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FLAMES OF YOUTH FF (PART – 10) “Dark Past”




@Chemistry Lab

@Saint Mary

sanya and charles are shown working on chemicals. Mr. Mohonty is shown guiding them.

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Mr.Moh –  Charles, keep it in air tight containers..did anyone see my glasses ??

sanya – sir, u dont wear glasses !!!

Mr.mohonty – oh then maybe i am getting a call…i’m coming…

charles – god knows what happned to him ??

Sanya – maybe its his wife !!

charles – oh..duty !!

sanya – its love Mr.Sen…not duty!!

charles – yeah…blo*dy love !

sanya – why r u so cld about feelings…sorry if im being personal. but, any bad experiences ?? i mean, im a good advicer n listener..unless  u dont wanna talk !!

charles- hmm….uh…Ms.Dhawan…bad experiences…yeah, i’ve got lessons from love in my life, which rove that its a poisonous adrenaline function…bt not about me…my …

sanya – girlfriend ???

charles – hehe…sister !

sanya – sist…?

charles- yup…she got dumped by her boyfriend…n committed suicide…

sanya – so sorry….

charles – arpita, arpita sen….

sanya – hmm….bt charles that guy shall suffer, not ur sister. all her mistake was loving him…

charles – society curses the girl !!

sanya – f**k society !! atleast ur modern enough to know whats right whats wrong…

charles – hmm…

sanya – all girls r not the same , my frnd…


sanya is about to leave…

charles – sanya….

sanya – hmm???

charles – they might be im pretty sure that ur not !!!



@saint Mary campus

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Anjali is shown drinking mixed cocktails….

anjali – oh god, pls bless preeti, and get her well, its been 3 days…whoa….that she alia just bursted out of vicky..whtvs…i just need my sooo bored…..

sanya comes from behind…

sanya – hey sissoo…mind if i sit ???

anjali – not at all…bt where are ur fierce 4 ….??

sanya – cmon…actually i had something important to talk…

anjali – hmm bark…

sanya – wht???

anjali – i meant ..say ….

sanya sips a glass of slurpee….

sanya – umm..i heard u like Paras…

anjali –…no well…ummm….

sanya – be clear

anjali  – okay/…..umm…yeah…..

sanya – ooh…

anjali – wht happened?/ ok …i know hes a player n all…bt i know he is such a sweetheart..he has a great heart !!

sanya – anjali, even i want my paras to be back to what he was….and i know only u can get him back with ur love…

anjali – hmm???

sanya – bt u shud know…that he has a past !!

anjal – girlfriends ???

sanya – no…love

anjali – hmm???

sanya – he dumped a girl….brutally….

anjali – oh…

sanya – after which , she committed suicide !!

anjali gets shocked…

anjali – bt i fail to belive it sanya….paras cant be so cruel.

sanya – there must be some reason. he is nt this thing is damn true…if u wanna love paras, be ready to bleed !!!

sanya leaves…Anjali looks on.


@medical room

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Preeti is shown lying on bed…

Alia enters…

alia – uhm…

preeti – ms. saxena, its etiquette to knock the door…bfore entering…

Alia – oh plz…u dont need to teach me etiquettes Ms. miniature….5 inches!

Preeti – if ur done…

Alia – im not here to fight, Ms.Murthy. im here for a deal..

Preeti – oh great..i love deals !!

alia – u wont deny that u eye my boyfriend…

preeti – ex boyfriend…

alia – wtf….

preeti – mistake it happened…actually, i love predicting the future….

alia – uu..!!!look deal is that if i win ms. sebastian peageant..that im definitely gonna win..u wil saint teresa and Vikrant Mehrotra forever !!! is that a deal babe ??

preeti – deal !!


preeti looks on determined. Alia smirks !!




@Saint Mary

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paras is shown entering into the gym. he enters and removes his leather jacket !! his abs are flaunted. he goes n starts exercising….

the clock is shown..time passes….

rage n displeasure is reflected on his face. Paras eyes turn red. suddenly,/////

someone else enters the gym as well. it is revealed to be charles !!!!


charles comes across a glass show piece. he grabs the piece and throws it in the air !!!

the piece breaks in slow motion…

Paras’s eyes flutter… his expression gets alert…He senses Charles….

charles – jijaji….!!!!!

Paras – sale saab !!!!

greyscale effects are shown !!!!

charles comes close to paras. paras turns around….Charles trieds to punch him. Paras holds his hand…

Paras – i can still break bones better than u ..

charles-  and u can break hearts better than me….

paras – hehe..breaking hearts is in ur veins Sen sahab !!

Charles – oh really,m then why did u try to master our art ???

paras – oh hello…

charles- u took away her life !!!

charles’ tone increases, and he shouts on the top of his voice !!!

charles- u took away her life !!!!!!!!!!!!

paras screams – she was my life !!!!!

charles and pritom engage in a face off…they both start to engage n a physical fight n bleed !!!!

@A week later

@princi’s office

Alia comes of the office. her face has a n evil smirk….she walks off..

Alia keeps on walking…She reminisces whatever happened !!




Alia is shown in prnci’s cabin

alia -sir !!

Prof.Siddhant – Hey Alia, come in. but Principal sir is absent today dear !

Alia – thats what i wanted, sir !

Prof. – excuse me ms. ??

Alia – sir…..

alia hands Prof. Sid a signed blank cheque..She smirks. Prof surprises…

Prof –  whats is this ??

Alia – its a blank cheque, Sid sir..and its a gift from me…its not a bribe..though i would like u to do something for me…i want u to fail Preeti Murthy in this semester n disqualify her from the pageant !!

prof. sid shocks….

Alia – cmon, sir..its a blank cheqe..this deals worthy that miniature !!!

Prof – okay pleased..ur work will be done !!

Alia smirks….


End Of Flashback


Alia walks off !!!



Anjali is shown looking for a book..

Anjali – o my mata !!! so many many books in this grand school…but not a single good romantic comedy…i hate it….blo*dy !!!

suddenly, she rmoves a book form the shelf, and the other side’s book is removed by someone as well….Their eyes meet….


O ho…

Bheegi bheegi sadkon pe main
Tera intezaar karun
Dheere dheere dil ki zameen ko
Tere hi naam karun

Khudko main yoon kho doon
Ke phir na kabhi paaun
Haule haule zindagi ko
Ab tere hawaale karun

Sanam re, sanam re
Tu mera sanam hua re
Sanam re, sanam re
Tu mera sanam hua re
Karam re, karam re
Tera mujhpe karam hua re

Sanam re, sanam re
Tu mera sanam hua re

O ho…

Tere kareeb jo hone laga hoon
To toote saare bharam re

Sanam re, sanam re
Tu mera sanam hua re
Sanam re, sanam re
Tu mera sanam hua re

O ho

The man comes from the opposite side and comes in fornt of her…

Anjali nods in disappointment – oh…John..u n here ???

Charles rolls his eyes – god bless me, Ms.Albeli, its Charles !!!

Anjali – oh firslty im Anjali..and secodnly, as ur charles, u must be looking for a book on computers !!! aah !!!

Charles- no..right now,. im looking for a reason !!

Anjali – reason ???

charles- a reason to tolerate ur nonsense…

anjali – just come to the point…

Charles- stay away form paras….paras modi…

anjali – par….why >???

Charles- anjali i know u love him !!

Anjali – who told u ??

charles – ur eyes did…

Anjali feels numb…

anjali – hmm ???

charles – u love him..

anjali – yeah…well…actually…

anjali walks on…

Anjali – theres something soothing abouth im..something blazing…sizzling…some thng that pulls me towards him..i dont know////

Charles smirks – the fire thats warming u , might burn u if u go closer…

anjali surprises n looks confused….

Charles walks away….



All students are shown hearing the lecture….

suddenly, a peon comes….

peon – Ms.Alia Saxena…Principal sir has summoned u …he is in real angry mood !!

Alia shocks…..all other frnds are shwon shocked at well !!!

Precap – Blazing Challenges !!!


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