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Kundali Bhagya 6th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Preeta accepts the importance of Karan’s friendship

Kundali Bhagya 6th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sarla and family return home. Shrishti was badly drunk and says she is in love. Preeta sends her into the room and goes to sing a lullaby to her.
Karan finds Rakhi upset in his room. Rishab was also there. Rakhi complains to Karan that he was injured and still being mischievous in the party. She was emotional and asks if he doesn’t own her. She insists on him to drink turmeric milk. Karan calls it Rishab’s planning against him. Rishab finally holds his arms back, Rakhi forces the milk into his mouth. Karna sips the whole glass inside and complains being mischievous to the innocent. Rishab and Rakhi share a high five, Rishab reminds him 4 am and leave. Rakhi tells Karan that she is his mother, and learnt all this from him.
There, Shrishti comes to the room with Preeta. She says love

is beautiful. She doesn’t understand whom her heart beats for, she is confused and loves Karan. She also likes Rishab, but he has a high level thinking; they can’t understand each other. She tells Preeta that both of them like her. Preeta was annoyed at Shrishti and goes to get her clothes. Shrishti announces loudly that Karan and Rishab like her sister a lot. Preeta shuts her mouth up and warns to slap her hard upon another word. Shrishti asks Preeta if Karan didn’t love her, why he would put his life at stake just for her. She says Karan cares for her feelings, and is a perfect hero. She convince Preeta to look through her sight. Preeta wasn’t ready to get convinced, but Shrishti was asleep. Preeta accepts that Karan does for her what no one else do. His friendship means a lot for him.
At 4 am the next morning, Rishab comes to wake Karan up. He pulls his pillows off the bed. Karan didn’t get up easily. Rishab fakes a call, wish good morning on phone and apologizes Preeta that Karan said this all to her. He is right in front of him and will take his class. Karan snatches the phone to explain himself. Rishab makes fun of him for faking it and helps Karan get ready.
Karan passes by Dadi’s room and comes to greet her. Dadi tells her about pain in her feet and strained neck. She tells him to call the best, Preeta.
Preeta and Shrishti had just woken up. Karan calls to speak Dr. Preeta Arora for Dadi’s pain. Preeta promises to be there soon. Shrishti joins her as she has to take care of the decorations. The auto driver charges 110, Preeta begins her lecture to the driver. Karan throws a flower over her from behind the gate. Shrishti spots Karan, but Rishab comes out. Preeta was annoyed with Rishab but Shrishti clarifies and drags the laughing Karan from behind the gate. Karan looks away from everyone. Preeta apologizes Rishab who was now angry at Karan. Preeta says he is a gone case. Karan says he asked Preeta to come home early, but she had been giving lecture to the auto driver for last ten minutes. Preeta insists it was important to say that all to the driver. Rishab agrees to Karan that Preeta sometimes do that, but later blames Karan for always fighting with Preeta. After Karan and Shrishti have left, Preeta apologizes Rishab again and wish him for his meeting. Rishab was hopeful he will get the deal today.

PRECAP: Preeta denies being able to come with Dadi for an out of station trip. Prithvi was shocked to see Sarla come to his place.

Update Credit to: Sona

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