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Badho Bahu 6th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Lucky agrees to teach bike riding to Titli

Badho Bahu 6th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Titli is batting now. Jitesh tells Lucky to out her in the first ball. Titli tells him to not talk too much. Let me play. Titli hits a shot and all the bowls of spices fall down. She runs inside realising what happened. Titli says Kamla Massi will take my class. Rana says spices are to be put so you can mix all of them together and cook food. Lucky decides to help Titli. All 4 of them join hands and take their positions. Jitesh and Rana stand outside as guards while Titli and Lucky cook. Lucky cleans the mess while Titli starts the gas.

Kamla ji makes Pinki massage her back. Pragya is also standing there. Kamla ji guesses that Pragya is also there. You finally got time to check on your mother? You spend all your time with that guy! Vimla ji enters. She will be busy as Teji is a good guy after all.

Pinki goes to meet her mother. Vimla ji asks her if she is working too hard. You have turned thin. Pinki makes a blank face. Payal pokes Vimla ji to come to the main point. She goes to Kamla ji. I felt bad that you did Pragya and Teji’s engagement and dint even inform us. Kamla ji says when Payal told you this she would have also told you that Pragya is still not divorced. This is why we dint tell anyone. Vimla ji insists that now everyone knows. I deserve shagun. Kamla ji whispers something in Pinki’s ears.

Titli cooks the vegetable while Titli makes dough. Rana and Jitesh stop Bharpayi from going in kitchen. Rana tells her it is her holiday today. Ma told me to tell you this. Bharpayi leaves. Lucky is proud as the fragrance is too good. Titli claps for him.

Vimla ji gives a gift to Pragya and blesses her. Pragya is now mine. I deserve a shagun now. Kamla ji reasons that she is still not divorced. She will then marry Teji and then become yours. Pinki gives a set in Kamla ji’s hand which Kamla ji hands over to Vimla ji. Vimla ji is not happy with the set she has received and complains about it. Kamla ji tells her that her eyes mind not be fine but her mind is working well. Why give complete shagun when Pragya is not completely yours? You can take complete shagun later. Vimla ji agrees to make peace with whatever she has got for now. Pragya is not at all happy to see all this.

Vardaan and Kailash ji are checking accounts. Kailash ji tells Vardaan to send these sacks to orphanage today itself. Everything is going smoothly since you are here. Vardaan assures him everything is sorted. Vimla ji joins them. I came to congratulate you when I got to know about Teji and Pragya’s engagement. She notices the sacks of grains and indirectly asks for some sacks for herself. Kailash ji readily offers to send some sacks of grains with her in their car. She acts to accept reluctantly. Kailash ji asks Vardaan to send a few sacks to his home too but Vardaan politely denies. Kailash ji and Vardaan leave. Payal tells Pragya that there was good harvest in Bakriawal too this time. You don’t have to worry about it though as you will still eat food from Sirsa only with Teji. She goes.

All the ladies look at the food. Kamla ji and Pinki tell the other person to eat first but Malti ji offers to do it. Malti ji breaks a bite with Pinki’s help. Pinki lies that she took a bite and feeds it to Kamla ji instead. Both Kamla ji and Malti ji drink lots of water. Malti ji scolds Titli for adding so much chilli to the food. Pinki says if we feed it to dogs then they will bite us instead. Titli laughs which irks Malti ji. When will you learn something? Kamla ji says real culprit is the teacher. She questions Badho who explains that she told Titli everything. I kept all the spices for her too. Titli thinks Badho did tell her everything but she got busy with cricket. Kamla ji asks Komal to tell Titli how to wash clothes this time. Malti ji adds that there should not be any mistake now. Titli nods.

Lucky asks Titli where she is off to. She replies that she was looking for him only. He teases her calling her Kabootari but she isn’t bothered. He asks her if she had bhang again. She declines. I misunderstood you till now. You aren’t as bad as I thought you were. What’s there to feel bad about between friends anyway? Lucky is surprised. When did I become your friend? She replies that they played together; cooked together so they are friends. She extends her hand towards him for friendship. He smiles accepting her friendship. She tells him she had fun playing cricket but she messed up food badly. My training will be over if things continue like this only. He assures her that she will learn everything by the time you are married. What are you thinking? She says everyone in the house is after my wedding so my days of freedom are limited. I don’t know what will happen later on. He asks her what she wants to do before that. She shares her wish list. I want to learn how to ride a bike. I tried riding Bhaiya’s bike but both papa and my brother scolded me for that. Lucky offers to teach her. They both happily call each other Kabootari and Murge. He asks her if her wings will bend while learning the bike. He runs away. Titli realises she forgot to tell Lucky she is going to learn how to wash clothes tomorrow from Badho.

Komal meets Titli and tells her to be mentally ready for her training tomorrow. Titli nods but is in a fix as to what she should do.

Next morning, Kamla ji and all the ladies tell Titli what she has to do and how. Titli says I have never done it in the past. Komal says there is always a first time. I will tell you everything. Malti ji tells her to make sure nothing goes wrong this time. Your disciple Titli has to pass this test. Kamla ji says she will have to pass as Pinki and I gave our most favourite lehenga to wash. Pinki gets tensed. Kamla ji again warns Komal. Komal assures her she will do everything correctly. Let’s go Titli. Titli thinks she was dreaming of learning bike riding and see what she has gotten herself into!

Precap: Titli dips the clothes in a bucket and goes to learn bike from Lucky. She manages to drive herself and hugs Lucky excitedly. Meanwhile, Kamla ji asks everyone where is Titli if Komal is inside. Komal assures her she has told Titli everything in detail. I have faith in her.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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