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Vighnaharta Ganesh 4th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Para brahma mahaganpati appears.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 4th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The episode starts with kartikeya worried for the life of his soldiers. Tarkasura says devsena kartikeya, you will be the reason for the death of your soldiers. Kartikeya is angry and worried. Kartikeya then removes his bow and attacks arrows on the mountain, these arrows hit near the legs of the soldiers hanging using the rocks, the arrows hit and ladders appear for the soldiers everywhere. All soldiers climb the mountain using the ladders and are helped by some soldiers above.
Parvati says to mahadev, kartikeya used his intelligence here and saved the life of his soldiers. The army gathers together and all gods land down. Kartikeya says devraj indra, we have to find a way to get through that palace door. suddenly everything stops and para brahma maha ganpati appears. Kartikeya and all

gods are amazed and everyone do pranam to mahaganpati. Kartikeya says ganpati ji, I have the blessings of my parents and everyone else but I need your guidance and your blessing as well, how do I kill tarkasura? And how do I get inside that palace? Ganpati ji says kartikeya, you are very capable and I shall guide you, killing tarkasura is no easy and indeed this war is very difficult to win but good always wins before evil, to kill tarkasura first you have to obtain his life power. Tarkasura has hidden his life power inside a weapon which is kept safe inside his palace, first that weapon has to be destroyed only then tarkasura can be killed. Kartikeya says okay I understand ganpati ji. Ganpatia says kartikeya remember one thing, shauryapur is a mayavi lok, nothing is as it seems, everything is different so be careful. Kartikeya says now I know the truth of shauryapur, I will be careful. Ganpatia ji blesses everyone and then gives more soldiers army as a blessing. Ganpati goes.
Tarkasura says kartikeya, you cannot enter my palace just like that. indra dev says, kartikeya, I vayudev and kuber dev will first go to destroy the palace door, then you all charge inside. Kartikeya says yes devraj, first you 3 try. Indra dev, vayudev and kuber dev go to destroy the gate. As they run ahead, indra dev removes his Vajra astra and says I will destroy that door. indra dev attacks with Vajra. Inside tarkasura says I shall open that door. the door of palace opens before the vajra’s attack hits. Indra dev says yes, see the power of my Vajra astra, now with the immense power I will kill you tarkasura.
Kartikeya says no, this is not right. Tarkasura opened that door before indra dev’s attack hit. Kartikeya tries to warn indra dev.
Indra dev runs in the palace door as he reaches the step, he is thrown back as a force field protects the entrance. Indra dev comes behind as he is thrown back. kartikeya says I knew tarkasura wouldn’t let anyone in so easily. Kartikeya says what do we do? How do we get in? kartikeya says I have to think.

Precap: kartikeya flies on mayur ji and jumps towards a wall with his spear. Tarkasura attacks on the gods and the army.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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