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Savitri Devi 6th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Sanchi and Dr. Kabir to get engaged

Savitri Devi 6th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Gayatri talking to someone and praises her style statement. Dr. Malhotra comes there and asks how Jaya is freed? Gayatri tells him that Ayesha got her freed, I scolded her already, but then thought if Jaya wouldn’t have been freed then Sanchi would have never got engaged to Kabir. She tells that Ayesha is her Mohra/trump card and once she controls Veer, she will kick Ayesha out of their lives. Dr. Malhotra says ok and asks her to be careful. Gayatri thinks she made him understand with much difficulty and thinks to keep an eye on Ayesha.

Veer comes to Isha and asks about Sanchi. He tells her that everyone in the hospital is talking about Sanchi and Dr. Kabir.

Gayatri tells Ayesha that she is a weak player and says they are strong lovers and would meet each other.

Ayesha says you are right. Gayatri offers help and says I don’t think you can handle this alone. Ayesha says she will get Veer so that he will never go to Sanchi again.

Jaya gets Sanchi ready for the engagement. Sanchi thinks I know Veer wants to meet me, talk to me, but I can’t come infront of you. She hugs Jaya and says I love you. Jaya says I love you too.

Veer comes to Dr. Kabir and asks for what you have made arrangements? Dr. Kabir says you will know soon and asks him to leave else he will call security. Veer says I won’t let you successful. Ayesha thinks Veer has gone mad and she has to keep him far.

Sanchi thinks Veer confessing love to her and thinks she always thought about this day with him. She thinks she never thought that their ways will be separated ever. She thinks they have to forget each other and thinks to separate herself with his gifts too.

Kusum asks Dr. Kabir what happened to Veer. Dr. Kabir says he is like that. Kusum goes. Dr. Kabir thinks I love Sanchi, but never wanted to get her this way, whatever may be the situation, he won’t let anyone come inbetween them. Veer goes to Sanchi. Ayesha sees him going there. Sanchi hides. Veer asks where is she? Ayesha sees Jaya going there and asks her to check the arrangements first. Jaya goes. Veer thinks where is Sanchi? Ayesha messages Veer from someone’s phone saying Sanchi is in OT. Veer goes from there. Sanchi comes out from cupboard and feels sorry. She thinks I can’t come infront of you even if I want to. Veer comes to OT and asks where is Sanchi? Ayesha hits rod on his head and says you left no option for me and keep Dr. kabir’s pen cap there so that Veer doubts him.

Dr. Malhotra and Gayatri come to the venue. Ayesha tells Gayatri that she made arrangements for Veer. Gayatri says I was the one who gave you idea. Veer gains consciousness. Isha thinks what is happening. Sanchi and Dr. Kabir come to the stage. Dr. Subramanian asks what is the occasion. Ayesha goes to stage and asks Dr. Kabir not to be oversmart and do as she said. Dr. Kabir announces engagement with Sanchi.

Veer manages to come to the venue. Ring falls from Sanchi’s hand and reaches Veer’s feet. Veer picks it up and gives to Sanchi. He sings sad song as she gets engaged to Dr. Kabir.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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