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Ikyawann 6th March 2018 Written Episode Update susheel looses the chip

Ikyawann 6th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Leela says this chip has biggest weapon against me but not now,and jhano come here susheel won’t be able to hear us.parekh family having a look at wedding album and recall their memories with Susheel and get emotional.

Mehul looks at banke and remembers the moment when banke forced him to convince Susheel for wedding and gets angry.

Leela and jhano walk to Susheel,Leela says no use of your height you couldn’t save this chip,oh you got confused which is real chip,Susheel runs inside the room.banke says I did what was right at that moment,Shivam says you two enough of this tension focus on this album,Susheel is happy and that’s what matters and look leela dadi spent so much what good decorations and satya didn’t have a grand entry on a horse,darika says go freshen up and have dinner.


leaves,naresh says didn’t anyone get anything,Nitesh says he wants to join business,mehul says he wants us to be more unique,darika says you guys have no brains he wants to get married,he is elder to Susheel you should think about him too,banke says you are right,naresh is he seeing anyone,anyways naresh from tomorrow Shivam will join work full time,he should learn to take responsibilities.

Susheel goes checks the trophies and sees a chip behind every trophy,Leela walks in and shows Susheel the bed is covered with chips and puts the necklace with bell in her neck and says this will remind you for your loss,and says come see the cupboard and shows it was chips too,leela has puts chips all over the room.

Leela says now what will you do check every chip,Susheel says you just can play with people,leela says so,today I’m cat tomorrow a snake but for you this leela is fine and now I don’t have to act because I have proof,who will help you but.

Shivam in his room,mehul knocks and gets in,Shivam hides his phone,Nitesh sees that through window,mehul says shall I sit here,Shivam says why be so formal,mehul says I use spend so much time with you and Susheel earlier and now I,Shivam says you love Susheel more so you didn’t.

Satya walks in the room and Leela acts like scared cat.satya says did you scare her,Susheel says you won’t believe me and people won’t let you,leela leaves crawling like a cat,satya follows saying dadi wait.

Shivam says you love Susheel so you use to spend time then,mehul says that’s not the thing,anyways are you fine,you must be missing Susheel and now you have free time have you thought of career,Shivam says I have opted for jobs,but what’s wrong,mehul says it’s your wedding ahe now and why don’t you join family business,and we have holi decoration order,Shivam says yes I will,I will think about it right away,mehul says I will take your leave now.

Mehul walks to Nitesh,nitesh says he hide the mobile when you entered ,this me and naresh Bhai will handle.

Leela forces satya to stay and jumps on his laps,satya says I don’t know what’s wrong with you but I don’t want to spend time with you,I have always done everything you said,I did this wedding for Kiran phui but your this decision ruined my life.

Shivam asleep,Nitesh slowly walks to his room and starts looking for Shivams mobile,Nitesh hits the table,Shivam wakes up and starts hitting him and shouts thief thief,everyone gather.

Satya says I shouldn’t have listened to you and all this is because of you.banke says Nitesh what all is this,Nitesh says Shivam give me your phone what are you hiding I did all this to find out what’s in his phone,Shivam says I was messaging Susheel about wedding album,naresh says your awake right now tell us do you have a girlfriend,darika says yes tell us we shall talk to her about your wedding,Shivam says no I don’t and I would tell you guys if I did,mehul says we are sorry go to sleep.

Satya leaves,Leela says why do you talk to me this way,I can’t bare your anger,it’s all susheels fault.i won’t let this happen,Susheel can’t change you,now I have the proofs and won’t be scared and calls doctor and says come here with a fake injection and tell my family I’m fine keep the call now,leela says now the act will be over and susheel will be over too.

Susheel gathers all the chips and says I some how have to find the real chip and reveal dadis true colours.

Pre cap: susheel is on a gun point of a women in black and wearing helmet,Kali and gulabo see that and get scared.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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