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Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 6th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Chaitu invites Barsati Lal

Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 6th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone thinking who will teach Ghotali. PA suggests that education minister is the superior one to teach Ghotali. Chaitu says who is this minister, its Barsati Lal, call him home, he won’t refuse. PA says he can’t come, he is in prison. Puttan says he has gone in because of book scam. Chaitu says then end the case and get him back. PA says don’t do this. Chaitu asks Puttan to call jailer and ask him to send minister here to teach Ghotali. The news reaches out.

Barsati comes to teach Ghotali. He meets Bahumat and says you torture me a lot. Chaitu comes. Barsati greets him and says Puttan has called me. Chaitu asks him to teach Ghotali. Imli says you have to teach Ghotali, not me. She calls all the children. Chaitu introduces Barsati and asks Ghotali

to learn from him. Barsati says have faith in me. Chaitu jokes on his innocent party workers. The worker asks what about Ghotali’s teachers, Puttan kidnapped them. Puttan says sorry, I will leave them now. The teachers apologize and ask Puttan to leave them. A teacher say its Ghotali’s mistake to fail. Puttan says she is CM’s daughter, how dare you fail her. He argues with the teachers. He asks them to have some shame, now Ghotali will earn marks, education minister is teaching her. Barsati asks Ghotali what does she not know. She says nothing, my english is weak. He says me too, I will teach you, repeat after me, A B C D. She says I know this. He asks her to study and learn. Imli asks him to make Ghotali pass, else she will transfer him.

Barsati teaches Ghotali and answers her. Bahumat also asks questions. Barsati says I will come tomorrow, I will take a leave. Ghotali asks what about my homework. He asks her to write an essay. She doesn’t understand. He praises Ghotali and says I will get her an award soon, she is amazing. Chaitu says I can do anything for education, its imp, people will appreciate my initiative. Shiksha Sharma comes to meet him. Chaitu smiles seeing her. She says I want to appreciate talent and education, I want to start an academy. Chaitu helps her by alloting a plot. He says you can make an academy there. She thanks him. He gets mesmerized. She goes. He says she went so soon.

PA says wake up, we have to make education reach homes. Chaitu says think if people get education, what will ministers go. Janta tries to promote education. A man makes fun of him. Janta tells them the benefits of education. The people don’t get interested. Janta gets sad. PA tells Chaitu that land allotment news reached media. He says sorry, you did wrong to give land to her, see these reports of unemployment, its because of illiteracy. Chaitu finds a way to reduce the percent of students passing by stopping cheating. He says then unemployed people will also get less.

Puttan says I m going to help the kids cheat, Chaitu didn’t bear this and shut my business. Imli stops Chaitu. Genda Devi asks Khoji to question Chaitu. Chaitu gives interview. Puttan gets question paper for Ghotali.

Update Credit to: Amena

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