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Love me forever (epi 2)

Hey guyzzz..i decided to continue this story but still i m expecting a bit more support from you and one more thing guys i will update this story in alternate days as i have to work on my other stories..if you are interested then you can check out my other stories abhigya’s boundless love and a cursed collegee..anyhow lets gets into the story..

Epi begins with rikki dragging khushi and suddenly stops as arnav stands on his way..arnav asks him to leave khushi’s hand but rikki thinks arnav as fresher and says you are just a freaking fresher so stay away from this issue. Or else you will face the consequences. Arnav gives an anger look and says i m saying for the last time leave her hand and go back to your class. Rikki says i wont leave her hand and what will you do? He start pushing arnav. Arnav gives him a tight slap. Everyone gets shocked. Khushi widens her eyes and looks at arnav.

Meanwhile shwetha goes to principal room but stops herself as khushi might land at risk so again she runs back to khushi. She gives a confused look as everyone left in shock. Arnav slaps him again and says dont you dare to touch me again. What do you think of yourself? Do you know the rules and regulations of this college? Rikki angrily says do you know who i am? My father is a minister. You have committed a big mistake and i will make your life miserable. By listening this arnav kicks him then his friends grab him from there. Rikki shouts this is not over. Khushi and shwetha gets relief but a bit scared.

Arnav comes near khushi and asks are you ok miss..? Khushi says its khu..then swetha stops her and says kajal. Khushi gives confused look at shwetha. Later khushi thanks him and he leaves from there. Khushi asks shwetha about changing her name. Shwetha says you are studying in this college because of scholarship but if principal gets to know about this issue you might land at risk so i lied to him. Khushi says you are right but i feel little bit bad that i lied to him. Shwetha comforts her about the issue and leave to the class.

At present

Its morning, anjali comes to arnav’s room and watches him sleeping. She thinks not to disturb him so she leaves the room. Meanwhile she gets a call from abhi. He informs her that he landed in india. She gets happy and starts arrangement for him. Abhi reaches raizada’s mansion. Anjali does arati and welcomes him. He greets and hugs her. They both share a small talk. Meanwhile arnav comes there and says hey dude! Miss me? Abhi turns back and stares at arnav. He hugs him. Arnav gets happy with abhi’s arrival.

Later abhi gets a call to meet commissioner. Abhi goes to him and salutes. Commissioner says i m happy that you are back abhi but you have an important task to complete as i know about your capability so i m assigning you to finish this. Abhi says sure sir i will do my duty but what’s the task. Commissioner says i think you know about private detective pragya gupta. Hearing pragya’s name abhi rage in anger and tries to control it. He continues she is missing since 6 months. You need to find her because she has some important evidences. Abhi refuses to find pragya but commissioner forces him so he accepts and leaves from there. Abhi comes out of the room and gets upset. Abhi thinks himself i m trying hard to forget you but situations are forcing me towards you. What i did to deserve such a pain? Why me?

Other side

Pragya looks around to escape. She thinks how to escape from there. Meanwhile a goon comes there and gives her some food. She gets an idea to escape from there and smiles.

Epi ends…

I hope you guys like this epi and i know guys today abhigya’s story is very less but in next epi you will read abhigya’s first meet and fews emotional moments between this story all characters have importance so dont think in negative way..guyzz plz do comment and share your opinion because i dont know if you like this story or not..keep supporting..byee you

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