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Savitri Devi 5th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Jaya gets happy knowing about Sanchi’s engagement to Kabir

Savitri Devi 5th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with Sanchi telling Kabir that she is lucky to have a friend like him. She thanks him. She says I can’t take such big decision alone, I need to talk to mom about this, only mom can solve my turmoil. Kabir says okay, talk to her, but it will be difficult for her to take this decision, no one can solve this better than her for you.

In police station, Inspector talks to someone on call. Jaya comes there. He asks lady constable to get her things. He asks Jaya to sign and says now you can go from here. Jaya gets happy and signs in the directory. Lady constable gets her sari and gives her. Jaya thinks how this happned suddenly, who got me out of jail? Jaya comes out and walks. She sees Kabir and Sanchi together, and calls Sanchi. Sanchi says maa and hugs her crying. Jaya too cries.

Sanchi asks why is she looking weak, is all fine? Jaya says I came out right, I will be fine soon. She sees Kabir and asks Sanchi why are you both together today, are you hiding anything fom me?

Kabir comes to her and holds her hand saying they did not hide anything, but came to ask her something. He says your most valuable thing, Sanchi, I want to marry Sanchi. Jaya happily asks really? Kabir says yes. Jaya says today you gave me so much happiness, I can’t even tell you how much happy I am, Ram-Sita’s couple is in front of me but I was closed-eyed, I have no objection with your relationship. She extends arms and hugs them.

Ayesha from a distance signals Sanchi with finger, indirectly telling about engagement. FB shows Sanchi accepting Ayesha’s condition and says but get mom out of jail before that, I want her presence, even amongst others. Ayesha says done and shakes hands. FB ends. Jaya sees Sanchi dull and asks what’s the matter, you are happy right? Sanchi smiles. Jaya happily says I will celebrate the wedding grandly, whole Delhi will see it. The three leave. Ayesha in her villainy look watches.

Engagement venue is decorated. Interns come there and ask what’s going on? They discuss that Kabir is planning special. Kabir on call advices decorator to decorate the pilaard with grapes and stage with flowers as Sanchi likes flowers, keep them ready, I will come. His mother comes and says relax, you are taking much stress, all will get fine. She thinks whatever happened, whom I wished to get as bahu is coming true, what’s better than that?

Veer comes to engagement venue while Sanchi too comes there. They see each other. Veer starts walking towards her but decorators come in between amd leave. Veer sees Sanchi missing.

Sanchi is seen falling in room. She stands and asks Ayesha what’s this, why did she bring her here? Ayesha comes and says to keep you away from Veer till engagement? Sanchi asks how can you do that? Ayesha says my name is Ayesha, I can do anything. Sanchi says you don’t need to do this, I promised I won’t tell anything to Veer and I won’t go to him. Ayesha says we know how stubborn Veer is, he won’t leave you, don’t worry, your engagement won’t get spoiled and even Veer’s, you won’t meet him. Sanchi tries to speak but Ayesha says there’s no need of getting over smart, when I can get your mom out of jail, I can get her in jail as well.

Peon along with a man places notice on board and tells interns to read Kabir’s note. Veer comes there and listens to their discussion. Thry discuss that Kabir is organizing a special surprise, he didn’t do this before, definitely he would propose Sanchi, before it was Veer-Sanchi’s relationship and now it’s Kabir-Sanchi’s. Veer says shut up, how can talk such crappy words? Isha comes there and watches. Veer catches an intern’s collar who speaks against Veer-Sanchi’s relationship. His friend comes and stops him saying what happened, as you have related to Ayesha now, why do you care of Kabir-Sanchi’s relation then? Veer gets angry and says he announced that he will engage Ayesha so that Sanchi confesses her love. Veer calms down and says I can’t libe without Sanchi, I can wait for her whole life, but can’t see her with someone else. He leaves from there.

Isha sees Kabir’s notice and says what’s all this happening? She tries calling Sanchi and says pick the phone up soon. Veer rushes downstairs searching Sanchi, saying I won’t let you get separated with me. Sanchi in room, thinks how will Veer react when he gets to know about Kabir Sir’s engagement, what if he does anything? She cries and sits praying god. She cries about her fate, saying why does this happen only to me, if I amd Veer go far away from these troubles…

Ayesha brings Jaya to Sanchi. Jaya praises Ayesha that she helped her. Jaya then emotionally tells Sanchi that she is going to organize engagement in this hospital as she wants to feel her father’s presence right. She says your father is always with you, don’t worry. She hugs Sanchi while Ayesha switches her phone off. Ayesha says its Dean’s engagement, anything shouldn’t be of shortage and leaves. Jaya tells Sanchi that she is happy as she chose Kabir, he is a nice guy.

Dr. Malhotra stands at the door and says Jaya… you here. Jaya says today its her daughter’s engagement. Dr. Malhotra says you were in jail… She says I was, I am not guilty, so they let me out, today its my daughter’s engagement, that too with Kabir, I am so happy that she is out of your son Veer’s clutch, you and your family are invited to the engagement, you see how our lives get bloomed of happiness again, your black sight can’t do us anything. Dr. Malhotra says my foot, whatever you do, you won’t win, Jaya Mishra. Jaya challenges him that one who regards himself master, can’t win. Dr. Malhotra angrily says we will see who will drown whom. Sanchi looks on.

Precap: Veer comes to Sanchi’s engagement venue. Sanchi’s ring falls down and rolls to Veer. She takes it from him and gets engaged to Kabir. Later Veer hits Kabir hard and he falls aside. Sanchi looks on worried.

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