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Vighnaharta Ganesh 3rd December 2018 Written Episode Update: Kartikeya charges to shauryapur.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 3rd December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with a flying demon coming and he throws the bag in front of kartikeya, tridev and all gods. The demon goes. Kartikeya picks the bag and says what is in this bag? Kartikeya opens the bag and then is shocked as he removes the head of gandharva kumar hansraj . everyone is shocked and mahadev gets up angry. Kartikeya becomes very angry and says tarkasura has crossed all limits and now he shall die, we will march with our army to shauryapur and fight tarkasura and his demons. Brahma dev says yes kartikeya, but remember one thing, shauryapur is the lok of tarkasura so be alert there. Kartikeya says yes and all gods sit on their animal chariots and head to shauryapur. Kartikeya summons the entire army of gods as the army follows the gods and kartikeya.
There tarkasura says

see atyasura, I told you killing that gandharva would bring mahadev’s son kartikeya and all gods here in shauryapur. They are all fools and are going to die soon from my hands, I will kill kartikeya and become immortal! No one can kill me!
Devi sarla and raja devodas say, what did kartikeya ji do? Because shauryapur was mayavi. Ganesh says kartikeya ji and all gods went with their army to shauryapur.
In shauryapur, kartikeya and the entire army reaches. Tarkasura uses his power and from it he creates a huge face of himself outside the palace as his face stands over the palace. Tarkasura talks with kartikeya and all gods with his face. Tarkasura says so mahadev son kartikeya you are finally here with the gods and the army, you have been trapped in my trick and now you all will die in shauryapur. Tarkasura says my lok is mayavi and you all wont be alive.
Kartikeya says evil demon, you have done enough sins and I sent a messenger to have peace between demons and gods but you killed gandharva hansraj as well, you will suffer and be punished for that. tarkasura says kartikeya, you can not kill me or even come near me and touch me, my powers are enough to kill all of you in shauryapur.
Kartikeya says I give you one chance tarkasura, you can surrender yourself otherwise you will have a torturous death. Tarkasura laughs and says did you think I will surrender? You all are in my shauryapur where no one can defeat me? I am more powerful here. tarkasura then opens the mouth of his face and attacks a huge fire bolt on the army and all gods. Everyone dodges and then everything tremors due to the attack. Kartikeya tells his army to charge towards the palace. A portion of the army charge at the palace. Tarkasura laughs and he uses the hidden powers of his shauryapur, tarkasura brings a huge mountain in between the army and allows a lava and magma river to flow beneath the mountain. Some soldiers suddenly trip over the mountain and hang on to rocks as they are about to fall in the river. Tarkasura says now save your soldiers devsena kartikeya, I told you this is my lok and nothing can happen as you wish.

Precap: Para brahma maha ganpati appears to guide kartikeya and the gods. Indra dev uses Vajra astra on the gate of tarkasura’s palace.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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