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Nimki Mukhiya 6th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Nimki does her first announcement as head

Nimki Mukhiya 6th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Tettar calls Ram and says I have decided Nimki will play first holi after marriage with you people, she will celebrate coming holis with us so dont worry, Tettar ends call. Ritu says to Mai that you taunt me but I solve problems here.

At training centre, Nimki says as head I want to do some announcement. Babbu asks Nimki what she wants to say? Nimki says let me talk, she asks Babbu to stand with her, Babbu does. Nimki asks Abhi to stand on her otherside, Abhi does. Nimki says to villagers there that I solved problem today, I wish everyone holi, holi is about spreading love, we will celebrate holi together, this festival will be organized by panchayat in village only, Tettar and his family will be part of it too. Babbu is shocked. Manager says Tettar and family will come to village?

All villagers start chanting Nimki’s name. Nimki says I couldnt have done all this without my husband Babbu. Babbu whispers to her that what are you doing? stop this. Abhi says wow Babbu you have such good thinking. Nimki holds Babbu’s hand and says he supports me a lot, Tettar will be happy about my decision too. Nimki says problem I faced was that some relative of Babbu died so we cant celebrate holi in palace so I thought to celebrate it in village with Tettar’s family. Abhi says BDO office will bear all expense of festival.

At Ram’s house, Ram says Nimki keeps her pain to herself, why they are sending her here? Ram says but Tettar seemed happy with her, Mauha says Babbu will come with her? Villagers come there and says Nimki have become head, her training ended today. Villager says panchayat will organize holi in village and Tettar’s family will come too, Nimki announced it with Babbu, Abhi will organize it too. Ram gets happy. Dumri says so Nimki and Tettar arranged it thats why he said Nimki will come here. Mauha hugs Ram in happiness.

Scene 2
At palace, Nimki says to family that Rekha told me you people cant play holi in palace so I decided to do something nice for villagers so I announced we will celebrate it in village, all got so happy, all villagers are waiting for us to go there. Tettar is tensed and asks her to go and rest. Ritu says we will plan, dont worry, you take rest. Nimki says I should wash my face, she leaves. Dublo says this will be first time. Grandma says we have to play holi with villagers? they have no standard. Dublo says they are humans too. Diamond says we have to go to village now? Babbu paces around. Mai says you were becoming head and control everything, did you become head? Tettar says he will become head. Mai says thats why Nimki announced what she wanted and he couldnt do anything, why didnt you shoot her? Babbu says I would have killed her but I had to think about Tettar. Sweety says what we will do now? she asks Ritu he will not give suggestion? Ritu says this is politics, we have to use every opportunity. Tettar says we are stuck. Ritu says Nimki didnt do anything, Babbu did all this, he as husband of head wanted to remove space between upper and lower class so Babbu announced this festival, we will tell all villagers that Babbu got this idea, this way we will get more respect in people to get votes for MLA too. Mai says stop it, we will not go to village to play holi, all look on.

PRECAP- Dublo is preparing for holi in palace. Nimki says but you people said that some relative died and you will not celebrate holi in palace? Grandma says no one died, we will play holi in palace and you will not be part of it. Nimki is stunned.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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