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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 6th March 2018 Written Episode Update Anita and anguri Deny for marriage

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 6th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Everyone reaches Goa,tikka says beautiful climate,and says tilu look she is so beautiful,saxena says boys stay in limits or else the foreigners here won’t spare you,tilu says we are here to enjoy please don’t interrupt,malkhan says come let’s have a closer look.

Vibhu says sunny weather wow,I always loved Goa,anguri says have you been here before,Vibhu says yes college days.

Tilu says I heard lot of foreigners visit here when will we see one.anguri says I always tell him to take me on holiday,Tiwari says look I got you,vibhu says me and anu got her you didn’t,Tiwari says I paid for tickets but,anu says stop it you two.happu gets down the car and greets everyone,Tiwari asks how come you here,happu says whole Kanpur is here,vibhu says leave as soon as possible,happu says

I’m here on a mission to arrest a gang,anguri says doesn’t Goa have police here,happu says they didn’t succeed so they called us and I’m here.

Tiwari gets a call from agent for ticket money and he says I said 8 tickets how come 9,which stupid persons ticket you booked,what happu Singh,tiwrai keeps the call and looks at happu,happu says is too sunny let’s get in.

Tiwari and Vibhu chilling,Vibhu says be easy.happu saxena and boys together having snacks,malkhan says let’s order alcohol,tilu says don’t worry I have arranged,happu says when will I have my fish,malkhan says you will be patient and Saxena what are you having,saxena says a cup full of chilli powder,Tiwari says you guys are here on free and eating unlimited so be in limits,happu says it’s your wedding it’s your duty to feed us,Vibhu says Tiwari chill just think like you served a beggar.happy says you useless person shut up.

Vibhu and tiwrai in front of pool,two girls come out of it,vibhu Tiwari stare at them.abguri and anu return from shopping and watch Vibhu and Tiwari stare them.vibhu says women always doesn’t look in such clothes like swimming costumes,Tiwari says I love bhabhiji the way she dresses now,I mean your bhabhiji,Vibhu says me too.

Anu and anguri mistake them as staring at women and say these two are of such bad character,anguri says I never expected this from Tiwari,anu says we shall teach them a good lesson.

Waiter gets happu his fish,happu says no one will have it,just me,malkhan says I shall feed you and stuffs the whole fish in his mouth,happu chokes and hits Malkhan,malkhan asks what’s wrong,saxena says I think fish bone stuck in his throat,Tiwari says let me help him,vibhu says chill,he will manage and if he can’t he will leave,Tiwari says great,saxena says start hitting on his back,boys throw him down and jump over him,happu says it’s out the bone is out and asks waiter to get dal khichdi.

It’s the wedding day in church,anu and anguri walk in white gowns,anguri asks anu how am I looking,anu says like a fairy.
Vibhu says god bhabhiji looks like an angel,Tiwari looks at him,vibhu says I meant your bhabhiji.

Anu asks how am I looking,anguri says beautiful,Tiwari says she’s looking like an delicate butterfly,Vibhu looks at him,Tiwari says I meant your bhabhiji.

Anguri says Tiwari is looking so handsome,anu says so is vibhu but don’t forget we are not talking to them,anguri says but if he gets hurt,anu says control we have to teach them lesson,happu says congratulations on marrying again.tikka says I haven’t married once,tilu says happu if you have three girls in your contact arrange our weddings please,happu says never you three are devils,saxena says true and boys concentrate on their wedding now.

John enters the church and congratulated them and asks where is father hasn’t he arrived yet,father walks in,John says there he is,father looks like Pelu,Tiwari says Pelu what are you doing here,father says I’m pele,Tiwari says has your family ever visited Kanpur and all giggle.

Father asks so all are ready,vibhu says yes I do and anu says no no no,tiwari says good decision,vibhu says anu what’s wrong,tiwari says yes I take anguri ask my wedded wife,anu winks at anguri and anguri says no no no,vibhu saysbgood decision bhabhiji,anu says the thing is we don’t who they are.

Vibhu says anu you don’t know me,anu says I’m not anu im ana bell,tiwrai says and anguri dear why did you,anguri says I’m grapsy and you are very bad person,vibhu says good bhabhiji,anu says let’s go and both leave.

Vibhu says uncle why are they behaving this way,John says think about it and go away or I shall call bozo,Vibhu says Tiwari let’s leave, all leave.pele asks John whose bozo,John says my rat.

re cap: saxena says bhaiya my bhabhijis have new partners now.anu and anguri enjoying with two boys.vibhu says why didn’t I die before seeing all this.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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