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Half Marriage 6th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Arjun reveals his identity to Mannu

Half Marriage 6th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Saheb ji telling Chandani that he saw her with Raj in bedroom. Chandani is still drunk and takes it sportingly. Chandani says Raj asked why she stared him. Saheb ji says Chandani shall remarry to forget Arjun. Sampath asks Chandani who made her drink bhang and says may be Raj made the same plan. Chandani thinks if she told him anything in drunkard state. She recalls Mannu giving her bhang. Sulochana gives kada to Arjun and asks him to drink. Servant keeps eye on Arjun. Mannu asks what she needs? Servant asks what to cook? Sulochana says she will tell and asks him to stay away from witch. Arjun thinks who gave him bhang. He thinks if he told something to Chandani in bhang influence and recalls Kusum making him drink bhang. He asks Kusum who sent her. Kusum says I came through

agency. Arjun asks who sent you here? Kusum says Maya. Arjun asks why did you give me bhang? Kusum says I thought everyone drinks it. Arjun calls Maya and asks if she checked Kusum’s back ground. Maya says yes, she is sure.

Arjun thinks to ask Mannu if he made Chandani drink bhang. Mannu is on call and tells that Raj is Arjun’s lookalike and says he will not meet him again as he misses Arjun. Arjun comes there and asks if he don’t want to meet him. Mannu thanks him for doing so much for Sulochana. Arjun says I don’t know you have learnt to say thank you, lovely ki kasam. He tells about him. Mannu asks how do you know, if it is on net. Arjun says I am not Raj Shekhawat, but Arjun Sharma. Mannu is happy and asks where were you since 2 years. When I hugged you, my heart said that you are Arjun. Arjun smiles as he hugs him. Mannu says I don’t know why all this has happened? Arjun says it is a big story and tells that he didn’t meet with an accident, but was shot by Chandani at his chest. He says he was rescued by Shekhawat family, but lost his memory. He says he got his memory back a month back and then he thought to take revenge from Chandani.

Mannu says Chandani shot you and says I will go and confront her. Arjun stops him and says he will take revenge on her and will hide his identity. He tells that Janki is ill treating his parents, and he has to make everything fine. He says this secret shall be between us.. Mannu says promise. Arjun says I will go now and asks him to keep an eye on Kusum.

Chandani tells Sampath that Mannu made her drink bhang and says it is clear that Raj is Arjun and Mannu is helping him. Kusum calls Sampath and tells that Raj is enquiring about her with Maya and is doubtful. Sampath asks her to be careful. Mannu comes to Kusum and asks her to show phone. Kusum says she was talking to her father. He checks her phone and sees babu ji saved. Kusum thinks she is clever enough. Sampath tells Chandani that they have to do something big so that Raj’s secret comes out. Chandani says it is very difficult to handle myself. Sampath says it seems he was very happy with Arjun’s family and have nothing to do with land deal. Chandani decides to take a big step.

Chandani comes to Arjun and says your problem is solved, gives govt sanction letter, you can break this house and neighborhood. She thinks if he is Arjun, then he won’t let his home break.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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