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Hiiii guys Soo here I am with the 5th epi sorry for posting late and tq Soo much for commenting Soo here it strts….

At home

Twinkle was talking on phone with someone and was luking upset t- somya what should I do I made him upset I should have understand u now he fought for me and what I did I shouted at him only s- yrr tw u r really mad I mean first u shouted at him and now u r crying t- tell na somya what should I do? S- tw I want to ask u something u really think that kunj said those things to Maya t- honestly speaking toh I don’t think so u know what somya my heart is not read to accept this I don’t think so kunj is Soo cheap s-hmm I also think u could talk to Maya once daybe she is having some misunderstanding t-ya u r right

At kunj’s home

Kunj was sitting with his friend rohit- kunj yrr tujhe chillana nai chahiye Tha bhabhi pe k- bhabhi kon bhabhi?? R- Abe tw aur kon ki smiles a bit and says- oh accha nad again becomes angry k- but yet tw should understand she was angry at me without listening to me once agar uska hath chut jaata toh Zindagi ka sth chut jaata agar usske use kuch ho jaata toh Mai khud ko sambhal nai pata Rohit smiles- ek taraf usski itni care krta h aur dusri taraf gussa home baitha h kamaal h k- Haan toh Maine kab bola uski care nai krta care toh hamesha krunga



At tw’s home

Tw calls Maya and says-m..Maya I think maybe maybe u have some misunderstanding ragardin kunj I mean r u sure ecuz I don’t think kunj is Soo like that Maya gets angry and says- oh So u mean I am lying tw 2 hafte ke pyar ke liye tu apni frnd pe trust nai kregi tw- no no Maya it’s nothing like that m- no tw fyn nad cuts the call Maya thinks- isska kuch permanent solution nikalna hi padega Varna tw baar aar kunj ki taraf kheechi chali jaaegi


Next day

At schl

Tw sees kunj and try to talk with him tw- kunj hiii kunj sees him and ignores tw- kunjj plz na leave it now I am sorry ki sees her and turns towards other side and smiles and then again turns and says- no tw u think tumhare sorry bolne sb think ho jaaega the u r wrong I don’t want to talk to u byee and strts to goes tw- gets upset and her tears strts rolling from her eyes kunj turns and sees her crying and gets worried and says- are tw don’t criedits ok infact I forgave u yesterday only plzz don’t cry I can see anything but can’t see tears in ur eyes tw stops crying ku gives his handkerchief and says- now smile plzzz for me tw smiles (n- that time I was really happy finally everything as normal between us but no one knew that what Maya will plan to sepearte us and many more problems were ready to one in our love life but kehete hai na jitni zyada problems hoti h utna hi pyar gehera aur saccha hota Hai fir mera aur kunj ka pyaar toh saacha Tha hi haha)




To be continued……


Hope u all like it plz keep commenting and supporting ur supported is needed byeee love u all!

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