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Vikram Betaal 5th December 2018 Written Episode Update

Vikram Betaal 5th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vikram calling Kal Bhairav and asks him to come infront of him and give him darshan. He says if you don’t come then you will get the sin of Maharani’s death. Senapati Virat Singh comes and asks him to come, tells that it seems Kal Bhairav left from here. Bharmal tells Pingla that if Vikram comes to know about my doings then? Pingla asks him not to worry and pretend to be sad over Padmini’s death. Vikram tells Padmini that he made her wife witnessing the fire, and that’s why I will not leave you else I will die. He asks her to live. Pingla tells that we have to make our heart stronger. Vikram asks where is Acharya. Acharya comes. Vikram comes and tells that Maharani’s condition is because of Kal Bhairav’s anger. Acharya says there is one way but I think it is difficult. He tells that Kaal Bhairav might get peaceful if he gets relieved from brahma dev’s head dosh. He tells that the head was not found. Vikram says if I get that head back then Kaal Bhairav will be relieved from brahmadev’s guilt. He asks where I can find Brahma Dev’s 5th head. Acharya says whoever tried couldn’t be saved. Acharya ji shows him on the map and tells him that he can find Kamshetra or Kamashi log. Vikram says I have to leave. Acharya says I have to tell you about it and says whoever went there haven’t returned. Vikram says I am not worried for myself, but for Padmini. Pingla tells that they have to do Padmini’s last rites in the morning.

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