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Agnifera 6th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Insurance Agent’s Attempts To Kill Shristi Fails

Agnifera 6th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Anurag takes Ragini to meet his new friend Sangini and says Sangini is beautiful. Ragini acts as jealous. Anurag says Sangini is beautiful as she looks exactly like her. Ragini continues acting. Anurag thinks she is typical wife and tries to convince her.

Vishu and Shristi enjoy Udaipur’s sightseeing on the other side. Psycho insurance agent follows them. They look at an empty cart and argue if it is bullock cart or chariot. Psycho insurance agent pulls out poisonous scorpion from his bag and drops it on cart, thinking Shristi will die now. Shristi sits on cart and tells Vishu she is feeling thirsty. Vishu goes to get water. Scorpion climbs Shristi’s shoulder. People shout it is a poisonous scorpion, don’t move. Vishu comes running. Psycho insurance agent senses an opportunity

and throws scorpion away. Vishu thanks him for saving Shristi and introduces himself. Psycho insurance agent says he did not do anything. Revathi joins them and thanks Psycho insurance agent. She insists Vishu and Shristi to return to hotel room. Vishu does not agree and Revathi fails to convince him. They all head towards Udaipur palace.

Ragini tells Shristi that misterji wanted Ragini to meet Sangini, how can they both come together, she is feeling guilty and thinking of informing him everything. Shristi asks her to enjoy the confusion and drama. Revathi hears their and fumes that Ragini is playing prank and will fall flat instead. Guide shows them palace and says Rajas used to have 10 Rani’s minimum. Anurag happily repeats. Ragini says those days rajas used to fight for ranis. Anurag says he would not have. Guide says this palace’s speciality is they will return to the same spot where they go.

Psycho insurance agent reaches palace and thinks he will start killing spree in Udaipur’s palace. He follows them. Whole family enjoy’s palace sight seeing. Psycho insurance agent follows Shristi and imagines throwing her from balcony, but fails. He feels disappointed and thinks he will get many chances again. Family continues enjoying while Revathi continues fuming seeing Anurag and Ragini’s romance.

Precap: Anurag tells Revathi that Dulari will not sleep walk, so she can relax. Ragini gives pain balm to Revathi and asks her to relax. Anurag happily tries to leave with Ragini,
but Revathi asks Ragini to massage her head for sometime. Vishu tries to kiss pillow saying he cannot wait more.
Shristi notices it. Vishu gets nervously. Shristi asks if she can help.

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