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Porus 5th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Puru surprises Darius with his move

Porus 5th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Queen Dasyu is crying. Laachi tries to wake King Dasyu, but he doesn’t respond. She also cries. When her tear falls on King Dasyu, he opens his eyes. Laachi and her family are happy as King Dasyu survived. She looks for Puru and doesn’t find him there.

Puru brings Faroos to Bamni’s place. He says today he will expose Faris.

Bamni is waiting for Anusuya to join him for dinner. Kanishk tells him lot of things are changing there. Bamni says that’s life and they have to accept the changes. Kanishk taunts that he will have to accept change of eating alone now. Just then Anusuya comes. She apologizes for taking too much time as she got ready like Queen after many years. Kalika says there is no need to apologize, every woman takes time to get ready. Anusuya serves to Bamni. Kanishk

gets angry seeing it and gets up without eating. Anusuya stops him and tells him that she understands it is difficult to accept unexpected changes, but his and Kalika’s relation won’t change with Bamni because of her and Puru coming there.

Puru brings Faroos to Bamni at dinner place. Bamni asks Faroos why he is in Paurav’s soldier dress. Puru says he will clear everything once Darius comes.

Laachi tells Queen Dasyu that Puru can’t do this. Queen Dasyu asks how Pauravs found their whereabouts. This work is done by a dasyu and except Puru no one can do this. Laachi takes his side saying he left his parents, paurav rastra just to be in Dasyulok. Hasti stays quiet. Queen Dasyu asks then where he is now? Laachi has no answer. Her mother explains her that sooner or later, Puru will become King and there is no match in him and her, so she should forget him. She also says that Puru is now Paurav and Pauravs are their enemies, so he will be treated as one. Laachi cries.

Darius comes. Bamni asks him whether he gave permission to Faroos to dress as Paurav soldier. Darius says he has no clue about it and he didn’t give any permission. Anusuya says he is lying, he got caught so now he’s pretending he doesn’t know anything. She asks Puru to tell the truth. Puru doesn’t tell the truth and says he caught Faroos drunk in Dasyu Lok. He was saying ill about Anusuya, so he lost his cool and brought him to Bamni so he can punish him. Darius, Faroos are surprised that Puru lied.

Precap: Puru tells Darius that he will make sure Farsis themselves run away from India. Alexadar and King Philip are having sword fight. King Philip tells Alexander that he (Alexander) will stay in Macedonia and protect it and he (Philip) will go to take over Faras.

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