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Tujhse Hai Raabta 5th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Kalyani serves Anupriya’s punishment secretly

Tujhse Hai Raabta 5th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Malhar questioning Manda who gave her money to steal his baby. Manda says yes else I wouldn’t have thought this even in dreams. Malhar asks who gave you money? Manda comes to Anupriya and says she gave me money to steal the baby. Aparna smirks. Aao Saheb, Rao Saheb, Pallavi, and others are shocked. Kalyani asks how dare you to accuse my Aai? Anupriya asks why are you lying? Aparna recalls asking Manda to take Anupriya’s name. Manda tells Malhar that Anupriya wanted to teach him a lesson by keeping baby away from you. Malhar says don’t know why I still feel pain to believe this. Anupriya says she didn’t give her money to steal baby. Kalyani says my Aai can’t do this, never. Aparna says why Manda will lie and accuse Anupriya. Malhar asks Kalyani to be quiet. Anupriya

says you know me well since many years. Malhar says I never thought you will help Sampada to elope with Atharv, but you did. He says he has witness this day and asks Shanti Bai, lady constable to arrest both Anupriya and Manda. Kalyani asks Shanti Bai to leave her Aai and tells that her Aai can’t risk baby’s life. She tries to stop Shanti Bai. Shanti Bai pushes Kalyani. Kalyani pleads infront of Malhar to leave Anupriya. Malhar asks Shanti Bai to leave Anupriya. Aparna says baby is in this condition because of Maayi. Kalyani thanks him. Malhar says she will be punished here. Kalyani says punishment and tells that she is not guilty. Anupriya says I accept the punishment even thought I didn’t do any crime. Malhar says my wife will punish you and asks Kalyani to tell what the prisoners do in jail. Kalyani says prisoners grind the chakki in jail.

Malhar asks Shanti bai to bring Chakki/stone grinder. He asks her to grind the grains in one night else go to jail. Aao Saheb asks what did you do this, and says now you have to go to jail. Kalyani tries to talk to Anupriya. Aparna asks Kalyani to go to her room and not to help Anupriya. She asks Anupriya to do the work and goes to sleep.

Kalyani comes to room and sneezes. She tells Malhar that she couldn’t get better with the medicine and asks him what to do. Malhar asks her to take one more dose of medicine and sleep in some other room, until she is fine. Kalyani says ok, I will sleep in some other room and sneezes. She comes to the wall and throws something on Pallavi. Pallavi wakes up. Kalyani hides. Pallavi sleeps again. Kalyani makes Godaveri wake up and asks her to make Anupriya drink cough syrup as she is coughing a lot. She asks her to make Anupriya drink 4 cups. Godaveri says ok. Anupriya is coughing and grinding the grains. Godaveri comes to her and convinces her to drink cough syrup. Anupriya drinks it and asks her to go and sleep. She coughs and gets drowsy due to medicine effect. Kalyani is looking at her and waiting for her to sleep. Anupriya sleeps. Kalyani thinks I don’t have any other way than this, I will never forget that you had completed my punishment all night. She comes to the grinder/chakki and says I will complete this punishment.

Kalyani grinds the grains. Kalyani thinks she have good practice of jail. Malhar wakes up and finds baby on his chest. Kalyani recalls keeping baby on his chest and thinks baby supported me today. She thinks Malhar can’t get up because of baby. Malhar sees baby on his chest and doesn’t get up. Kalyani feels pain in her back. Aparna wakes up to check Anupriya. She thinks if she is doing work or sleeping. She comes near there and is shocked to see Kalyani grinding the grains and Anupriya sleeping.

Vivek tells Pallavi that once the saree business is closed, Anupriya will be forced to sell the house to give them salary. He asks Anupriya to sign on the papers. Kalyani tells that there is nothing other than this side of house.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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