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Belan Wali Bahu 6th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Roopa makes whole family play holi

Belan Wali Bahu 6th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Jitendra and Roopa comes to Dada’s room. Jitendra is pumped up to talk about Holi. He comes to Dada but remembers his slaps. Dada asks why he is here? Jitendra says I want to show you new magic, come with me, he makes Dada sit on wheelchair and ties him. Jitendra thinks now I wont be slapped, he says I was thinking to play holi this time, Dada forces his hand out of ropes and slaps him, Dada says this is magic and says you tied rope so loose that it opened, no one will play holi in this house, dont ever ask again, Jitendra runs out of his room and says to Roopa that give this case to someone else, I am sorry, he leaves. Roopa says how to pacify Dada? she gets an idea.

Ramnath says to Lata that Dada will not agree. Roopa comes there and says do something. Ramnath says if

you are thinking that we can agree Dada to play holi then its impossible. Roopa says Dadi died on holi but it was an accident, Laddo’s last wish was to play holi, can you ask Dada? Lata says Ramnath cant do it. Ramnath says you keep saying bad for me. Lata says he doesnt have guts to talk infront of Dada. Ramnath says she keeps seeing my weaknesses, they start arguing. Roopa sees them shouting. Lata says Ramnath cant do anything. Ramnath says enough. Lata shouts to be scared of her. Roopa runs from there hearing them shout so much.

Roopa comes to Laddo’s ghost and says I tried to pacify family to make Dada agree but nobody agreed, Ramnath and Lata started fighting. Laddo’s ghost says you could have made them stop and listen to you. Roopa says they are elders, I couldnt stop them, why you are fighting with me? I always try to do everything you say but you keep scolding me. Laddo’s ghost says you want to play holi? she nods. Laddo’s ghost says let me think, if Dadi Lajjo was alive then this.. he says I have an idea. He whispers idea to her, Roopa gets excited.

In morning, Dada talks to Lajjo’s picture and says colors used to look so good on you, you used to hate white color on holi. He hears some noise and comes in lounge. He sees all gathered there. Suzzi comes there dressed as Lajjo, Dada is stunned. Suzzi brings colors and applies tikka to everyone, she slaps all men as blessing like Lajjo used to do. She cant see Laddo’s ghost. Suzzi comes to Dada, she shakily applies tikka on his head, he glares at her. She says dont feel bad, its holi. All look on. Suzzi hears music and starts dancing like Lajjo used to. Dada mutters Suzzi and goes behind her. Suzzi comes in street and starts dancing with people, Dada and all family members look on. Dada recalls how Lajjo used to dance and enjoy holi. Suzzi is dancing with society, she sees a a man without colors on him and starts going towards him but one man on cycle strikes with her and Suzzi falls down. Dada shouts Suzzi! he recalls how Lajjo died sameway. Dada runs to her and asks her to wake up. Family comes there too. Suzzi tries to talk, Dada says I cant lose you too. Suzzi says if anything happens to me then promise you will play holi, tell me soon, I dont have much time. Dada says nothing will happen to you, I will play holi if nothing happens to you, I promise I will play holi every year but please be fine.. Suzzi becomes fine and says dont feel bad its holi. Dada glares at her and says you faked all this? you are fine? she nods. Dada says you did this with me! Roopa says we all did this to tell you what happened will not happen, we want to tell you that we shouldnt stopped because of people who left us. Suzzi says Lajjo used to love holi most and you promised to play holi if I am fine and man on cycle was Jitendra. Jitendra comes there and asks Suzzi if she is fine? she nods. Dada goes to Jitendra and pats him on cheek, all are stunned. Dada leaves.

Scene 2
All are waiting for Dada in lounge. Dada comes there wearing white dress, all look on. Dada says where are colors? all smile. Lata says I will bring it, she brings color plate. Dada takes it and goes to Lajjo’s photo, he says you used to love holi right? lets play it, he applies color on her photo. Dada applies color on Ramnath’s face, he applies on Dada too. Dada applies color on everyone. Dada says to family that we will make ID cards for everyone, Suzzi says why? Dada says once a robber came in house on holi day, we were all inebriated and robber came in house with color on his face and he robbed everything, we cant know who is person as faces are colored so we will make ID cards, who have ID card can only enter house. Jitendra says you are clever Dada, I will make ID cards and no intruder can enter house. Ramnath says lets celebrate holi.

Roopa comes to Laddo’s ghost with colors, he asks her to go and play holi. Roopa says I am playing holi in this house for first time, my holi cant start without applying color on you, he says how can you put color on me? Roopa applies color on his photo behind him and smiles, he is mesmerized, she says happy holi, he says happy holi.. they share eyelock and smile at each other.

PRECAP- Jitendra says to Naren that we will give bhaang to whole family and give them ID cards so no intruder can come in house. Jitendra and Naren makes whole family drink bhaang and they all become inebriated. Some intruder applies color on his face and comes in house, he shows his ID to Dada as Jitendra and says I am Jitendra, Dada lets him in. Later real Jitendra comes in house and says I am real Jitendra but Dada slaps him and says you are lying. Fake Jitendra smirks and thinks they are fools.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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