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Ishqbaaz FF : Found My Solace… Chap1

Chapter 1:Abhay and the Oberois 

“Beta, stay with us. We’ve done a big mistake with you. Give us a chance to win you back”  dadi pleaded to Abhay.

“No dadi, I’m not leaving because I’m angry with you all, but because I too repent my mistakes. In my greed to take revenge, i forgot that you were my family.You guys not putting me in jail itself is a big thing. Thank you for saving my life. But I don’t think I deserve your love, I’m extremely sorry dadi”, Abhay replied

“Abhay, everything was a misunderstanding. Neither of our parents are responsible for whatever has happened. So won’t you give us a chance to start a new life?”, shivaay asked.

“yes Abhay, stay with us, welcome to the family, you were, are and will always be one of us”, Shakti said.

And they all convinced Abhay to stay in the same house as an Oberoi.


“Omkara ji, we have to call Prinku too na, she hasn’t met her brother yet”, Gauri asked.

“yes, we’ll call Prinku, Ranveer and Mahi for dinner tonight. After all, it’s been a long time since we all met”,Om said.

A few hours later…

“Bhaiyyas, I’m home” ! An excited Priyanka shouted.

“arey prinku, so you didn’t miss your mummy papa and choti ma and pa?”, pinky joked.

“choti ma…”, prinku said giving her a big hug.

She was soon surrounded by her three brothers and her bhabhis.

“hey ranveer”, bhavya, who just came from her room, greeted her friend. (the two had had their police training from the same institute and were great friends).

And that’s when Prinku noticed someone standing by the door.

“ma,who is this”?

“your brother”, the obros replied.


“yes prinku, this is Abhay and..” Anika began..

“but bhabhi wasn’t he the one troubling our family. I agree we got to know he is an Oberoi but how can we forgive him so easily”?, Ranveer asked.

Shivaay explained him the morning events and everything was settled. Prinku was super-happy to get one more brother and Abhay wad relieved that the entire family had accepted him wholeheartedly.

“Mahi bhaiyya, how’s the business doing”? Soumya asked as the family sat in the hall after dinner.

“it’s going well somu. I’m happy that it has clicked. Finally i find some peace now. You know, when you have a family with you, nothing is impossible. Abhay, you too will realize that soon. But I must say, you dif a great job managing your father’s private business alone”,Mahi said.

(Abhay had joined his father’s business, the one he had started after being kicked out from the Oberoi group, and had managed it even after his death. And that is when he had decided to take revenge on the Oberois).

“So Abhay, are you going to join the Oberois business or continue with your own”? Ranveer asked.

“Abhay has always been independent, but since we want hin to be one of us, the Oberois are going to invest in his company, that way he can manage his own business but be an Oberoi too”,Tej replied.

“waah, what an idea papa ji”!!! Prinku joked.

“so mahi bhaiyya, now that you have found a financial base, when is my bhabhi coming home?, rudy asked.

” Bhaiyya, you havr no idea how many times ranveer and i have asked him  this”, prinku replied.

“arey yaar, just let me enjoy my single hood for some time na…”

“ho…so you mean wives are a burden huh?” an annoyed Aniriya asked.

“areh nahi anika…”

“you can’t blame him…” shivomru replied

“kya!!!!!” the girls exclaimed in unison and began chasing the boys. The elders were happy to see their kids having fun after a long time.It had been a while since they found peace.

“acha acha, ab buss everyone go and sleep. It’s really late now”, dadi said getting up.

“dadi… It has been a long time since we new gen had some fun na.. So we’ll stay up for some more time.You guys can go and sleep” Rudy said.

“fine fine”, the elders laughed and retired to their rooms.

The youngsters then went to the pool area, had some dance, played some fun games and made sure that Abhay felt at home. A few hours later, they too went to have a good night’s rest for they had  really partied hard together after a really long time.

“goodnight”.  And soon they left to their respective rooms. 

Precap: Bhavya is crying… 

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