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Shani 6th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Dev Vishwakarma makes new weapon for Shani

Shani 6th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

|| One has to face all the ups and downs in life. Shani teaches that one gets a chance to learn something from every painful or happy event of his life. ||

Hanuman tells everyone to get ready. Shani hears someone calling out his name repeatedly. Whose voice is this which is calling out to me?

Mahadev says this is the same voice which you had called out to as a kid. Dev Vishwakarma says it means my wish will come true. Mahadev nods. it is time for Shani to become Karamfaldata again. This is why I called you here. It is time to fulfil the task given to you years ago. He gives him Shani’s Danda (weapon). I want you to destroy it and make is once again. Shani could lift it with his one hand when he was a kid. Back then, Shani and his energies were enough to hold it but now his energies have become

multi fold. He needs a more powerful weapon to fulfil the tasks he will have to face in future. The voice of weapon which is attracting Shani to him again hints at the fact that he will lift the weapon yet again and become Karamfaldata. He will defeat Ravan. World needs Karamfaldata. It is very important for Shani to win this war. This war will actually be a test for the entire world!

Shani looks at Ravan’s army. Opponent’s army can be way big but remember that the defeat of only person is enough to defeat the entire army. It is the leader of the army. I promise you all that I will defeat Ravan at any cost.

Dev Vishwakarma repeats Shani’s vow. Mahadev says it isn’t his choice but destiny. How can he go away from his destiny? Everything happens Shanay-Shanay in his life but this incident is at its turning point now. Till now Shani used to bring everyone on the right path. Now this war will bring him back to his path of Karamfaldata and he will be addressed as Karamfaldata again.

Ravan starts the war. Surya Dev wards it off. Ravan tells Shani this illusion wont stop him anymore. Don’t forget that this isn’t Kailash but Surya Loka. I am much more powerful than all the people present here. Shani says your intention of coming here is to kidnap a married woman. You will see your plan fail right before your own eyes as you have come to break the dignity of a Pativrata woman! He casts his Vakra Drishti on Ravan. Ravan is having trouble balancing himself on Pushpak Viman. Hanuman flies up. You are destined to die today. I agree with my friend Shani. Shani is pleased to hear him call him his friend. I am sure I will emerge victorious. Hanuman spins around the Pushpak Viman in an attempt to make Ravan dizzy / unstable.

Narayan is happy to see Ravan’s speed. Hanuman and Shani get the credit for this. They face all the problems together. Mahadev says this is the beginning of the motive towards which Ravan has begun his journey. Ravan’s biggest strength was his devotion till the time he was my devotee but he is away from that path now. He has turned weak but he does not know it because of his arrogance. He will realise it very soon when he will face defeat from 2 very big energies that have come together for this war. One, whose biggest strength is his karma – Shani. Second, the one whose strength lies in his devotion – Hanuman.

Ravan falls on the ground. Hanuman mocks him. You fell right on your face? I will help you stand. Ravan glares at him as he stands up. Hanuman says you said you can enter inside Surya LOka very easily but you fell down! Arrogance does not let us think. Situations put such people in situations from where they cannot get out. Rest assured though as today I and my friend Shani will clear away all your doubts. I should remind you that this isn’t your home. You will have to leave soon. Ravan tries attacking him but in vain. Ravan ends up freezing Hanuman. Bali points out that he broke all the rules of war. You attacked even when the conch dint play. I will punish you for this! Shani stops him. I will face Ravan. Hanuman is in this condition today because of me. It is my duty to free him.

Shani calls out to Ravan angrily. Ravan is equally angry as he turns to look at him. Ravan attacks Shani but a magical shield protects him. Hanuman is also freed immediately. Ravan looks at them in surprise. Mahadev appears there. Ravan laughs. You had to come! You always have a say in Shani’s cheating. Your presence today is not affecting me. Mahadev tells him even if it wasn’t Shani standing before Ravan today, he would have still come to protect his opponent. You might not be my devotee today but you are still a Brahmin. It does not suit someone like you to break the rules of war. It is the dharma of all the participants in this war to abide by the rules of the war. You must wait for the conch’s voice. Ravan agrees to wait. They would anyways not win from me. Mahadev explains that this war will be the turning point for entire world. It will take the world to a new path. He disappears.

Hanuman stands next to his friend. Ravan taunts Shani on his army. Surya Dev was my captive till sometime back while Dharmaraj Yam, the God of death, could not harm me. Bali tells Ravan he forgot him. I am also a part of Shani’s army. Fight with me if you are so proud of your army. We will then see who wins! Ravan accepts the challenge.

Mahadev says Vanraj-raj Bali will break this arrogance of Ravan in future. Ravan’s strength (arrogance) will turn into his weakness and Bali will defeat him mercilessly in every war that will happen in future.

Shani advises Ravan to go back. Hope it does not happen that whatever happens today takes you to your doom.

Dev Vishwkarma is preparing Shani’s weapon.

Shani again hears the voice calling out to him and is disturbed. Ravan asks him if he is already shivering feeling scared. Hanuman observes Shani and guesses that someone is calling out to Shani. It is bothering him very much.

Dev Vishwakarma folds his hands as he looks above. I have begun the process of a creating a new / improvised weapon for Shani. It will be his weapon in future.

Mahadev says now Shanay-Shanay Shani’s relation with his weapon will deepen.

Shani closes his eyes trying to avoid the voice.

Precap: The most important chapter of Shani’s life is about to begin. Entire world will have to bear with it. Shani will take the most important decision of his life. See what will happen in the last chapter of Shani when Shani will accept the position of Dandnayak.

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