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Belan Wali Bahu 6th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Nirupa’s story ends with Laddo

Belan Wali Bahu 6th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Laddo tells Nirupa that his smile is fake, he frowns all the time so she can decide she wants to marry him. Nirupa comes to family with Laddo. Lata asks Laddo to smile, Laddo says my face hurts. Jitendra says smile otherwise you will be rejected. Nirupa says no dont ask him to smile, I like him as he is. Laddo says I like the way Roopa is too. All say what? Laddo says I like Nirupa as my wife and Roopa as my sister in law. All clap. Dada says its clear so I want to say that Suzzi is.. Prem says have some sweets. Roopa says my sister is going to be a bride. She makes her wear dupatta and mistakenly slaps Laddo. She says sorry.

Lata brings some sarees for Nirupa, Laddo hides and sees her. Nirupa shows him sarees and he rejects them. Roopa sees their exchange. Laddo likes one saree.

Roopa comes to Laddo and says you have fallen in love with my sister? He says yes. Roopa says many people fell in love with her but she gave her heart to you, he says she is nice. Roopa says you want to talk to her? he says yes. She says I will bring her to your room.

Jitendra comes to Laddo and says Nirupa is in lounge, why are you in room? Laddo says I have some work. Jitendra says are you nervous? She shouldnt know that many girls rejected you, you are getting aged and dye your hair. Laddo says why you are announcing it? Jitendra says sorry and asks him to scent his room. Roopa and Nirupa comes to his room. Roopa says you have sprayed mosquito repellent? he says no its our scented sticks burning. Nirupa says its nice smell, dont feel bad about Roopa’s words. Laddo says she has always been like this? Roopa says we brought something for you. She brings sweater. Nirupa asks him to wear it. He wears it and it covers half of his chest. He says Nirupa you made it? Roopa says no I learned how to make sweater so I thought to make it for you but its a little shorter? she says little shorter? Nirupa asks whats your favorite place in house? Laddo says let me take you there. He brings them to roof and sits on tank, he says this is my favorite place. He asks her to come up too. Roopa says we cant come up. Laddo says I didnt ask you, he asks Nirupa to come up, she says me? he says yes it will be fun. Nirupa jumps ladder, LAddo gives her hand and holds it. Roopa smile seeing them. Laddo aasks her to climb up. She does. Roopa says he is unromantic.

Laddo is showing house to Nirupa. He shows her hand pump and says this has been in our house since start, she laughs, he says you look nice when you smile. Laddo hovers over terrace and mistake falls off. Nirupa holds his hand while he is hanging from terrace. Roopa comes there and tries to pull him too. They pull him up. Laddo is scared. Roopa says what were you doing? Nirupa says atleast he is fine, Roopa you held his hand on right time. Roopa says I am always here for you. Roopa starts leaving with Laddo but mistakenly puts her foot in his way, he trips and falls off from stairs and faints.

Prem calls doctor and says Laddo is not waking up, come fast. All family members are around unconscious Laddo. Jitendra says if Laddo wakes up then he wont spare Roopa. Laddo wakes up and looks around. Lata asks if he is fine? Nirupa says are you okay? he says yes, where is Roopa? Roopa comes out from under bed and says I am sorry, I dont know how this happened. Laddo raises his hand and says it was fun, Roopa gives him hi-five. He leaves to rest. Prem says we should arrange havan for peace.

Scene 2
Lata is working in kitchen and says to Shalini that we have havan so help me in work. Shalini acts like ghost caught her hand and says ghost is not letting me work, leave me, please. She acts like she has been dragged away and leaves. Nirupa comes there and says today is havan in house, do you need my help? Lata says no problem, I will handle it. Nirupa says but I dont like you working alone. Lata says you have adjusted so fast in this house. Nirupa tells her the things they will need for havan and says I will make a list for it, Lata blesses her.

Lata says to Nirupa’s parents that your daughter is very nice, we wanted a girl like her. They all sit in havan. Roopa stands far away. Laddo asks her to come forward. Roopa says whenever I come near Laddo, something bad happens. Laddo says nothing will happen, sit. Roopa sits beside Nirupa. Priest ask them to put material in havan. Roopa takes black powder in havan, fire blows off and all faces become black. They are stunned. Roopa says sorry. Flashback ends. Lata is angry at that memory. Roopa says sorry, I did mistakes when we met first. Lata says lets forget old things.

PRECAP- Laddo’s ghost comes to his school and says I used to sit on this bench. One guy says we used to have fun. Laddo’s ghost turns and says Mahesh?
Mahesh comes to Laddo’s house. He says let me show you something. Mahesh’s soul runs and gets inside Suzzi. Suzzi talks in Mahesh’s voice. Laddo’s ghost is stunned. Mahesh is a ghost and cant be seen to anyone. He teases everyone in house, throws things around. Dada says to family that weird things are happening in house, something is wrong with our house. Lata says but what to do?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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