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Siddhi Vinayak 6th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Vin attends holi party

Siddhi Vinayak 6th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vin scolding Siddhi. Gauri says Vin has played holi already, don’t know he will come in party or not. Prachi says yes, Shankar is also worried. Gauri says Vin doesn’t attend any festival. Siddhi hears them and gives the new venue address. She thinks Vin has to come in holi party, its time to end this game and Vin’s life. Its morning, Gauri and Prachi impress Manjiri and wish her happy holi. Manjiri blesses them. They insist Manjiri to convince Vin for coming. They compete and go to call Vin. He refuses. Gauri thinks why are you failing my plans. Prachi thinks come on, you have to die there. Vin plays a movie on loud sound. They leave.

Manjiri says Vin won’t come in holi party. They say Vin isn’t coming. Siddhi thinks my plan will fail. She says I will convince

Vin. Siddhi goes to call Vin. She wishes him happy holi. He asks her to leave. She asks him not to break heart. She shows a video. He sees Manjiri crying and refusing to come in holi party without Vin. She says see how she cries, you are the reason of her sorrow. He says but… She says you like to trouble your mum. He asks what nonsense. She emotionally blackmails him. He goes back to his room. She worries. Manjiri says I did this drama, even then he didn’t come. Everyone celebrates in holi party. Rajbeer and Mannu see Prachi and Gauri. Rajbeer says why do they look so happy. Shankar says Manjiri looks much happy. They get surprised seeing Vin. Shankar hugs him. Vin taunts on his crime. Prachi says Vin has come. Rajbeer asks but how. Shankar says you did good to get Vin here. Manjiri says Riddhi did this. He blesses Siddhi. She recalls childhood moment and smiles.

She thinks I will not fall in their sweet words, Vin tried to kill me. Prachi says we have to kill Vin. Rajbeer scares her and tells his plan to kill Vin. Siddhi thinks of her next plan and recalls Pratima adding medicine/truth serum in the laddoos. Pratima says when you feed this laddoo to Vin, he will give you all answers. Shankar says we will also play holi now. Rang barse….plays… They all dance. Gauri gets a snake from some man to kill Vin. She asks the man to color his face, now no one will identify him, he should throw the snake at Vin when she signs him. He says that’s Vin. She says yes. Siddhi thinks I will end Vin once I get my answers. She goes to him and asks him to have laddoos. Vin refuses. She insists. He asks her to have it. She thinks he will doubt on me, if this truth serum affects me then…

Vin thanks Siddhi and eats the laddoo. She thinks he will give me true answers now.

Update Credit to: Amena

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