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Blood For Love (Episode 13)

The next day deep goes to arohi’s room.He finds her missing

Deep:Arohi where are you

He tries to find her when bhabi enters the room

Deep:Bhabi where is arohi

Bhabi:Deep I am very worried she left the house with anger and didn’t even ate her medicines

Deep:It’s all because of me I shouldn’t have behaved like that with her

Bhabi:Deep please find her I called at her office but she wasn’t there

Deep:Don’t worry I’ll go and find her

He goes out.Gets in his car and leaves he calls arohi but she doesn’t answer. He tries to call her for sometime but in vain

Deep: Oh god please protect her

Arohi is driving her car with anger when she gets a call

Stranger:Baby where are you I have been waiting for you

Arohi:I am on my way I am comming

Arohi drives her car fast.She finally reaches ar her destination .She call the stranger

Arohi:Baby where are you

Stranger:I am at the hilltop

She goes.Deep gets a call

Officer:Sir we have tracked her location.He phone was last activated at this location

Deep:Thank you soo much officer

Deep drives his car fast.He finally reaches there .He starts searching for her.He goes to the hill top when he sees arohi hugging a man.He gets shocked

Deep:Arohi how could you I can’t believe

Arohi:Finally you’re here

Stranger:I waited for this moment my whole life

Arohi:Me too

Deep:Who is this man

The man turns his face.The man is none other than virat


Virat:Baby I have a surprise for you


Some goons come there with weapons

Arohi:What kind of surprise is this

Virat:Your death because of me my mother sister died now it’s your turn

Arohi:Nice surprise but I have a gift for you

She takes out a gun

Virat:What how this could be

Arohi:And you really thought that I lost my memory

Virat:Kill her

The goons come near her arohi beats them up . Suddenly a goons hold her from behind another is about to hit her when she ducks .She then kicks both of them.She beats them up very badly

Virat:You fools got beaten up by a girl

Arohi:I am not a girl I am that girl who killed virat

Virat:This will never happen

Arohi:But before this I have a guest

She looks at the tree where deep is hiding

Arohi:Mr husband you can come out

Deep:How does she know I am here

He goes out with a shocked face.He stares arohi for some time


Deep:But you lost your memory

Arohi:Yes I did I have one more surprise for you

She goes and hugs virat they both laugh at deep

Deep:Are you tara

Tara:Yes I am tara and bow you’re are going to die

Deep:Where is arohi tell me now

Tara:Virat bhayia where is she

Virat:She must be unconscious

Deep:Unconscious but where

Virat:In my room

Deep:You iwill kill you

He punches virat when tara hits him in the head he falls down virat kicks him blood comes out of his mouth. When suddenly they here  a voice

Arohi:Hello guys

All three of them looks at her with shock. It’s a completely changed arohi with specs and in all black attire

Virat:What is she doing here

Arohi:Baby nothing just wanted to tell you a secret

Tara:What secret

Arohi runs to deep and hugs her

Arohi:Just wait and watch

Virat:What secret tell us

Arohi:Remember that party after deep left.You two decided to drug me and then claimed that me and virat slept together

Deep:Arohi this can’t be how could you

Arohi:I didn’t drink that juice

Tara:You did we both saw

Arohi:Tara do you remember what happened the next day

Tara:No because I was sick so went into my room and slept

Arohi:No that night you remember after you made me drink that juice you both drank wine.In that wine were the same pills that you gave me

Virat:What do you mean by that

Arohi:You didn’t sleep with but you raped your own sister

Tara:Your lying

Virat:This can’t be

Arohi:You don’t believe me here watch the cctv fotage of that night

She shows every one the video. It is revealed that tara woke up in virat room but arohi swapped places in the morning

Tara:What have you done with me

Virat:No how could I she was my own sister

Deep hugs arohi.

Deep:I knew you will never do that

Arohi:I missed you soo much

Deep:But why all that drama

Arohi:Because when I was taken to hospital I saw both of them and next day the police made it official that they both fled.But bhabi didn’t knew it and now I have all the proofs against them Police will be coming here in few minutes

Deep:Why didn’t you tell me

Arohi:Because you left me 2 years deep 2 years I was alone and you just left me why

Deep:I am an ominous shadow upon you

Arohi:No you were never an ominous shadow upon me it was all due to circumstances

Deep:What kind of circumstances since I came in your life always saw tears in your eyes saw you in dying state

Arohi:Then go right now go back to London and never come back .Even if you were an ominous shadow on me but you were near me you were my power seeing your face makes me strong

Deep:I am sorry Arohi

Arohi:You didn’t wait for me to see your face last time.You know what I think you never loved me.You go back to London and start a new life and I will find a new partner for me no worries

Tara:Enough of your love talks

Virat:It’s time to die

Tara:What you did with us

Virat:Was not good

Tara:You’re going to pay for that

Arohi:If have that much courage then drop the guns and fight with me

Both Tara and virat laughs and deep looks at her with a shocked face

Tara:As you wish

Both deep,Virat and tara,arohi engage in a fist fight.Tara hits arohi ,arohi hits back.They both counter each other punches. Deep and virat also are fighting when virat hits deep in stomach he falls down


Tara takes advantage of this situation and hits arohi.They both fall unconscious. when they open their eyes they find themselves tied up



Arohi:Whare are we

Deep: open these handcuffs

Virat:No I want to play a game

Tara:Arohi can please reveal your truth

Deep:What truth

Virat:Looks like deep doesn’t know

Tara:First hold this gun

She gives arohi the gun . which points straight at deep’s head

Tara:Now tell him or I will shoot you

Deep:What are they talking about

Arohi:Shut up “Deep Anat Singh ”

Deep:Arohi how are you talking with me

Arohi:Do you know my full name

Deep:You never told me

Arohi:Exactly my full name is DSP Arohi Kashup

Deep looks at her with a confused reaction

Arohi:You heard it right I am a police officer and you know what I became a police officer when all the murders started

Deep:All that was just an act your love your care

Arohi:And what you did that night you didn’t tell me why.I Became a police officer only because of you

Virat:What truth deep

Deep:(very tensed manner)I hid nothing from you

Arohi:That night when my parents died you were the one who killed them and then you twisted entire story

Deep:Who told you.You two I said I was going to kill her who told her the truth

Virat:We didn’t she already knew

Arohi:And now you three are going to jail

Virat gives a gun to deep.

Tara:In both guns there is one bullet but we don’t know in which round

Virat:Shoot until one of you dies

Arohi:With pleasure finally I will take revenge from the culprit that ruined my life

First deep shoots but there is no bullet.Arohi shoots but nothing comes out

Tara:Round 1 is finished

Virat:Tara I told you to bring popcorn

This time arohi shoots first but the results are the same.Deep shoots but nothing happens


Virat: drama

Deep shoots ,Arohi shoots but both rounds are empty



Arohi shoots first but nothing happens after her deep shoots nothing happens

Arohi:Are you joking

Deep:You’re going to die because it’s my turn to go first

Deep shoots but the bullet doesn’t comes out.He looks at virat and tara with anger

Deep:You tratiors

Virat: Sorry deep but we don’t need you anymore

Tara:Shoot him or I will shoot you

Police comes there and surrounds the warehouse.

Tara:How do they know that we are here

They both look at arohi who is laughing

Virat:Shoot him or we will kill you

Arohi aims at deep.Deep looks at her with teary eyes.Arohi hand starts shaking


Deep:Shoot me I deserve this

Arohi again tries to shoot but her fingers stops she looks at deep with a sad face


Deep:Shoot me or you will die

Arohi eyes starts to get wet she looks at him.He looks at her.They stare at each other with sad emotions


Arohi:I am sorry I love you

She drops the guns.Tara shoots arohi in her leg.Virat shoots at her stomach. The police rushes in and arrest all of them.Arohi is rushed to the ambulance. Deep gets into the police car.They both look at each other with teary faces.Arohi closes her eyes. The ambulance takes her from there. Deep looks on

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