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Let’s begin….

Rag points to the direction shocked and scared…

He turns and sees a jeep full of goons who were hvng big big guns and swords


San to goon:is they coming to us
Goon😃😃😃:not us..you both except me..you slapped me na…

San: RAAAAAAGINIIIIIIIIII….gaaadi pe baito…

Rag immediately runs and sits…

San too sits but the car isnt starting

Rag😭😭😭😭:kya hua

San😡😡:gaadi bukhaar hai…ahh damn it dont you find the car isn’t starting…

Rag😠😠😠 hits her head😭😭:hey meri phooti kismath…khatara boss uske saath khatara gaadi bhi free…


Rag😭😭😭😭: yes it’s me..Now i m Ragini..bt …..(she sees the jeep is going to hit their car and shouts)bt in s*xonds i m gonna be late Ragini…nahiiiiiiii😭😭😭😭

San looks at the direction…he closes his eyes tightly….

At the time the same guy comes there in a bike….
Rag:i m in the stage of Lucifer
San hits his head:cant you think something maturely

Seeing him(guy)…they reverse the car and goes…

Ragsan sees him…

He gets down the bike… Stylishly

Rag😍😍😍😍:he only saved me again

San:u know him

Rag:before he saved me

She immediately gets down the car

Rag: bhaiyya… bhaiyya… Thankyou

Guy looks at her

Rag: CD…haan usi ne tho kaand kiya hai

Guy:ok now give me the CD…!
Rag😵😵😵😵😨😨😨😨:again CD😭😭😭😭😭

San who was seeing this: can you tellme wch CD you r talking abt?

Guy:who are you?

San:i m her friend

Rag:no…..(San glares her)i mean yes for now

Guy:i just need the CD!plzz give it..it costs the life!

Rag:bt i don’t know!any CD

Guy suddenly turns:gaadi mein baitho!

San:bt i want to know…

Guy:will explain you later

Ragsan sits in the car

Rag: khatara start nai hoga

San starts the car..bt now it starts

Rag: even the car is also like boss…akduu

Guy: move fast..!

San drives!

San:wat is hpng here?

Rag:haaan…buaaraaath mein swagath

San:tell me seriously..tumne kuch kaand kiya hai na


San:Ragini i m asking you something…

At the time rag gets call..its from vineet

Rag picks

Vin:hello..Ragoo u hv forgot me

Vin:now wat you hv done?

Rag:why?why everyone thinks that i only behind all my prblms 😭😭😭

Vin😃😃😃: its the fact!

Rag😵😵😵: bhaiyya…mujhe yahan se le jaiye na

Vin:wr r u now?

Rag: Punjab

Vin:punjab?wat you r doing there?

Rag was abt to continue her Melo

San grabs the phn



San:vineet we hv come for a meeting


San:kuch nai…she wants to go back..

Vin:sir..give her the phn

San gives
Rag:bhaiyya..that was a li…
Vineet:Ragini..be serious at sometimes! Work hard OK! I will call you later

San:now tell me…CD ka kya chakkar hai!

Rag:i don’t know abt the CD…

Behind a car follows them fastly

San sees it…san fastens the speed..!

Rag cries and in low voice:i think…they will kill me

San: don’t worry.. Nothing can hpn to you until i m with you..trust me..
He holds her hand…

Rag:bt i didnt do anything..i don’t know abt any CD

San:i think there’s a misunderstanding…

The goon shoots the tyre of sanskar’s car…

San tries to fasten still..bt the car couldnt move…

San gets down the car…..
He runs to Ragini’s side….

And opens the door..

Rag:sir…i m scared
San:trust me i won’t let anything hpn to you..he forwards his hand to her…

Rag holds his hand…

San sees the were covered from the 4 sides

A goon:ladki ko hamare hawale karde!

San:wat you want?

Goon:this girl and the CD

San:bt she don’t know abt any CD

goon:we dont hv time!

Rag holds his arms tightly being scared

A goon tries to attack them bt sanskar fights with him…holding ragini in one hand….

Soon the goons join there and sanskar fights with them..

Bt a goon drags Ragini..

Rag hits him in her other hand…

San couldnt move to her..he fights with them fastly…

Rag:sir…sir…she was hitting the goon continuously

San fighting with other goons…runs to them…bt a goon hits his head with a back of a long gun barrel

Rag screams:sirrrrrr

San falls on his knees and then falls unconscious

Rag tries to run to him…but the goons drags her and puts her into the car

They takes her….

To be continued…..

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