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Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 6th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Masa brings Kesar back

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 6th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Adhi is drunk. He sees Devi laughing everywhere around him. She says you can’t forget me ever. He screams. He realizes he was imaging. He drinks more.
Adhi comes to room. He hugs Devi adn says why did she do this. He cries and says why did Devi do this. He sees her face but he is drunk. He says devi.. He says why I see you everywhere. I really love you. You made me a human. Why did you levae me. I really need you. He hugs her. They come close and sleep together.

Devi wakes up next to Adhi. she smiles. Devi caresses his face. She says you made me your wife but when I was posing as Kesar and you were drunk. You will think you spent your night with Kesar. Devi covers her face. Adhi wakes up. he says I am sorry. I didn’t know I was drunk. I thought devi

was with me. Please pardon me. Devi says in heart you thought in your drunk time that it was me. I have to tell you truth.
DEvi comes downstairs. Masa says this day is good. You need to take your ghunghat off. Devi takes her ghughat off and says I have prepared.
Adhi comes. Masa says we will go to temple first I and devi beffore taking her ghunghat off.

devi and Masa go to temple. Masa asks pandit ji to reach house. He leaves. Masa says to Devi have you prepared? Devi says I am Adhi’s wife I will get my right. I don’t give up. Masa says we will see. Masa says your game is over devi. you will be out of Adhi’s life forever. Some thugs kidnap devi. Devi says Masa stop them don’t do this but they take Devi with them.
Devi wakes up in a store. She is locked there. She says Masa did something again. Please help me God. I know you will help me God. An earthquake comes and the door opens. Devi comes out and sees that Masa has Kesar in the hall. Kesar sits in the ghunghat and says don’t be scared. Devi won’t come back. She will be locked there. Adhi is only yours. Kesar is scared. Urmi and Bansuri wonder why Kesar is worried. Kesar says what if Adhi gets to know that there was devi in ghughat all these days then? Urmi and Bansuri hear it. Urmi says it that was so then where was Kesar? And where is Kesar?

Scene 2
Virat comes to Kesar’s room. She isn’t there. he calls Devi. She doesn’t pick. He says where is devi?
Devi runs from the detention. The thugs run after her to look for her. Devi hides behind a gate. Adhi is driviing. He says I should be thinking about Kesar not devi. Devi sees Adhi and says Adhi.. He stops the car and looks in the street. Devi hides. She tries to call Adhi’s name but thugs are in the same street. Devi comes out. Thug puts hand on her mouth. Adi leaves. Devi hits the thugs with a rod. They run.

Precap-Adhi is about to fill Kesari’s hairline.
Devi says stop Adhi.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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