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Kya hoga Ragini ka??? (Ragsan) Pt-3

Let’s begin…..

Next day…
Early morning

Rag was waiting outside for Khush

Khush comes…Rag could see books in his hands…he was wearing a goggles

Rag herself:kahi yeh phirse maths homework leke nai aaya😦😦😦

Rag gives him Cadbury silk..
Khush:haa…yeh bhi kar dena..DIDI😎😎

Rag:tu mujhe black mail kar raha hai

Khush:abhi tho kiya nai..par zaroorath padi tho woh bhi kar denge😎😎😎

Rag😨😨😨:chal jaa mein nai karoongi

Khush: this isn’t maths.. This is English

Rag: jo bhi ho i won’t do 😡😡😡

At the time Ridham comes

Khush😎😎😎:arey bhaiyya


Ridham:why weren’t u on time yesterday khush..
He takes the paper and waa reading headlines

Khush looks at Rag😎😎😎and khush pulls down his goggles and winks at Rag

Rag immediately takes books from him

Khush:wou kya hai na bhaiyya..i hv witnessed a bhoothni didi yesterday😉😉😉


Ridham:wat?i can’t understand you he goes

Khush:u took the books so fastly😆😆

Rag:wat is the home work

Khush🤗🤗🤗:home work nahi… imposition

Ray😓😓:im.. imposition!

Khush casually:ha..you just hv to write 4 chapters 25 times only


Khush:25 times each chapters

Rag:tu padta nai hai😨😨😨

Khush:this imposition is for i hv just given 4 5 punches to my classmate

Rag:le pakad..tu hi kar

Khush teasing:bhaiyya


Khush:koi jaldi nai hai…u can give me tommorrow morng.. Same place same time

Rag:u will again and again will fo this na

Khush:ha..after exams..i m gonba fail in 2 or 3 subjects teacher’s will give imposition..again..i will come 😎😎

Rag😱😱😱😱😱:u are blackmailing me..dont wanna become something in future?doctor!

Khush:doctor?😂😂😂marwawogi kya..kaun padega utna

Rag:kuch tho padega na

Khush:ha i want to join NDA join karna hai.. Indian soldier defence mein join hona hai…and i want everyone to know me as Col.Khush and in every training i want to be a gold medalist

Rag had a smile listening his aim.. it’s rare a kid is hvng a aim to become a soldier

Rag:for that you hv to study hard!

Khush:i want to study…i want to work too..u know my dad cant woek he is in home being sick..mom is working as maid in 4 homes..still its not enough…even i m not the alone i hv 3 sister’s

Rag felt bad: whenever you will be free come to me i will teach you

Khush:no.. I can’t afford fees
Rag: don’t worry abt that…hmm wn you vl become a colonel..then just remember me that how you hv threatened me

Khush and Rag laughs
Rag:and haa..this is the last

Khush😎😎:after the exam if i fail..i will again come to …

Rag:u will not fail!

Khush:ok..i vl come in the evng to study (rag nods)now i will take my leave

Rag smiles and nods

Khush who was going..suddenly he turns:u r getting married??

Rag😡😡:tumse matlab

Khush:ek teacher hai na😎😎😎
Rag😱😱:who told you!

Khush:hawa hawa se mila tha..is he looking smart like me or is he fat and hvng a big tummy

Rag gets angry😡😡😡she looks around and sees the chair..she picks

Rag:tu jata hai ki nai..

Khush runs:jaa raha hoon..gussa kyun ho rai ho…i just asked for my knowledge…

He goes

Rag looks at the book.. each lesson are hvng nearly 10 to 12 pages😭😭😭


Rag has reached the colg…

Today there’s no class of Sanskar

It’s the lunch break…

Nobody r there in the class

Rag was writing the class seeing the class empty…

Sonam and kajal comes

Kajal confused: tu yeh kya likh rai hai?

Rag immediately closes the book…
And hides it

Sonam immediately takes her phn.. and records the video

Rag :kuch nai

Kajal:ab bolo!i know there’s something

Rag😭😭:pichle Sunday se mere din hi kharab chal raha hai😭😭😭

Kajal: wat hpnd now?

She tells khush blackmailing her…

Sonam😀:bt why is he blackmailing you

Rag: Woh..mein…
She tells abt the incident of scolding khush…

Rag:mein kya karoon😭😭😭😭😭

That’s it…..

Sonam and kajal starts to laugh like anything…😂😂😂😂

Rag😭😭😭:tum log hass rahe ho

Sonam: sorry sorry!

Kajal: Why every crazy prblm hpns to you only!

Rag sarcastic: why? You want?

Kajal: no..no.. You only keep it

Rag:mein kya karoon …samaj mein nai aa raha..kaise likhun…
Sonam: till now you were scared of teachers parents and now you even started get scared of kids!


Kajal:ok..ok..we will help you…

Sonam and kajal helps her in writing

Soon..the classes ends…

Rag:how will i write in home..if anyone sees..rithvik hamesha mere  peeche rehta hai…

Sonam:will sit here for an hr..wat say?

Everyone hv left the colg…

Sanskar who was passing by saw the 3

San:wat are you doing here?

Trio looks at eachother and then looks at Sanskar

Sonam:sir… actually

Rag:woh sir..sonam has to complete Ashutosh sir’s record

Sonam looks at her😞

Kajal:ha sir ..u know na he is little strict

San:bt why r u writing here…go home!Didnt sir give you time

Rag: woh actually… there’s function in her home..so she can’t complete it…

San:within 10 mins u hv to leave.. it’s not good to stay like this…i will say to Ashutosh sir abt it!

Rag:no sir..
He nods
He was abt to turn:why u both r writing her record

Kajal:sir actually..we r just showing her…

San: show me..that doesnt look like a record

Rag:sir its an assignment!

San:ok..do it fast he goes..

Trio:baal baal bach gaye..they takes a big sign of relief!

After 10 mins

Sonam: we hv done it almost.. complete it in home..somehow

Rag nods

San comes:are u done…leave to home fast!

They immediately goes out!

Rag and friends were walking outside the college..

Sanskar goes in his Celerio car

They sees him going out of the campus

Sonam: after mrg.. every morng and evng sir wont be alone Ragini would also be beside him


They laughs…

After sometime Rag reach home…

She was exhausted by writing

Raina:ragoo…woh Sanskar’s family is coming tonight for the dinner..amd plzz hold yourself before you fall!


Raina:kyu ka kya matlab…and get ready in the lehenga wch you buyed on sambhav bhaiyya’s wedding..before you deny..this mom’s order i dont know anything..if your mood is ok then call me..i will help you in getting ready..

Rag😱😱😱😱 herself: aaj kya hone wala hai 😭😭😭 nobody understands me…how can a student think a teacher as a fiance😭😭😭😭 everyone will only understand wn such things Gon with them 😢😢😢

To be continued…..

I know there’s no much RAGSAN scenes wat to do situation demanded! And in the next part there will be RAGSAN scenes!

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