter, I got kurta but he has stolen the mango, theft is theft. Jagrani gets angry. She thanks Ganesh for coming in their bhoj/feast, but he should leave now. Sitaram gets shocked. He asks what are you saying. Ganesh says no, she is saying right, I can’t go anywhere, you gave me love and respect, I shall leave now, forgive me if I did mistake. He asks Lachhi to pack bags. Jagrani hugs Chandra. He says I m going to school. She cries. He asks what happened.

She says promise me, you will study hard so that no one can raise a finger at you. He hugs her and says I run fast, don’t worry, I don’t like you crying, I promise you, I will grow up and make your name shine. She smiles.

Sindhal asks Chandra to come and study with him. Shambunath goes to Sitaram and says Sindhal kidnapped Chandra. They get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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