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Roses…A small story of Seven Shots By Zaimal PART-5


“excuse me..can i sit here?”

“seat is free…”swara said without looking at person.she was staring outside from window.sanskar sit beside her and forward roses, in front of her eyes.swara blinks at them and looks at him.

“aisa na dakho miss girlfriend….nazar lag jai gi”sanskar said trying to be shy.

“you….what are you doing here?….you were going Mumbai”swara asked in mixed emotion.she was not able to understand how she should react.she was seeing him first time.

“my friend was complaining we never met therefore….roses?”sanskar said and points at roses.

“thank you…”swara said and takes bouquet of roses from his hand.

“you like them?….”sanskar asked confusingly.

“who don’t like roses….”swara asked with raised eyebrow.Sanskar nodded his head then looks outside from window.he  holds her hand and takes her out from bus.

“its not my stop…”swara said ,looking around.

“i know..”sanskar said,walking toward specific direction.swara walks after him.

“where are you going?…”swara asked,walking beside him.

“i am very hungry…didn’t eat anything from morning”sanskar said and opens door for was a small cafeteria.

“one large burger and cold drink…’sanskar ordered and looked at swara.she was looking at menu with confused face.

“same for her…”sanskar said dryly.swara gives menu to waiter and pass a sheepish smile to sanskar.

“are you fine now….’sanskar asked in normal tone.Not serious not mocking.

“yes i am…”swara said and sanskar nodded at once.

“i will just come after getting fresh…”swara said,getting up and took one step toward washroom when sanskar calls her toward her.swara walks toward him.he holds her hand and pulls her down.swara’s heart beat increased,feeling his warm breaths on her face.

“use ladies washroom…”sanskar said in very serious tone while sliding hair strands behind her ear.

“you are jerk…”swara said and pushed him back and walk toward washroom..sanskar laughed loudly.




swara screamed and covered he face.she hears laughing sound at her back and looks there with fast beating heart.

“sanskar…”swara said in unbelievable tone.

“you are a scared kitten….God”sanskar said between his laugh.

“you scared the hell out of me….”swara said with pouted face.her heart was still beating fast.

“why didn’t you tell me you are coming Agra…”

“i am sorry….i wanted to surprise you but…..”sanskar said chuckling lightly.

“any work….”swara asked and looked toward road from where bus was going to come.

“hmm….yeah but its in evening.”sanskar said,scratching his head.swara nodded,till then bus stopped there.swara nodded and stepped inside the bus.sanskar follow her and both sit adjacent to each other.

“don’t you feel shame….your boyfriend came from other city and instead of giving him are going office”sanskar said in annoyed tone.

“saying he had come for me….”swara said rolling her eyes.sanskar clears his throat.

“and where are roses….”swara said,looking at him with narrowed eyes.

“i reached here very late…..and you bus timing is so early.i didn’t get time to buy them.”sanskar said honestly.

“we will go Taj Mahal…..”swara said getting excited all of sudden.

“No…not there.”sanskar said shaking his head vigorously.

“why not?…”

“its injurious for my health…..not there”sanskar said,murmuring something under his breath.

“then where?…”

“Fatehpur Sikri….”


Sanskr and swara was sitting on stairs while there feet were in water(lake).swara was opening gift which sanskar had just give her.

“History Of India.”

“your knowledge is equal to zero and maybe after reading this you  will fight for yourself”sanskar said and got slap from swara.she opens the book and start reading it.

“i want to read also…’sanskar said dryly.he puts his arm around her shoulder and correct book. swara unintentionally put head on his shoulder.

“i didn’t complete that page…”sanskar said and try to turn back page but swara slapped on his hand.

“do not disturb….”swara said and continue reading.sanskar looks at her face angrily but her closeness made his anger vanished.when did she came so close to him? 

Sanskar stares at her elegant face for a long time.he closes his eyes and curse himself in mind.

“swara…i guess we should leave its evening”sanskar said,removing his hand from her shoulder and other from her waist.swara looks toward sky and beats her forehead.

“sanskar its evening….i will not reach home at time.chachi will kill me”she said and got up quickly.sanskar also gets up silently.

“i will get you a taxi…no need to go by bus.”sanskar said and walked toward exit.swara walks after him.


“you read the book alone…”sanskar said angrily.

“where you going to come Agra again……no right.therefore i read it”swara said,shrugging her shoulder.Before sanskar would have snapped at her,door gets open and a girl wearing pink short dress enters inside.

“i will call you after a minute…”sanskar said and cut the call.swara looks at screen then shrugged.

“kavya baby what are you doing here?….”sanskar said in sweet tone and gets up from bed and try to hug her but she stops him.

“what is happening sanskar…”kavya asked while crossing arms over chest.

“what?…”sanskar asked confusingly.

“you had come from your trip one month and didn’t come to meet me?…..what is this?”kavya said,looking at him with raised eyebrow.

“i am so sorry baby but i was very sick.temperature and weakness.”sanskar with innocent face.

“oh my baby!….i am so sorry i didn’t know that”kavya said and hugged him.sanskar release a sigh.

“why are you standing….you should rest.”kavya said.sanskar nodded and sit on bed again.

“sanskar!!!!…..”sujata called him.

“baby i will just come…”he said and left.

“yes mom…’sanskar said after entering inside kitchen.sujata points at roses with confused look.

“happy mother’s day.”sanskar said shrugging his shoulder.sujata looks at him with wide eyes.

“what?…’sanskar asked,seeing her staring at him.

“nothing…are you okay?”sujata asked smiling a bit.

“i am totally fine…..and those are from someone else.her mother died long back so she said to give it to you.”sanskar said in careless tone.

“say thanks from my side…and learn something”sujata said and stretches his ear.

“keep me away from these emotional things.”


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