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Manan-A love story that was meant to be – Episode 3

Hello every1..As I have promised ,I am back with another update…Thank u so much for the comments Neeha and Sonu Karki which encourages me to update daily…..

Coming to the update…


” After clearing the air between Mukti n Nandu’s bonding all took a sigh of relief.…

Manik- okay then m leaving i have an urgent meeting smarty..

Muk- great..behan aayi hai n aapko office jana hai( with a pout)

Cab- actually i was suppose to attend the meeting but cause of my illness bro have ordered me to take rest.…

Manik- yea..but dnt worry i’ll be back before lunch time..then we’ll have lunch together.

Muk – ok…to aapko maaf kiya but jaldi aana…

They said their goodbye to him.. n he too said bye with a smile…. while leaving Nyo too said bye beta to him with a smile but in return he gave her dont-do that-drama wala look.

Mukti noticed that and she looked towards Cabir who was already staring her…. than she saw sad face of her mom.. she tried to divert the topic…

Muk- of fo ma…come with me lemme show u all the gifts which I have brought for all of u..

Nyo- not now mukti…. just now u have came, so go n get fresh…. when Manik will come, at that time we’ll see gifts…. and m going to kitchen, today m gonna cook for all of us..

Muk- okay ma… as u say.. chalo bhai lets go…. we need to talk…. ”

” Muk- hey.. kaha kho gaye….. chalo…

* USA-NY* :

Nandu came to her room with the thought of finally sleeping, but when she saw missed calls on her phone from India ,she literally jumped on her bed, only Mukti can call her from India,

oh shit! she must be angry now, uska phone first time pe na uthaou to usse gussa aa jata hai n ye to 11 missed calls hai. she’ll kill me… with that she called back on that no.

*Manik’s office*:

Manik was in meeting with associates n was giving them presentation of their next project on behalf of Cabir. And in NY Nandu was calling on the unknown no.(Manik’s) phone,

Manik saw his phone, it was flashing unknown no. he didnt bother to receive n disconnected it. Nandu thought that mukti is angry that’s y she’s disconnecting so she again called on that no.

Though Manik’s phone was on vibrate mode but its buzzing was loud enough to disturb the meeting, he clenched his fist and disconnected again n made it to silent mode(no vibration)

Nandu kept on calling for sometime but later on she gave up as there was no response of her call from other side. Manik was done with his meeting, than he remembered the stupid caller n he saw his phone n got hell angry by seeing so many missed calls from that same no. no one ever dared to call Manik once he disconnects the call, n this caller have irritated him to the extent.. so finally he called back to that no. And luckily or unluckily she received the call… AB BAS PYAAR BHARI BAATE SHURU HO GAYI MANAN K BICH…


Manik- who the hell r u? are u out of ur blo*dy mind? dont u understand if once the call has been disconnected u should not call again… now speak up damn it! (hell angry)”

” Nandu was shocked as no one have evr shouted on her… n she was expecting mukti not some male jerk…..

Nan- what the hell!!! Is this a way to talk to someone n more over dont u have basic manners that when u receive a call u should say atleast hello… huh idiot….(angry)

Man- dont teach me manners…… y d hell u were calling me like maniac.…

Nan- dont u dare to talk me in that tone…. U r a maniac, actually u r mad totally mad…. u have called me more than 10 times so i called u back … so it was u who called me first….(victory smirk)

Man- dont order me… its my tone it can go even higher n higher…. n woah u r mistaken lady m not insane like u that i’ll call u…..

Nan- u know wat call log naam ki bhi kuch chiz hoti h…first check that huh….

Man- oh just shut up…i know u girls very well…. blo*dy chipkuzz by listening that nandu’s mouth was perfect o in shape

Nan – tumne mujhe chipku kaha…tumhari to..

Man – meri to kya ha..i dont have time to waste on ppl like u.. dont u even dare to call me ever again.…

Nan- mujhe koi shok nai tumhe call karne ka u moron…..

Man – mind ur tongue….

NAN- dont order me….its my tongue…

Man- oh meri billi mujhse hi meow…( devil smirk) (he mean to say that she said the same dialogue)

nandu didnt understood the meaning of this dialogue..c’mon guys USA me rehti h wo itne filmy dialogues nai samaj aayenge use..”

” Nan – wat u mean by billi… wait tumne mujhe billi kaha.. did u just called me cat u dog…

(irritated) Man – u r seriously gone case…. u r in need of doc badly… go n consult him as soon as u can….(laughing)

Nan- go to hell…huh…bye…

Man- not interested cause u will be there…. he than disconnected the call…

nandu to herself – how rude he was… ladki se koi ese baat karta hai… i thought it was muku’s call so i did that stupidity of calling him so many times… but wat about those missed calls than…arrggghh that guy was seriously insane.. i think i should sleep that will be best option…

Manik to himself – kya sarphiri ladki thi… kitna jhaghda karti hai…..n wat the crap reason that me Manik Malhotra will call her oh god ye chipku ladkiya bhi kya kya bahane nikalti hai baat karne ki…. i think i should leave now smarty must be waiting for me…..”


“Can I ask you something, Bhai?”mukti asked cabir, debating whether she should ask now or later

“Whoa, Since when did you started taking permissions to ask questions? Last time when I checked, we had to shut you up, to speak.So, start your KBC choti”

Caabir mocked her, while she glared him playfully.

“Is everything still the same between Bhayya and Mom-Dad?”
mukti asked, hopefully this time he may have some different answer.

“You just arrived now, and I want you to rest for a while.We will talk about this later..”
cabir replied while trying to avoid the question.

“I want to know, so please tell me bhai..”mukti insisted..

“Nothing has changed choti, they share the same hate bond.”
cabir answered, remorsefully.

“I thought that in these 5 years, something must have changed, you know at least a lil bit…”
mukti said with disappointment and pain in her eyes.

“When nothing has changed in these years, than how can you expect a miracle in just 5 years?… ”
cabir asked, plopping down on the bed.

“You know I have always wished for an happy family, the way you and i love mom-dad, bhayya will also love them and forgive them. I am just hoping for some miracle bhai…”
mukti said, with an different emotion and hope in her eyes.

“Don’t worry, one day we all will be together like a happy family, someone will surely come and will complete the missing happiness of our home and it’ll bond us more stronger than ever.. ”
cabir said, pinching her nose

“Every story has a happy ending, Isn’t it..?..”
mukti smiled widely …

“Yeah and if ending are not happy, it means that the picture is yet to finish..”
cabir mimicked, making her giggle.

Just then manik came and saw them giggling and having fun.
God! How much he loved this duos..!!

” “Oh! Filmy dialogues and all ha, You guys are having fun without me, am hurt.. ”
manik faked sadness, with his lower lip tucking out.

The next moment manik was on bed tackled by both the siblings, or rather with the tickle monsters. Trio were having their fun after long time. One look at them, and anybody could say, they loved each other. nyo was watching them with a wide smile on her face, the sight which she always carved for.

“Oh God, Stop tickling him. Lunch is ready, I want you three, downstairs in 10 minutes, today I have cooked for everyone..”
nyonika said with an motherly affection.

“You guys go, I am not hungry..”
manik said, with an uninterested tone.

“I know you dont like when I cook food, but eat today for mukti. You promised her that you will have lunch with her…”
nyo tried to convince him some more.

manik was about to say something, but was interrupted by mukti.

“Maa, You go. We are coming..”
mukti said, winking at nyo

“I really wanna have lunch with you, its been years, please? Cant you fulfill my little wish?”
mukti asked, with her big doe eyes, which was hard to resist for him.

“Fine you go, lemme get fresh, then I will join you guys for lunch…”
mukti agreed, as it is he didn’t had any other option.

“Thank you, come soon, I’m damn hungry…”
mukti said rubbing her growling stomach.

“You’ll always be the food monster..” cabir teased mukti, in return he got a smack for his big mouth.


So,ya done for today…Pls let me know how is the update through your comments coz that is wat which motivated me to write through my busy schedule…luv u all..

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