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IB & Naamkaran FF-Hatred Love- Chapter 5



New Delhi


The door bell rings making three of them to be shocked. They look each other confusingly.

Ishu: Who could be now?? NeilGau won’t come back at this time.

Pooja: I’ll see who. Avni, you take the baby inside and don’t come out till I call you.

Avni: Ok. Ishu, you come with me as well. I can’t handle her alone.

Ishu: Ha..ha.. You already done all this without anyone knowing and now you are saying that you can’t handle her alone.

Avni: That’s why I told the truth to both of you. (Makes a puppy face which make Ishana smiles)

Pooja: Talk later. Now, go inside first. I need to see who came. (IshAv leave from there with the baby. Pooja goes and opens the door. She sees a guy holding a cover)

Guy: Courier, madam.

Pooja: (sighs in relief) For whom??

Guy: Miss Ishana.

Pooja: Ok. Give it to me. She is quite busy with her work. (The guy hand over the courier to her and gets her signature. He leaves after a while. Pooja closed the door and calls IshAv. They come towards her)

Avni: Who came just now??

Pooja: Courier guy. (Hand over the cover to Ishana) For you, Ishu.

Ishu: (looks at the cover) Haww. The medicines I ordered. I got them finally. (Smiles at them)

Avni: You are just buying the medicines but you are not having them properly.

Ishu: Avni, these medicines are quite high dosage and it can bring side effect in the future. That’s why I will have it whenever I need it. I can’t simply have them. Don’t worry, I won’t care less about my health. (Avni is convinced with Ishana)

Pooja: Ok. Leave that. We are having a new arrival in our family. We have to buy everything for her. So…???

IshAv: Shopping!!!

Pooja: Yesss!!!

Ishu: Let’s get ready fast and go for shopping.

Avni: Yeah. And we have to be back before the two cops come back. (Three of them get ready and leave for shopping with the baby)





A girl is walking towards a guy who is sitting with his back facing her.

Girl: Just came?? (The guy turns towards her and he is none other than Rudra)

Rudra: Yes, Prinku. How are you??

Prinku: (smiles) I’m very fine, bhaiya. I’m living in peace without any disturbance.

Rudra: Glad to hear that, Prinku. I was missing you very much since you left our house with Ishana bhabhi.

Prinku: I was missing you too bhaiya and Soumya as well. How is she??

Rudra: She is good. She is missing you too and wants you to come back.

Prinku: No, bhaiya. I won’t come back to the house where heartless persons are there. Unless our Ishana bhabhi returns there.

Rudra: I know, Prinku. I too don’t like to live there. Now, I’m staying there only to show my hatred towards them. In fact, I too want Ishana bhabhi to be back to Oberoi Mansion. But, not to live with them. But, to revenge them. They have to answer for all her suffering. For that, she has to come back.

Prinku: You are right, bhaiya. This is the time for they to pay their deeds. But, bhabhi still doesn’t has the courage to face them. She is still under depression because of all that.

Rudra: Depression??

Prinku: Yes, bhaiya. (Narrates something in mute)

Rudra: (angrily) What?? She suffered like this??

Prinku: Still she is suffering, bhaiya. I heard last night her situation became worst.

Rudra: Where is she now??

Prinku: She is staying with her friends nearby here.

Rudra: Do they know what happened to her?? And, how did you land here??

Prinku: No, bhaiya. Bhabhi told me to not to tell them anything. They can’t bear it. She introduced me as her colleague’s friend and I’m looking for a job. I don’t want the Oberois to find me. So, I asked them to find a simple job which can satisfy me. They took me to this orphanage and said that they need a caretaker for the kids here. I felt this could be the best way to escape from the Oberois and I joined here. The salary is not high but I got self satisfaction which I never felt in my life before this. During my free time, I’ll teach the kids. This is how my life is going now.

Rudra: Where are you staying, Prinku?? (Priyanka keep silent for a while) I’m asking you. Where are you staying??

Prinku: Bhaiya, I already told that I don’t want the Oberois to find me. If I stay in city, they can find me easily. So, that’s why I’m staying at….

Rudra: (looks at her waiting for her to continue) Staying at…???

Prinku: (bits her lip) At a nearby slum here. (Turns away from Rudra.)

Rudra: (shocked) What?? Slum?? Prinku, you are staying at slum??

Prinku: (proudly) Yes, bhaiya. But, I’m not ashamed of saying it. I just felt bad that you will be hurt knowing this. I’m staying among humans, bhaiya. That’s enough for me, bhaiya. I don’t have to be scared to go alone anywhere. At Mumbai, I have to take a security with me. Here I’m living on my own. I’m living as Priyanka, not as Priyanka Singh Oberoi. I love to stay as Priyanka only, bhaiya. No one knows that I’m from a rich family and they don’t even know my surname. I too never used my surname. (Rudra smiles in tears looking at his sister’s maturity. The girl who can’t take decision on her own, now talking maturely. He just hugs her.)

Rudra: I’m proud of you, Prinku. I just felt hurt when you said that you are living in slum. (Breaks the hug) My princess who raised with wealthy life, now living a simple life. But, I know, wealth is just a part of our life. You proved me that. You know something?? I also didn’t use my surname since you left. I’m standing as Rudra only in front of you. (Priyanka smiles at him) Prinku, Ishana bhabhi know you are staying there??

Prinku: (nods) She knows, bhaiya. She opposed me when I said that I want to stay there but I convinced her. You know right, she can’t refuse us??

Rudra: (smiles) I know. We are very special for her. Because, only we treated her as a human there. (Priyanka nods sadly)

Prinku: Bhaiya, why did you come here suddenly??

Rudra: Actually, my friend is getting married here. I thought of seeing you first before going there. You have sent mail to me about this address. So, I know you must be here.

Prinku: But, no one from the Oberois know that you know about my whereabout right??

Rudra: No. They don’t aware of it. That’s why I asked you to contact me through email. Shivaay bhaiya hired a private detective to find about you but I know they won’t be able to find you. (Priyanka smiles)

Prinku: How are them?? Still stay like same or any changes??

Rudra: I didn’t bother about them at all. If they regret now, it’s no use. They can’t change the past. I won’t talk with them unless if I have to argue with them about their deeds. (Priyanka hugs his shoulder) I want to see Ishana bhabhi. Do you still meeting her??

Prinku: Sometimes she will come here. Mostly we will talk through mobile.

Rudra: Do you know where is she staying??

Prinku: I know, bhaiya but I never been there. I’m scared that I might blurt out something. So, I won’t go there.

Rudra: Ok. We don’t have to disturb her. Let her gain her courage to give back to all of them. We will meet her that time. (Looks at watch) Ok, Prinku. It’s getting late. I need to leave now to my friend’s house. I’ll see you after the wedding.

Prinku: Ok, bhaiya. (Rudra kisses her forehead and leaves from there. Priyanka too goes and continue her work)


NeilGau’s House


IshAvJa come back after their shopping for the baby. They sit down feeling exhausted.

Avni: So tiring. I didn’t expect that we need a lot of things for a baby.

Ishu: What do you think of taking care of a baby?? It’s not easy, my dear.

Pooja: Exactly!! Babies are very sensitive. The can fall sick easily if we never look at them properly.

Avni: Really?? (IshJa nod) I think I have to go to tuition to learn about this. (Sighs. IshJa laugh at her)

Ishu: (pulls Avni’s cheek) You are so cute, my baby!! (Hugs her. Pooja too joins the hug. The baby looks at them and started to cry feeling neglected.)

Pooja: Haww!! She is crying that no one is attending her. Poor baby. Come to me. (Lifts her) What she has to call me?? Maasi or chachi or bua??

Ishu: Yeah. What she will address both of us?? I think maasi is better. Are you ok with that, Pooja??

Pooja: (grins) Yeah. I’m ok with that.

Avni: But, I’m not ok with that. (IshJa look at her questioningly while she stares at them) What are you thinking?? I will let her to call both of you as maasi, chachi or bua??

Ishu: Then, what she will call us?? She can’t call us di too. She is a baby and very young.

Pooja: Right. She can’t call us daadi or naani too. We are not that much old.

Avni: Stop it both of you!! If I’m her mother, you both are her mothers too. She will call you both as maa only. Ishu maa and Pooja maa. No one should oppose this. Understand?? (IshJa look at her with overwhelming expression. They hug her again and the baby cries again.)

Ishu: (smiles) This baby is very much jealous with us. (Three of them smile and embrace the baby)


To be continued….



Precap: RiKara flashback. IshAvJa hiding the baby from NeilGau.



P.s: I’m sorry if you find the chapter boring🙏🙏🙏


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