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Bepannaah 6th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Zoya finds Yash’s friend

Bepannaah 6th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bella clicks a selfie with Aditya. He compliments her and so does she. Her mehendi looks so beautiful. He is surprised that she got henna in her hands. Bella nods. Mahi takes Aditya aside.

Mahi asks him what their next plan is. How will we destroy this function? What’s our next move? He asks her about them. She asks him if they are together. This is what we planned right? He tells her to trust snake instead of Mahi. How to trust someone who plots against her own Bhabhi? I am not doing anything with you. She insists that they decided this together. He asks her who she is. I spoke to you twice and you think you are with me? She changes sides noticing Zoya standing behind him. You think I will cheat my own Bhabhi by switching sides? Never! Aditya smiles noticing this while Zoya looks on.


recalls posting the diary via post. The guard refuses to open the office as it is closed. Arjun rues that he will have to wait till tomorrow.

Zoya asks Mahi about Yash’s friend Ashish Maheshwari. Do you know where I can find him? Mahi denies. Bhaiya used to meet his friends outside only. Zoya buys it.

Zoya wonders how to find Ashish. Even Mahi does not know him. She looks at the photo again and notices Ashish wearing the T-shirt of some company. She searches the company online and dials at reception. Receptionist informs her that Ashish does not work with their company anymore. Zoya requests her to share his number or address. Receptionist suggests her to call back in morning. Zoya ends the call. She notices her MIL doing puja and joins her. She extends her hand for Prasad. Yash’s mother notices the mehendi in Zoya’s hand. You got henna of someone else’s name? Zoya is shocked to see Aditya’s name on her hand. I dint even notice it. Yash’s mother tells her to stop. You keep taking Yash’s name day and night while you got someone else’s name on your hand! Zoya again says she is clueless about it. I dint do it intentionally. Yash’s mother tells her to do this drama some other day. Zoya cries that she dint do it intentionally. She runs to the washroom and washes / rubs her hand hard to clear Aditya’s name but in vain.

Flashback shows Zoya crying seeing her bare hands on her wedding night. Yash asks her what happened. Zoya says I only got a dot of mehendi. He calls it superstition. Do foreigners put mehendi on their hands? She shakes her head. he says this does not mean I love you less. She hugs him. Promise to love me like this forever. He promises her. Flashback ends. Zoya apologizes to Yash. This is a mistake! Please forgive me. I am sorry. She puts bandage on her hand.

Sakshi is looking at Aditya and Pooja’s photos in her phone. Aditya asks her if Doc came. She tells him not to worry so much. He will come. He feeds her sup. It has less salt as it increases BP. Sakshi says I neither became a good mother nor a good MIL. I too am at fault. He asks her how she is at fault. the one who should apologize isn’t here. None of us knew anything about it! We are not at fault. Please don’t say sorry. He gets up to attend a call. She asks him if he is avoiding picking a call in front of her. What are you doing because of which you must avoid meeting my eyes? If you will hurt others then you will never be happy! You will neither be able to look me in the eye nor yourself! He tells her to take care and goes outside.

Zoya is determined to prove Yash’s innocence by contacting Ashish. No one will then say that I cheated you!

Bella and her fiancé are having dance practise. Zoya thanks Vinod for bringing choreographers at the last minute. She gets a call from Ashish’s previous office and gets Ashish’s number.

Shubham leaves to get the couple from airport.

Zoya tries Ashish’s number but it is unavailable. She drops a message so he can call her back. Aditya comes there. He meets Bella and Rohan. Bella asks Rohan to be intense like Ranbir. He reasons that he isn’t professional dancer. Bella asks Aditya to dance with Zoya and show Rohan. Zoya refuses. I have a lot to do. Please resume practise. Rohan goes to attend a call. Bella asks him if rehearsal isn’t important. Zoya calms her down. What’s more important – your steps or your emotions? Look deep in each other’s eyes and hold each other. It will make the performance better. Aditya sarcastically calls it romantic. It is a wrong picture. What would you like to see in the video after 25 years? Emotions fool / blind us sometimes which is why we refuse to believe it. Bella looks at him in confusion. He explains that there is no need to make the imperfect perfect. Accept that this dance is imperfect without choreography. Bella pulls Rohan for practise.

Courier company has dispatched the diary at Arjun’s address. Arjun is upset but is told that he was supposed to come yesterday but he did not turn up. This was why it was dispatched to his home.

The courier is delivered to Huda House. Servant thinks that it might be of Harsh and takes it upstairs.

Patil shows Yash and Aditya’s photo to Senior Inspector. They are in the same pic together. Senior Inspector believes it isn’t coincidence. We must dig deep.

Zoya is worried as to how she can reach Ashish. Aditya asks her who she is waiting for. You seem to be too smart. You got someone already. She hits him on his feet. Step back. I don’t like it when people stand so close to me. He replies that he too isn’t fond of doing this but this makes him happy. She calls him rude. Choreographer pulls Zoya and Aditya for dance session. Aditya smiles at her. Zoya says when I have borne you this much then I will bear this too. He tells her that he is the one bearing you. Who do you think you are? An angel? If I was really flirting with you then you would have been in my arms till now. I don’t need any choreographer for that. Don’t you remember what I said that day? I own you! You are in my grip! Rohan stops the practise to attend an important call. Bella advises him to marry his phone only. He promises not attending any call till wedding. She asks for his phone. I will tell office not to call you anymore! He tells her not to act like a kid. She instead suggests cancelling the wedding. Zoya has heard everything. She explains to him that this isn’t right. You said you want to work with Aditya. Atleast respect his work then. Aditya tells Bella to take lessons from Zoya regarding relationships or work. Zoya will tell her how to support your husband blindly; love him blindly. Rohan promises Bella he wont take any other call now. Zoya makes Bella agree. They resume the rehearsal. Aditya and Zoya look at each other. Zoya gets Noor’s call but goes with Akansha to attend something.

Arjun comes home and shouts for the servants. His mother asks him if he should have gone without informing them. Sakshi was unwell. He goes to meet her. The package is kept on Harsh’s study. Arjun asks Victor (servant) about courier but he denies.

Noor calls Zoya and complains that she isn’t even answering her calls or calling her back. Zoya tells her her idea worked. I wanted to call you since morning to thank you but I dint get time because of that Aditya. Noor tells her to not think / talk about that Aditya Huda again. Zoya gets a call from someone regarding home loans. She again resumes Noor’s call. Zoya shares that she is worried about the work; Yash’s mother hasn’t accepted me till now and that Aditya is sitting on my head. Noor cannot understand why he bothers her so much. Zoya reasons that there must be some reason behind her taking his name again and again. She suddenly notices Ashish in the party. I might get my answers now.

Precap: Aditya asks Zoya if he wants to hold his and live or die. You don’t know the limit of my hatred. It can destroy you completely! Zoya is lying on the road unconscious and it is raining badly. Doc tells Aditya that Zoya has hypothermia. Her body temperature fell really low. It could have caused serious problem. It is good that you brought her here. What’s your relation with you? Aditya looks at Zoya.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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