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Complicated (Ragsan ff) shot 20

Let’s begin….

San hv reached near to complete the challenge its day 6…

Before going to RagSan lets see wat hpnd to other😉

Dasi:bcs of your over confidence everything hv slipped out from our hands

Monali:wat i hv to do dadi..i hv tried provoke Sahil na…and why me you hv tried with swara

Dasi: that swara hvnt reacted anything…

Monali:now its a hard time..and i will do wat i hv thought..ek theer pe do nishana…revenge on Sahil and i will get Sanskar easily

Dasi:wat you thought? Wat you r going to do?
Monali:hmm…u vl know wn the bang hpns..

She goes…

Here suji in room was tensed..her son is going to take a wrong step..and she cant even stop him…

Suji:mujhe maasiji ke baat sunn ni hi nai chahiye thi!

She sees dasi there

Dasi: don’t worry suji…still we hv time!
Suji: stop it…i hv believed you.. Could you do something to separate madness of my son…no ryte…Ab jo karna hai..woh mein khud karungi

Dasi:wat you r going to do?

Suji:i will directly talk with shekar ji…i would beg him to leave my son

She goes….

Here Monali was outside the gadodia house

She was waiting that wn vl Ragsan comes out…

She sees sahil coming out..she bends…inside her car

His car passes…
And within moments….

Ragsan comes out…

San drives with Ragini..

Monali slowly follows them…

San was talking in the phn…

San:mahi…mail the presentation to clients..and any other thing…?

San:ok then…

He disconnects the call..

At the time he again gets the call…

He smiles widely..he picks the call: shahveer!!!

Shah(played by harshad arora): guess wat?

Shah:m in your place!
San: wat a great surprise!

Rag imitates:wat great sur(coughs).. surprise laado!
San smiles…

Shah: with whom you r?

San smiles..Rag coughs…san pats her back lil worried

Shah:oh then i want to meet her!

San:meet me at xxx place
Shah:ok bro!

San parks the car near a medical

San:laado…i m going to get you a cough syrup..and stay here..dont go anywhere!laado don’t go anywhere!

Rag:laado nai jayegi
San goes!

Monali smirks seeing sanskar entering a shop..wr he gets someone and he talks with him..san was seeing ragini…
He then goes with him that’s shahveer

She goes to car
Mon:Ragini… let’s go to Sanskar
Monali was abt to hold her hand..
Rag moves her hand back!
Mona:sanskar is calling you na! don’t you want to go to Sanskar

Shah:so wr is your Ragini?
San:she is in the car?
Shah:then i wanna meet her
San:first tell me du cough is best for cough na..Ragini is hvng cough!
Shah:ha.. that’s fine…
San buys

Rag:sansii..calling laado?
Rag gets down the car!
Monali sees sanskar whose back was faced to him….she smirks
Mon herself:sanskar!u shouldn’t left her alone!for a sec too

Monali leaves Ragini’s hand!rag starts to moves… Rag was in the middle of the road..the voice of horns and vehicles disturbs her ….she covers her ears….
She starts to cry!

San who has come with shahveer looks for Rag..he finds none …he immediately comes out..to his shock he finds Ragini on the mid road
Car with full speed comes!

Shah sees him worried

San runs immediately…..without wasting a min

He couldn’t reach her …..shahveer sees a girl in the mid road..he follows Sanskar….
He falls!

Monali smirks seeing broken sanskar….

To be continued……

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