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You are only mine- ragsan- part 10

Hello sissy’s. I thought u might not like last chappy. But m really happy that u all liked and commented. I was little busy, thought to post next part after 3 days. But after seeing ur comments I cudnt stop myself. And today it’s my bday too. So posting today only.

Sanskar comes to home. There all were waiting for him in home including swara also. Laksh happily hugs sanskar.

Lak : bhai thanku so much. Swara cancelled her engagement. She wil not leave me. Thanks bhai.

San: (sad inside but managed infront of them with smilingly) wat thanks ha.? M ur bhai. If u all r happy then only I’ll be happy.

Swa: to sanskar, m really sry. I was scared for my lucky. I don’t know wat happened, groom side suddenly changed their decision and broke this engagement. And I got call from same person saying that he was targeting other person, by mistake he thought its lucky. I was very happy listening that. From there directly I came here to tell gud news to lucky that I’ll never leave him.

San: both of u be like this only. always happy.

Utt: bhai, management dint do anything. They found those 2 boys who kept papers in my bag. They handover them to police. M saved bhai,( she hugs him)

San: m also happy uttu. Now onwards be careful. Don’t ignore anything. Its ur final exams, u have to top again.

Utt: yes bhai I’ll do.

Suj: chalo. After so many tensions finally we all r happy. Swara come to kitchen we will prepare some sweets on this moment.

Swa: yes aunty. M coming.

Suj: don’t know how this all happened suddenly. God is with us. Mere bacchhe bach gaye.

They both went to kitchen.

San in mind: not suddenly mom. Its preplanned. That too coz of me.

San: ok guys, u enjoy, I’ll just get fresh and come.


@sanskar room

Sanskar’s pov

I never knew that u will use my family to get me. U made me helpless. I Must say U r very gud player. U did beyond my thinkings. If ur love is true also, u wud have asked and if person don’t love u, then u shud not force. Its not sign of true love. Today almost my family lost its happiness. After these all things I cant even think to like u, loving is far away. I cant be urs. Never. Now today u made me agree forcibly. One day u’ll only say to me to go out of ur life. U know only this sweet sanskar, sanskar is sweet only, but for u it’ll b different.

End of pov

Sanskar was sitting sadly. Karan comes and sits beside him.

Kar: wat happened there?

Sanskar tells him everything.

Kar: wat a game player she is. She did wat she said.

San glares him.

Kar: m in ur favor only. I just praised her for her skills. I don’t like wat she did. So wat u decided nw?

San: she thinks I became hers. But she doesn’t know this sanskar. If she has her own ways, then I too have different ways. I make her such that she, herself shud tell me to go out from her life.

Sanskar looks at karan with confident.

San: I may need ur help too.

Kar: y u ask this always? M always wit u bro. if u don’t ask also m with u. if u get angry on me also, m with u. if u r angry on ur bhabhi also, m with u. if u say to fight me with ur bhabhi also, m with u.

Sanskar understood that he’s trying to make him smile. He smiles at his antics. They both hug smilingly.

Kar: sanky. I’ve one doubt.

San: wat?

Kar: I saw ur bhabhi with ragini. Is she also like ragini? Wat do u think?

San: may be . both r frnds means. Cant say anything. Possibilities r there.

Kar: (dramatically) oh no. sanky. Ab kya hoga tere is maasum bachhe jaise dost ka.

San: hits him playfully. Dramebazz. Lets go for dinner. All must b waiting. And u know na this secret shud be between us only.

Kar: done. Come now.

Both joins all for dinner. They finished their dinner as usual with their nokjhoks. Sanskar was happy that his family became like earlier.


@xyz company

Sanskar was discussing something. a song plays

“ bachke tu rehna re bachke tu rehna,” (khallas song)

All were luking at sanskar including karan. Sanskar took his mobile out.

San: its ring tone yar. Specially for ragini number I set this.

Kar: (dramatically) ‘ye hai ishq samjha, tujhe kar hi dega khallas’. Wow yar. Nice song. It suits her very well.

Both laugh. He receives her call.

Rag: hi.. wats my baby doing?

San: hanging himself.

Rag: wat?

San: nothing. Y did u call?

Rag: I want to meet u. be at @abc coffee shop after 1 hr.

San: but I hav work.

Rag: no prob. I’ll tell ur sir to cancel ur work.

San: no no. its ok. I’ll some how adjust and come.

Rag: and ha. Bring karan also. Bye baby.

She cuts call. Sanskar wonder y karan. After doing somework he left with karan. They reached coffee shop. There they saw Nairag sitting and waiting for them. Karan saw naina and lost in his world and stopped there only. sanskar saw him and without speaking any word drags him near table.

Rag: u came late baby. Well its ok. Wat do u like to have?

San: (in mind did u left any choice) anything.

Rag: aaww my baby.

She ordered 4 coffees.

Rag: meet naina. My best frnd.

Sanskar shakes his hand with her saying hi. Then karan shakes but holded her hand seeing her. Naina tries to free her hand. Sanskar sees this and make karan sit proper.

(note: nw ragini is not rude. She became happy as sanskar said yes. And sanskar not became rude, he just want to escape from her)

Rag: so karan, u r my baby’s bestie. So u have to take care of him in my absence.

Kar: baby? He may b ur baby. M still bachelor.

Rag: u r really funny karan. Stop joking nw. u shud take care of him, if any prob comes u shud inform me immediately. Ok. Rite nw only this much. Still remaining things I’ll tell u later.

Kar: remaining? Still wat remained?

Rag: later karan. See, coffee came. Lets have.

They finished coffee. And stood to go. Outside karsan were going. Ragini goes to sanskar.

Rag: karan, few mins. I want to talk to my baby.

Karan goes little side staring her. He luks naina standing alone and gets happy and moves to wards her.

Rag: baby. M sry whatever happened. U r my life. I’ll never let anything happen to u. I know still u r not ready for our relation. To start any relation we shud know each other. So today onwards we will meet and starts to know each other. Wats say baby?

San in mind: ofcourse. U’ll know me.

Rag:baby. Tell me.

San: ok

Ragini gets happy.

Rag: k. Then I’ll call u evng. She side hugs him.

He felt uncomfortable that she’s touching him. But also he felt gud. But as he set his mind he just want to get rid out of her.

Same time, Karan goes to Naina.
Kar: hi

Nai: hi.

Kar: so, hw r u?.

Nai: m fine only wat happened to me.

Kar: I mean casually.
He was not getting wat to talk with her.

Kar: can we b frnds?

Kar in mind: oh no. Wat I did. I directly asked for frndship. Wat she’ll think of me.? Wat if she thinks bad abt me? Wat if she’s Also like Ragini.

Nai: smilingly. Of course. Y not.

Karan takes normal breathe.

Kar: r u both childhood friends?

Naina dint answer for that. She changed topic. Karan dint notice that.

Nai: u r sanskar’s bestie. He’s really lucky. Not only he. U r also lucky to get frnd like him.

Karan was like feeling that she’s praising him. He was to say something but Ragini comes. He got little angry that she disturb Thier talk.

Kar: did u talk with ur baby?

Rag: yup. Ok by Karan. Take care of my baby.

They both left. Karan comes to sanskar.

Kar: baby shall we go? And laughs.

San: he glares. But he dint stop laughing.

He gives a small punch in his stomach.

Kar: ok ok. Sry. Let’s move.


@sinha house

Nairag enters home happily.

Ragini goes and hugs both shejan. They were surprised. They think is she our Ragini?

Rag: mom, dad m really very happy. U know sanskar agreed to our marriage. He’ll b mine now.

She: but how’s this happened?

Rag: I told u na dad. Everything will b fine. See nw all is well. U both dint met him na. I’ll call him for dinner tmrw.

Jan: m happy seeing u happy Ragu. Just keep in mind, don’t do anything in anger. And don’t b selfish.

Rag: ofho.. no mom. M ok. Come cheeku(Naina), i need to plan something. Help me.

She goes to her room. Trio were surprised again. She called Naina by her nick name after long time. Naina went inside smiling at shejan. Shejan luks at each other.

She: janki wat m seeing? Is this dream?

Jan: m also surprised. But m happy to see little change in her.

Both hugs happily.

How’s this part sissy’s? Hope u enjoyed. Waiting for ur like and comments. Love u all.

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