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Two Shades (Tashan E Ishq) Epilogue







“No” I snapped at the caretaker and he flinched at my harsh tone. “I told you I want cheesecake not lemon bars” he nodded and rushed towards the other corner.


“Roses for this beautiful lady over here” I turned to face Dhruv and smiled taking the flowers from him. “I see. The mood swings are already kicking in” he joked and I chuckled nodding.


“A lot. And the one suffering from my constant pregnancy mood swings is poor Kunj” I laughed taking a seat on the couch and he smiled sitting next to me. “I’m sorry about all this , thou. I don’t really want to be a burden on you right now but…”


I shushed him chuckling , “Shut up , Dhruv. Natasha is my sister. And you both are getting married. It’s my pleasure I’m helping you guys with the wedding preparations”


He passed me a smile before I saw the devil and the rest of them coming inside. “Heyyy pregnant woman” Abhai laughed hugging me carefully and I smiled patting his back.


It’s been a year since I have married Kunj. I wouldn’t say it has been an easy journey. We had our ups and downs. A lot of fights. Not big ones. But in the end, we’d sort it out.


The day I told him about my pregnancy , he literally fainted . Just kidding😂


He was happy, a lot.


And now I’m 5 months pregnant already.


Maira and Yuvi have been going on good too. They just returned from their vacation and are busy helping in preparations for Natasha’s wedding.


And then comes Mahi. Well , I wouldn’t say this past one year has been an easy ride for her. But she’s strong , stronger than any woman out there I have known. Even stronger than me.


The first two months she was in a complete chaos. Breaking down any time and it was hard for her to console herself. But we helped her pass through.


Or more importantly, she helped herself.


I know some of us believed or thought she’s moved on. Yes , she has moved on. But she’s still hurting.


And I know some day, that would stop.


“Quit thinking so hard , love” I smiled hearing Kunj’s voice as he kissed my cheek and turned my head to look at him. “Heyyy” I whisper grinning at him and he smiled taking a seat next me.


“I would kiss you right now but…” he trailed whispering next to me and I chuckled looking around as there were many workers preparing for the wedding.


“Stop snogging you both” Maira scowled at me playfully and I rolled my eyes at her. “And help us with these” she passed us the samples.


“I think the red one looks better” I nodded at her words and glanced at Kunj who nodded giving me a thumbs up. “I’m wayy to tired to argue with a woman about decorations right now”


And yes , I rolled my eyes again.


“I look fat” I frowned looking up at myself in the mirror and Kunj tried to hold back his laugh. “Quit laughing at me” I scowled at him and he nodded grinning .




“You are pregnant , Twinkle not fat. Quit throwing tantrums” he copied me and I showed him the finger before looking at myself in the mirror again.


“Actually..” he trailed coming behind me and slowly pulled me closer , “You’ll look amazing without this too” he kissed my neck and I closed my eyes grumbling mentally.


“Don’t start this . You know I won’t be able to stop” I muttered and he lets out a small laugh , “Don’t then . What’s holding you back?”


“The function downstairs” I pushed him away and held his hand walking downstairs. We walked down the stairs and I proudly smiled at the decorations.


“Dad!” I called out and he turned around giving me a huge smile , “Hello there” he have me and Kunj a hug standing beside us.


“Can’t believe it’s been a year and now Natasha is gonna leave us too” Dad sighed leaning back against the wall and I nodded patting his arm , “It’s alright. At least , it’s good Dhruv and her will be back in India now”


He smiled nodding and we looked at the soon to be husband and wife coming down the stairs smiling at the rest.



“Black or this black?” I picked up two small pyjamas in my hand and Kunj turned around smiling before looking at me horrified.


“What?” I question frowning and he gaped at me , “What on earth is this? Black pyjamas for a baby?” He looked at me for a second before he started laughing at me.


“Shut up” I grumbled and turned around placing the pyjamas back on the rack and behind me Kunj was still laughing. “I’m NEVER coming for shopping with you”


“Well , You have to. Who knew you’d be that horrible in shopping clothes for babies?” He smirked and I rolled my eyes looking for another ‘decent colour’ as Kunj puts it.


“I never had a baby before” I muttered and he chuckled , “Neither did I , love. But…” he bit his lip trying not to laugh and I glared at him.


What’s so wrong in buying something black for new born babies?!


I huffed walking out of the shop and heard Kunj’s footsteps behind me. He intertwined our fingers nearing me and I shoot him a glare. “If looks could kill , you’d be dead by now” I hissed at me and he passed me a smile.


“That would be every time. I mean when do you not glare at me?” I glared at him again and then blinked releasing I just did it again.


“But I still love you” I mumbled leaning against him. “I know. Every girl does” I smacked his chest laughing along with him.





“NO! SHOOT THE RIGHT ONE” My dear wife yelled again and a few people around us stopped looking at her weirdly. “Rohan , you loser!” She hissed shoving him away and Rohan stumbled back rolling his eyes.


We were currently at a festival and Twinkle suddenly saw a stall where you could shoot a red point winning a stuff toy.


“Let me, Twinkle” I held out my hand so she could pass me the gun and she gave me a look before pressing her forefinger against my chest , “You , my dear husband , can’t shoot to save your life. So stay back while I deal with this or more like win this”


Rohan laughed beside me and I glared at him. And then I heard a loud bang. Looking ahead I saw the hole in the red point and Twinkle standing there in triumph.


“Yes!” She cheered sticking out her tongue at me and Rohan , “See you old bald penguin! You told me I couldn’t win. Now pass me the gorilla stuffed toy”


The man who owned that stall with widened eyes passed her the stuff toy , mainly shocked because of the name she gave him. I smiled at them shaking my head.


“At least you could have picked a better stuffed toy” Abhai laughed pointing at the gorilla and Twinkle rolled her eyes at him. A habit that would never go away. “True. I could. But trust me this would always remind me of you”


Abhai stood there shocked while the rest of us laughed moving ahead. “Tsk. Tsk. Poor guy” Mahi patted his back smirking.


“You are supposed to be a good best friend and support me. Not make fun of me” Abhai said checking out the ice cream flavours and just then Twinkle turned around.


“Who dared call my best friend their best friend?” She hissed narrowing her eyes at Rohan but he held his hands up in defence, “Not me. It was Abhai”


“Chill , Twinkle. Nobody is stealing your loser of a best friend anyway” Abhai chuckled and Mahi ran after him trying to hit him. “Abhai you coward come back” I yelled laughing beside Twinkle.


A few hours after countless games and the rest going on rides leaving a grumpy Twinkle beside me and me repeating these lines over and over “You are pregnant. You can’t go on these rides ” we finally settled down to have food.


“NATASSSHAAAA” Mahi shrieked adjusting the phone on the corner of the table so she could see all of us. “Heyyyy guys” she cheered grinning widely.


“How’s Maldives?” Twinkle grinned at her and Dhruv appeared sitting beside her , “Great. We are having loads of fun”


“I really miss you. When are you guys coming from your honeymoon?” Rohan asked and I passed him a bored look , “They literally went three days ago”


“Where’s Maira and Yuvi?” Dhruv questions just as our food arrives , “Oh. Yuvi And Maira went with dad for a meeting” Mahi replies digging in her pasta.


“Okayyy bye now. We have food to eat” Abhai laughed and Natasha rolled her eyes , a habit these sisters share.



“Stop it” Kunj jumps slightly at my sharp tone and I glare at him. “What did I do?” He asks innocently furrowing his eyebrows together.




No , Twinkle. Shut up , he isn’t cute.


Yeah yeah , he’s hot.


“Stop clicking that pen or whatever you are doing” I mumble going back to watch the movie.


“WAKANDA FOR LIFE” I yelled cheering as I watch the black panther movie. And Kunj jumped again frightened. He looked at me pointedly and I shrugged.


“You have got a crazy mother” he lightly tapped my stomach and I laughed leaning against him. “And a crazy hot ass father”


“I wonder if you’ll still find me hot in a few years” he mumbled and I smirked at him , “Don’t worry , I’d still love you even if you have two strands of hair left”


He smiled taking my hand and pressing a kiss on my knuckles. “Hey! That’s a shooting a star” I grinned pointing at it and carefully got up walking towards the balcony with Kunj trailing behind.


“I’m gonna make a wish” I grinned and closed my eyes and opened them a few minutes later. “What did you wish for?”


But instead he was looking at me.


“I have already got what I wanted” He whispered and I blushed looking ahead. “Who knew you’d be that romantic?” I mumbled and he wrapped an arm around my shoulder pulling me closer.


“And who knew I’d be marrying a man as arrogant as you” I tilted my head slightly smirking at him and he laughed, “And who knew I’d be marrying a woman as stubborn as you”


“But then I fell in love with the woman who came into my life….” He kissed my forehead continuing , with hundreds of shades not only twshades



And here the story ends for us but starts for Kunj and Twinkle.

Anyone got extra tissues?

I’m cryingggg😭😭😭

“Dramatic misha” – Rohan *rolling his eyes*

It’s done. It’s done.



Of course, with mental breakdowns about not having something good to write.

But I know this epilogue was average

“Fake modesty” – Abhai *smirking at me*

Geez , I made you guys and you people are against me?

But I’m excited as this girl over here💃💃💃💃💃

Finally we gonna start the bad boy story.


I’ll go with the sequel later on.

I chose the title and it’s called “His silent love”

Yeah it’s ordinary but I lack creativity😂

So pleaseeee I need suggestions.

And lastly ,

I am extremely grateful to each one of you for finishing this book with me. And I’m not blabbering but if it wasn’t your support I would have stopped long ago.

So , Thank you. Thank you so much for reading, for commenting , for scolding me when I posted late and Lastly for being there.

Uh , I sound like my cringy characters…

But I’d be back with the new story as soon as I can and would post when I’d be updating.

Love you all❤

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