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Arranged Love (RagSan) (Part -11)

Here is the last chapter :

Arranged Love (RagSan) (Part -10)

Life could have been much easier if you weren’t there. Life could have been less complicated if you weren’t there. Life could have been less tangled if you weren’t there.


These were my thoughts initially. Trust me I was going through a lot then and I could not share it with anyone. But now I have you.

I have you beside me on a new turn. I have you beside me when I’m confused. I have you beside me to face even the hell.

Thank you for coming in my life and making it pleasant if not easy. Endearing though complicated. Enchanted though tangled.

I love my life the way it is just because you are in this with me beside me always.

Many many happy returns of the day Pati Ji.

As I read the handmade greeting which laid on the side table of my bed, the smile kept widening. My heart fluttered with the joy.

Your Biwi…

I breathed out a shy laugh and nodded my head. Brushing my hair I walked to the washroom to freshen up.

After the bath I walked out and looked around for Ragini but she wasn’t there. “Ragini?” I called and walked to the dining table where the break fast was ready and covered with a plate.

I picked up the sticky note over it. “So sorry got a call from the office and had to rush without informing. But I promise to compensate for it” and there was that pouting smiley below the message.

I smiled imagining her cute pouting face. Finishing my breakfast I headed to the office.

I actually planned a day out with Ragini today but then the way she adjusts with my work commitments even I should do that. I wasn’t disappointed at the thought that my wife was serious about her career but was happy that she was not those typical wives who sacrifice every little joy of theirs for their family.

I have seen my mother doing that. I respect them but then I feel you should be selfish at times. When it is about your ambitions why a girl should sacrifice it when she is not less to any man. And that made Ragini special.

I know she will be the first person to sacrifice her joys for the family but then I don’t want her to do that.

At office it was as usual every year’s affair. I cut the cake my team mates had arranged and we enjoyed the small party they arranged.

Laksh was as usual doing the girlish gossips of the T.V serials. I remembered mom whenever I saw him. He was exactly like her minus the Panjabi loudness. And if he was a girl I was sure Ragini would have not even got a chance to be considered. I chuckled looking at him.

I missed mom so much. She did not even call me to wish. She is terrible with dates. If I ask her when was I born she will say somewhere near to Baisakhi.

Then Dadi Saa used to give a death glare and mutter “So old fashioned” A slight chuckle escaped me remembering the cat fights- the most adorable Saas Bahu duo in the world had.

I imagined how Ragini would have been struggling between them if we were in Jodhpur.

Brushing off the thoughts I concentrated on my work. My team leader told me to go early as it was my birthday and my wife might have planned a surprise for me.

It surely made the blood rush to my cheek and with my skin tone it was difficult to hide. I just gave him a smile and walked from there.

Laksh looked at the team leader with puppy eyes and I muffled my laughter looking at his expressions.

Joe the team leader sighed rolling his eyes. “You better get your face changed. I hate that innocent look” said Joe and Laksh screeched happy and gave him a warm hug.

What surprised me and other team members was Laksh suddenly jumping and kissing Joe’s cheek.

“Yewww” Joe rubbed his cheek and gave an annoyed look. “Before I make you work for the extra hour just disappear” said he angry and Laksh dragged me with him and we rushed out not wanting to be the target of the wrath of Joe.

“Awww Lucky. Why you did not show your true colours when I was in search of an ideal bride?” I traced Laksh’s cheek with my finger.

He looked at me horrified. “You scare me dude” he walked a bit far. “And you look cute with that expression” I burst out loud.

“What you think I am?” he raised his eye brows. “Lucky darling” I pulled his chin and he got more annoyed.

“If it wasn’t your birthday I would have been behind the bars for your murder” he glared me and it amused me more.

Making fun of him all the way I drove the car to the apartment. Lucky was all happy that Sahil was on a vacation and he need not tolerate those roaring snores of his.

“Where are you going?” I asked him when he moved to his apartment after dropping me at the door of my apartment.

“It’s your birthday. And I don’t want to spoil that romantic set up Bhabi might have planned for you. Then you will be behind the bars for my murder” he mocked and walked to his apartment.

I smiled and opened the door with the spare key I had. The shimmer fell over me which was at the door.

“Happy Birthday” I heard many people screaming in that darkness. Wait was it? My ears sharpened.

“MOM” my eyes widened in surprise. And the lights turned ON clearly making my surprise and shining eyes visible to everyone.

I found my mom all decked up in her usual Punjabi attire and with that 1000 Watt smile on her face. I could not define my happiness.

Dadisa stood on her left and dad on her right. Like the new born kid my eyes were fixed on my mom. No matter what I could not deny the fact that she is the person who has the highest priority and all the rights on my life.

I know I’m sounding dramatic like my mother but genes you know even if I want to I can’t remain non influenced from her.

I walked swiftly to her and covered her. I felt like a kid who was lost and at last found his mom. Though we spoke everyday she had reduced her care filled nagging and worried love for me in the back seat after my marriage.

She used to call lesser times than earlier and used to talk also very less. I did not liked this gap between us. I did not liked her withdrawing from me like this. Though I never said it I missed her like hell.

“Sometimes I feel mere bete ki bidayi hui hai” Dad and his pakavu jokes. “That was such a bad PJ” me and Mom said looking at him.

He laughed at us. Mom had the tears of separation in her eyes and I so hated it. “What about Dadi sa?” Dadi sa stretched her arms and I covered her in the warm embrace.

I looked around to find Ragini standing at the switch board with a wide smile on her face. Her eyes twinkled and I understood she missed her family too seeing us.

“She has been planning this from a month” Dad placed his hand across my shoulder when Mom and Dadi saa were talking to her.

“Ragini Putr what have you made?” asked mom. “Food” Dadi saa gave a tight smile to mom. And I so knew the third world war was going to erupt now.

“Ha ha Mummy Ji. I thought she made stones” Mom faked a laugh. Ragini more looked like a lost puppy when she moved her head from mom to Dadi saa and then back to mom.

“I made Dal Bhati churma and Daal Makhni and Sarso ka Saag and Makke di roti” she said in a breath giving them a pause.

“You made it all?” I asked approaching her. “I took a half day to compensate which I had to work two hours earlier in the morning” she gave me a nervous smile.

“What time you woke up?” I asked her and she gave me a sheepish smile. “4” and she closed her eyes guessing my displeasure.

“Are you mad?” first time I spoke like that to her and I felt something breaking inside me when the tone of my voice changed.

“You were doing your presentation till 12 in the midnight and then you woke up at 4 and came back from office and prepared this all?” I asked her raising my hands in air.

“And she came to pick us also” Mom said and my looks pointed at her more. She signed me looking around her to control my anger as Mom and Dadi sa were there. I rolled my eyes making a note in my mind to confront her later.

In between our conversation after the family dinner I glanced at Ragini who was trying to keep herself awake and smiling at Mom’s serial talks.

It really pained me when I saw her doing that. Can’t she just say that she is too much tired?

“Dad let us go to Laksh’s apartment for night. Sahil isn’t in town and the ladies will adjust here” I raised up finally as I did not wanted her to be awake for more time.

“He will be sleeping” Ragini said worried. I have awoken that Kumbha karan many a times even at 3 am or something in the night. But his sweet Bhabi did not wanted me to wake him.

“We will adjust here only” said Ragini. “How?” I asked her confused. “Maa and Papa will be in our room and Dadi saa will stay in that room which I have already arranged for her” she said pointing at the extra room.

You did this also?’ my mind spoke and my expressions depicted it. She smiled nervously.

“And what about us?” I asked her pointing at ourselves. “You sleep on the couch and I will adjust in the kitchen” she said casually.
Is she mad. I know how scared she is of cockroaches and she want to sleep in their kingdom. “You sleep here. I will go to the kitchen” I resisted.

“Hamara tho hogaya chalo” said Dad dragging mom in his embrace who was ready to interrupt our conversation. He signed Dadi and she also walked to her room.

“It’s okay I will manage” she said picking the pillow and the quilt. I held the other edge of the quilt and dragged her towards me and her small form landed straight on my chest.

I love looking into those doe shaped eyes which were surprised due to my action. “Stay here” I said almost whispering and she was still looking at me swallowing hard.

“Because I know without your favorite pillow which is my chest you will not get sleep” I whispered locking her in my arms. And that cheesy lines burned her cheeks and she lowered her eyes not able to meet my intense gaze.

“But there is no space here” she whispered looking worried. “You be here” I made her to sit on the couch and dragged the tea table away from it without making noise. And lied down on the carpet. Signing her to join I gave her an assuring smile.

She lied beside me and placed her head on my chest. And like always my heart beat galloped and she smiled hearing the thud it made.

Dragging her near I placed my chin over her hair. “Thank you” I whispered kissing her hair. She gave me a pointed look.

“Oh Sorry…” I bit my tongue. “No sorry and no thank you” I said her usual line.

“Better” she adjusted her head on my chest and cuddled and I felt heaven when her fruity fragrance hit my nostrils.

“This was the best birthday of my life. From the time I stepped out of Jodhpur for the job I could never celebrate it with my mom” I said her with a big smile.

She looked up at me with a bit surprise in her eyes. “Is that bad for a man to be emotionally connected to his mom?” I asked her and she nodded her head with a smile.

“It’s actually sweet” she said pulling my cheek and I smiled blushing.

I looked at her those sparkling eyes which lowered a bit when I looked into them straight.

My breathing was hitching with each second I don’t know why. And her cheek turned red feeling my proximity.

I leaned to her lips but stopped thinking what she might think about me. She surprised me when she placed her lips on mine closing her eyes.

The fireworks felt busting in my stomach when those pink and soft lips rubbed against my rough lips. I dragged her near and closed my eyes losing myself in her.

I felt her toes curling in  and it made me more crazy.  Our lips melted against each other like the snow melting in the summer.

We were breathless when we moved away from each other. That was just… No word could define it. Only the glint in my eyes and the blush on her cheek could define it.

“Happy birthday” she smiled against my lips and I dragged her into a hug. She covered me and we hugged each other like there was no gap between us.  “If anyone saw then” she whispered. “Don’t worry my mom and dad had a love marriage and Dadi saa is used to this PDA – Public Display of Affection” I chuckled and she nodded her head placing it on her favorite pillow. Did you guessed it?

So how was this chapter.  Due to the popular demand this story gets an extension of some more chapters.

Can’t promise the chapters as I don’t know when I may end it. No plot simply dragging it as to give a extra dose of RagSan romance.

Hope not to bore you people.

Love 😘


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