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Mere Sai 6th March 2018 Written Episode Update

Mere Sai 6th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Anta and Banta try to take Triambak to tamasha. Triambak goes to house. Banta says Kulkarni will kill us now and says we shall fulfill our last wish. Anta says we shall see tamasha. Banta says ok and they are about to leave. Triambak comes to them and says I will see tamasha, will not have anything. Anta gives money to Guna ji and asks him to make Triambak have pakoda. Guna ji tells the dancer Swarna Bai that work shall be done. sSwarna Bai dances on a song. Triambak also dance with her. She makes him have pakoda. Triambak falls down. Swarna Bai gets shocked and sprinkles water on his face. Villager says if he drank poison from dancer’s hand. Other says she made him have pakoda. Swarna Bai says no. All men leave from there. Swarna Bai’s Guna ji tells Anta and Banta to pay for their loss and takes their

earrings. Swarna Bai asks Guna ji to go with them and make sure that he reaches home.

Next morning, Bayaza and Appa see Triambak outside the house. Gunwantha thinks I thought he went to Sai. They take him to Sai. Bayaza asks Sai to save Triambak and says only you can save him. Sai checks him and sprinkles water on his face. Triambak gains consciousness. Sai asks him did you break your promise. Triambak says no. Gunwantha tells him that snake poison is showing its effects and blames Sai for trying to kill him. Aayi asks her to trust Sai.
Gunwantha says Sai will make me widow. Sai asks them to take him inside. Villager sees cloth and says it is given in Suwarna Bai’s tamasha. Gunwantha says why my husband will go there.

Triambak says I didn’t go there, Anta and Banta were talking about it. Bayaza asks him if he had gone to see dance. Sai reminds him of his promise. Bayaza asks Triambak to swear on her and say. Triambak says I didn’t go to see tamasha or had any salty food. Sai is shocked to see him lying. Gunwantha says somebody treat him. Sai forwards his hand. Neem leaves fall on his hand. Sai smashes leaves with his hand and makes Triambak drink its juice. Triambak gets vomiting and he spits pakoda.

Appa says you had pakoda. Bayaza says you lied to me. Triambak says I don’t want to eat it, just went to see tamasha with Anta and Banta, there Swarna Bai made me eat pakoda. Gunwantha cries. Sai says you have broken promise, says Bayaza stopped eating salt, Appa left work to be with him, Gunwantha travelled a long journey. Triambak says it is my small mistake. Sai says small mistakes and says it is not small. He says I won’t trust anyone now if they break promise. He swears not to give medicine to anyone from today onwards. Everyone is shocked.

Sai walks out from Shirdi. Bayaza and others run behind him. They wonder if he left Shirdi.

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