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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 6th April 2018 Written Episode Update. Income tax raid

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 6th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Angoori leaves house, vibhu gets out and sees her leave,vibhu calls tiwari,tiwari comes out,anu from balcony sees Tiwari and Vibhu meet,tiwari says where did she go,vibhu says to meet that man of course come let’s go and both leave.happu near saxena house,saxena comes out dressed as Ravan and holds happus neck and delivers dialogue and leaves,happy gets scared.happu says this stupid saxena scared me.

Happy sees anu come out of the house and leave and follow her and says where is she going so late. Angoori in the house with candles and skeleton in middle acting very weird,tiwari and Vibhu reach there,tiwari asks what is she doing,vibhu says this is procedure to kill you and then she will elope with that fat man.tiwari says this is not possible,vibhu says stop it now we have to catch

that fat man,he hits them from behind and ties them to Column.

Vibhu and Tiwari gains conscious,fat man says you two came here suspecting on ya,Tiwari says angoori what are you doing,vibhu says I get it he is useless but that doesn’t mean,he says shut up,angoori says calm down I don’t know this two men throw them away,vibhu says you want us to be killed,anu happu and daddu walk in.

Daddu says angoori what is this,angoori says daddu you taking it wrong amaji tell them,anu says good amaji isn’t here or else she would,amaji says I’m right here and you all spoilt my plan.and removes wig,vibhu asks what drama is this,anu says yes all this tantra mantra.

Angoori says let me tell it’s pandit ramphals advice and he asked me to do so,so we could have a baby and I couldn’t tell you because it wouldn’t work then and don’t you want us to have baby,vibhu says never I mean not like this.

Anu very upset with tikka malkhan for 15000 loss,and Vibhu you two have record of late delivery,tikka says bhabhiji we have been trapped,we are doing it properly,Meenal and Anurag walk in saying we are terminating this business and its all your husbands fault for our loss,anu says I paid loss how come you have loss,vibhu says why blame me I have worked so hard,vibhu and Meenal get in an argument,Meenal says anu he has exchanged veg non-veg delivery and the vegetarian person has committed suicide let’s go Anurag and leave.anu says you guys are good for nothing please leave.

Vibhu says anu says so no work for me,I feel so empty now,anu says get vaccinated cleaner clean the house,kitchen,wash the clothes,now you feel better right.

Tilu at tea stall,missing tikka and malkhan and says I shouldn’t have insulted them and now see I miss them.tikka malkhan come to tea stall and sit away from tilu,tilu says can I have my two friends back,tikka says we need money,tilu says I have no money and hands them note saying I’m missing you I’m sorry and all three hug.tilu says I missed you guys,tikka says give us party,tilu says sure see whose coming and shows Tiwari.

Tilu asks when will you pay my salary,tiwari says you keep wasting time and ask for money,titu comes and says hello to tiwari,tiwari says meet him titu he was cashier and now is corerpati,learn something from him,titu says it’s important come with me and leaves with Tiwari,tilu says come let’s check.

Titu tells tiwari that his house is on income tax raid targets and wants his black money to be hidden as tiwari is expert wants his help,tiwari says okay I shall keep your 50 lakhs but 10 lakhs is mine,titu says deal,tikka malkhan tilu hear that.

Angoori walks to tiwari,tiwari says singing naughty songs today,angoori says this song use to be our code song,tikka tilu malkhan disguised walk in,and introduce themselves as income tax officers,angoori says I told you not to keep titus black money,tilu says you are caught now give us the money,tiwari says shall we adjust,both parties bargain and tikka malkhan deal at 500₹,tiwari says now you are in your real sense angoori get the big stick,angoori says her it’s oiled too,Tiwari says get tea,tikka says we will have to and run away.

Pre cap: vibhu calling tiwari papa. Vibhu bites happu as a dog.doctor says Vibhu has multiple personality disorder.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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