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Porus 6th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Puru’s Masterplan To Kick Out Darius From Bharath

Porus 6th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Puru drags Faroos in front of Bamni and tells him that Faroos was found in Pourav soldier’s clothes moving suspiciously and asks Faroos is he right. Faroos says yes. Darius says Bamni that Faroos did a mistake and can be punished. Bamni says looks like Puru already punished Faroos. Puru says they should punish the one who is guiding Faroos, Faroos tried to insult his mother, so he punished Faroos, but what about Darius who is Faroos’king, he had asked queen Anusuya to apologize when he felt insulted, he should apologize queen now. Darius’ men stand tensed. Darius says prince is right, apologizes Anusuya and leaves with his team.

In Maacedonia, Alexander walks towards Philip while people chant Alexander’s name. Philip’s men attack Alexander while Alexander counterattacks

an defeats them and asks if there is anyone who can care defeat him. Philip says he defeated all warriors, if he can withstand him. He attacks Alexander and says Faras is world’s powerful country and after winning it, he will become world’s powerful king. Alexander says he heard Faras’ king was a businessman before. Philip says running dynasty is also a business, Darius is on business trip to Bharath, he can easily defeat Faras. He pins down Alexander. Alexander says even he is doing same mistake and going to Faras leaving Macedonia in danger. Philip says he will be Macedonia’s king always and Alexander’s father.

Puru tells Alexander that he forced Darius to apologize her and bend in front of Bamni, it was necessary for Farsi to understand he cannot dare to touch Bharath. He tells how Faroos and Farsi soldiers destroyed almost whole Dasyu lok and he does not know about total loss. Anusuya asks why did not he do anything. Puru says Darius would have brainwashed Bamni that Dasyu was trying to destroy Bharath’s business, then Bamni would have praises Darius and considered Dasyus as biggest enemies. Alexander asks why did not he expose Darius then. Puru says even she tried to expose Darius, but Bamni did not listen to her. He will kick out Farsi’s from Bharath, but has to play his dame differently, he does not leave any work incomplete, she can trust him.

Mauses angrily tells Darius that he did not like Darius apologizing and should wage warn on Bharath. Darius says he is a businessman first and keeps losses and profits in mind first, he will play game with brain and not by anger, he apologized Anusuya and as a political rule, one has to bend to pull enemy’s leg, his problem is Puru and not Anusuya and Bamni. He praises Puru that he is very intelligent and powerful, he destroyed Dasyu lok and Puru caught his men, but did not speak in front of Bamni, that means he is thinking something dangerous, asks Mauses to spy Puru and report his each moment. Puru walks in and says Mauses does not have to work hard, he himself will tell his plan. They both get tensed seeing him. Puru says nobody will interfere between their fight, not even Bamni or Anusuya.

Precap: Darius challenges that heads will bent or cut in front of him.
Puru warns that he will kick out Farsi’s from his Bharath. Alexander says he wants to defeat Philip. Olympia suggests him to root our Philip like a tree silently.

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