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ᴀᴀɴᴋʜᴏɴ ᴍᴇɪɴ ᴛᴇʀɪ

     1ꜱᴛ – ᴇᴘɪꜱᴏᴅᴇ


The episode starts with , Three boys in a hostel room , Ahil , His friends .

Rahul : Dear Abhay tell your friend that there’s no need to look so good .

Abhay : Rahul let him do what he likes , We’re going on in a wedding Party just to enjoy and eat .

Rahul : But Ahil , What if your mom got to know that the son of richest dad is stealthily going to attended a wedding Party for food .

Then Ahil , Looking himself in mirror turns and smiles .


Ahil : Don’t worry guys , For me my friends are important not status , And otherwise also , What a wedding is for , To enjoy Party and food .

Rahul : You’re right Ahil ! Living in hostel is really boring we need some time to relax .

Abhay : Hmm !! But Ahil Why are you wearing this expensive Dress , This jewelry and all Ha !!

Rahul : He’s getting ready as if he’s going to meet his Wife ..

Ahil gives a lovely smile ” Maybe I could ! meet her today in the Party


Inside a big resort , It’s night , The place is beautifully decorated as it’s a wedding destination .
One side groups of ladies wearing shining dresses were chatting , On the other side , Men were talking and sipping coffee .

The three friends , Ahil , Abhay , Rahul entered .

Abhay : wah ! Mere bhai ( brother ) what a grand Party

RAHUL : yes bro . Hey Ahil let’s go and enjoy the Ball.

They  Sat on the table and asked for snacks . People around them Saw Ahil and started gossiping .

Rahul : It’s awesome Man ! try this potato fries .

Then Two girls comes into View , They find Ahil and Standing at a distance talks to each other

Simi : Hey this is Ahil sinha Na !
Riya : Oh Yea ! I can’t believe him in front of my eyes

Simi : Go and meet him , I can’t I’m sorry .
Riya : Okay ! okay I’ll go .

Riya goes to Him and knocked his back , He turns around .

Riya : Hello !
Ahil : Do we know each other ?
Riya : Ya ! I’m following you on friendsbook .
Ahil : Oh Hello You’re ?

Riya : I’m Riya Rai ! You can call me Princess . It’s my cousin’s wedding today .


Rahul : Ahil ! I think we should Leave , We aren’t invited .

Ahil : Sorry ! We came here actually !

RIYA : no no no ! It’s perfectly fine , Please enjoy , I know you must also not want to leave seeing a girl like me here .

Abhay : what !??

Riya : Nothing , Please Enjoy .

She goes away ..

Rahul : Wow ! Ahil you got your girlfriend today

Ahil : Hey shut up okay !

Abhay : So I know why you were getting ready like it’s your own marriage

Ahil : It’s nothing like that okay .

Rahul : Okay jokes apart ! Ahil you never have told us about your views of a girlfriend .

Ahil : what type of question it is ?

Abhay : Tell Na bro !

Ahil woke up ” Listen guys I’m just coming okay , You enjoy your night ”
He goes away , Abhay ” Ahil sinha seen Shy when asked about girlfriend ”
Rahul : Top headline .

Ahil walks , He was holding a camera and shooting the moment

and thinks seeing around every corner , All girls .

Ahil : You ask me about my girlfriend , That my heart even dosen’t knows , Maybe someone who’s unique in this whole crowd

Suddenly he bumps with a girl , She was holding a try full of roses . The girl falls into Ahil’s arms and the whole try rises up and on both them , Roses falls down as a shower .
[ Background song – Morey jiya, main kya tere bin
Morey jiya, tu mera palchim
Likhun main tere naam saari umar
Main chahun tujhko hi aatto pehar
Basaon teri galiyon main apna ghar ]

The girl in his arms clears her hairs in front of her eyes  and stood all by herself .

Girl : Sorry ! I’m very sorry

Ahil : It’s okay are you fine

Girl : I’m very sorry please forgive me .

Then Someone holds Girl’s arms from behind , And rolled her . It was none other than Her mom , Kamini Rai ..

Kamini : Hey shit girl , I told you not go move from your Position , Why did you moved Ha !!

Girl : I didn’t moved , I’m sorry .

Kamini : Don’t you know how to hold a tray , You know who’s this , This is Ahil Sinha

Girl : Ma ! Listen to me , I didn’t did anything .

Kamini : Just shut up , I don’t want to listen a single word , You’re trying to argue with me .

She raises her arm showing her hand to Slap her , Ahil holds her hand .

Ahil : Mam ! she said that she didn’t did anything .

Kamini : Oh Ji you don’t know her , She can’t do anything seriously . Come ! Come with me , I’ll tell you !

Kamini clutched her arm and dragged her away ..

The girl was crying and Screaming ” Please Ma ! Don’t beat me again , I’m sorry , Please don’t beat me , I don’t want to live in that dark room again , Alone ”

Rahul and Abhay comes there .

Rahul : Let’s go Ahil now , It’s late .

Abhay : Come bro , Let’s go now .

R̰ḬY̰A̰’̰S̰ ̰P̰O̰V̰ ̰

Riya : How sweet was he ! Oh lord

Simi : Why’d he came here ?

Riya : God knows , But he’s so cute .

Simi : Ya !

Riya : Oh lord please I want to be his GF , Help me please !

Simi : Oh Princess , Your mom is calling you let’s go .

Kamini : Riya ! My beautiful daughter , Enjoying

Riya : of course Mom ! By the way , where’s Naina

Kamini : I’ve given her some job , She’s a headache for me

Riya : Again , She did something

Kamini : I won’t tell you what happened just now ,  Don’t destroy your mood , Go now .

Naina was sitting down on the floor , She was making garlands , Working with needle and flowers . Tears were dripping down on her cheeks , As she was thinking how her mom tortured her .

Standing at a distance three ladies were babbling .

Lady 1 : Kamini Ji , wow what a daughter you have , She’s so beautiful , And sweet

Lady 2 : Ya ! see she’s dealing with such a great problem but , Still she’s so independent .

Kamini : Thanks you all , I’m really lucky to have Naina as a daughter really .

Lady 1 : Even if she’s suffering a lot , But see , She can do anything

Lady 2 : Ya ! she’s God gifted girl

The needle pricked Naina’s finger , And blood oozed out . Naina shouts ” Aaah !!! Ouch ”

Three friends were in car . Abhay was driving car , Ahil sitting beside , Rahul at the backseat .

Ahil suddenly cried ” Ouch ”

Abhay : what happened ! Are you okay

Ahil : Ya ! just felt like something sharp pricked my finger

( Their heart to heart connection is described here )

Abhay : Oh is it ! May be a mosquito

Ahil : How cruel was that woman , She was so bad with her daughter

Abhay : Ahil I think now you’re thinking a lot , Leave it why should we care !

Rahul : Yes , Why we need to care , She’s nothing to us

Ahil : No ! Don’t say like this , I just can’t believe how was she crying and yelling

His Phone rings …

Abhay : who’s calling Ahil

Rahul : I know it must be Ms . Janki sinha

Ahil : You got it right !

He pics up the call ..

Inside a big mansion ” Sinha’s mansion

A woman , Wrapped in shining , Designer Saree , walks down the stairs , She’s talking on Phone , She’s JANKI SINHA

Janki : Ahil my son ! How’s you

Ahil : I’m good Mom , why’d you called

Janki : I’m your Mama , Right ! I’ll call you every hour , I care for you

Ahil : Okay mom

Janki : Ahil when will you come back to home , We’re in one city but still we’re living in different Houses

Ahil : Mom you know Na I’m doing a little business course , My university is quite far for home so I’m staying in a hostel

Janki : I miss you my son , Everyday media , Your dad , Asks me when will you come and I’m not answerable to them

Ahil : Mom , Let me complete my studies okay , I’ll come soon , Bye good night .


Naina is in her room , Her friend ( care taker or maid ) PINKY is with her .

Naina : Pinky why I’m like this , Why people don’t love me

Pinky : Naina , Please don’t cry , Me and Grandpa always love you

Naina : Then why not Mom , Dad and Riya

Pinky : My dear , I know that but please you’ll have to be strong

Naina : I know the reason why the world hates me , Because I’m born blind .

Tears flooded her eyes , Face was red , She keeps her hands on her chest .

Naina : They think I can’t see , So I don’t need love , They think if I can’t see the world , I am not able to see Love . But , They don’t know , That love is not seen , It’s felt . Love is from heart , Not eyes .

Ahil and his friends reached the hostel . They all were sleeping , But Ahil was sitting at the roof top in cool breezy night .

Ahil was recalling all those moments , When that girl , Who’s name he dosen’t know even , When she falls in his arms , When he saw eyes beautiful eyes , Shiny and like diamond .

Ahil : I will pray to Lord that he makes us meet once again , I can’t explain myself , The moment I saw you , My heart started beating fast . It’s like for first time in my life I had loved someone like this .

Ahil smiles ” I can’t tell anyone it’s not Love at first sight , It’s what my heart sent me signals when I saw her for first time , My heart said I’m in LOVE ”


{ Dₒ ᵢₛq ₖₐᵣₙₑ wₐₗₒₙ ₖᵢ ₖₐₕₐₙᵢ ⱼᵢₙₖₑ ₗᵢyₑ
ₚyₐₐᵣ ₐₙdₕₐ ₕₐᵢ }


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