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TERA FITOOR (Hate Full Of Love) 💥💥💥
Shot 1
Paris 🗼🗼🗼🗼
The Story opens up with the wonderful view of Paris … screen shifts to an Amazing flat where a woman was walking to and fro while having a call …she had a fair skin bubble eyes her curly hairs touching her cheeks biting her nails walk-ing to and fro ..

Yeah yeah I am really very much happy for this deal uff I wanted that place at any cost yes I am returning back finally I’ll start my work there hmm yeah ..sure she sees someone’s call coming ..

I’ll talk to you later dadi’s call coming she said and ended the call and connected to the other line …
So miss Taneja got time to pick up my call Haan a lady in her mid fiftees told from the other ..

Ohh so sorry dadi I was just talking with the agent and guess what I got that place she broke the news infront of her dadi ..
Oh my god that’s a good news now I want a party her dadi said from other side ..

Hahahha surely I’ll give you dadi ..
Missing you twinkle puttar come back soon twinkles dadi said from other side ..
Miss you too baby doll and yeah don’t worry I’ll have tomorrow breakfast with you only twinkle said smiling

Yeah I am waiting for you ? So everything done packing n all ?? Dadi asked while twinkle nodded …
Yes packing done everything done and cross checked too I’ll be taking my flight within few hours twinkle said ..

Yeah it’s too good even your in-laws are coming tomorrow for dinner ..dadi said ..
What’s is this yaar dadi I told you I don’t want to get marry twinkle chided..

Are twinkle ..okay you come we will talk you won’t understand my point staying 7 oceans far her dadi said ..

Hhuhuh daadi twinkle said bye love you she ended the call ..but something was bothering her very much ..

Dadi fixed my wedding with the one I don’t even know after that day I decided I’ll never love anyone but what’s this ..I have to make dadi understand that marriage is not a option for a girl like me twinkle thought while standing in her room balcony closing her eyes letting the cool breeze touch her face …

Soon after sometime her friends come collegues enter their with a choclate cake while she smiled ..

What’s this guy’s twinkle asked ???
Now you will go back to India and don’t know when you will meet so a small gesture from our side to our friendship her friends Kiara added

Yes twinkle we are going to miss you alott baby Sameer the flirter winked at her while twinkle hits him with her elbow ..

Shut up you puppy twinkle said …while Sameer and Kiara her two best buddies hugged her tightly the trio cut the cake and smeared on each other face while laughing and talking running here and there chasing each other ..

Stop stop Sameer said while twinkle and Kiara who was beating him stopped ..and the trio laughed
So you are going back Kiara said ..

Yes twinkle replied ..
I’ll miss you Kiara said ..
Mee too twinkle added with puppy face while Sameer mimics them and the again hit him ..

Chal let’s drop you to airport Sameer said and they picked up twinkle luggage and went from there soon the reached airport and twinkle again hugged her besties while they smile

Any problem calls us okay we are just one call away from you Sameer said while twinkle nodded ..
Yes sure she hugged them again final bidding them
They bid her bye twinkle went inside ..and took her flight ..
Mumbai 🌇🌇
The whole view of Mumbai was shown the screen shifts to an well decor building where a meeting was going on a man with his perfect charms was giving his presentation while the rest present there was very much impressed with him

So yes I think that would be perfect if we work on this plan then our stock price will increase he said and ended while the rest claps ..

I think you are right Kunj let’s proceed with his plan another man in his mid 40 pats on his shoulder while Kunj smiles and nods his head in gesture then everyone started leaving ..

Woahooo Kunj what you did today man you ignited fireeee his colleague come Friend arhaan said ..

Yes it was indeed I am happy that they like it …it will be very much beneficial for us Kunj said ..
Yeah let’s have a small party then arhaan told Kunj …

Nope yar today I am hell tired will be going back home directly and rest you go ahead with your wife Kunj teased him ..
Haan now I have to with her only arhaan said making puppy face while both laughed ..

I think you should get marry too then me you Amaya(his wife) and your wife will go together what say arhaan said ..

Never I don’t want to get stuck like you Kunj said ..
One day you will be stuck too Kunj sarna he teased till the time they both reached the parking and left from there ..
Kunj reached to his flat and was very much tired by now he opens his tie and rested on couch closing his eyes…he gets someone call and a smile appear on his face …

Hi s*xy he said taking the call ..
Chup khote the caller said from other side making Kunj laugh ..
Haha bebe 😝Kunj said ..

Kaisa hai tu ? Bebe asked ..
Fit and hot and you ? Kunj asked her back ..

Same she said while both of them laughed …their were talking when bebe started coughing ..
Bebe bebe what happen r you fine ? Kunj asked being worried ..

Why I should tell you even if I die you will not come back here bebe said ..
Don’t say this bebe Kunj said ..

Nothing happen to me Kunj I’ll talk to you later bebe said and coughed again before Kunj could reply the call was hanged ..

Shit what’s this bebe I don’t want to go back Amritsar but what I can do huh everytime bebe asks me to come and I have to deny her nowadays she stopped telling me to come too Kunj said sadly ..he gets a call from arhaan ..

What happen Kunj asked ??
Nothing much that project which we have done last month they need our files to be submitted arhaan said ..

So yeah let them come and take it what’s the big deal ..
Are no yaar Kunj we have to go annd also there is a meeting there investors from all over the country will be coming it will be great for us too ..

Where we have to go ? Kunj asked ..
Chandigarh arhaan said ..
Ok I’ll call you in few minutes Kunj said ..

Chandigarh that would be good I’ll meet bebe also she will be happy seeing me there and I’ll complete the work and come back yeah that will be fine Kunj said he informed arhaan and they decided to go the next day ..
@Amritsar :::
Twinkle reached Amritsar and was very very much happy to be back she came out of airport to see her dadi with driver and her sister in law Meher comes there to pick her up ..

While Twinkle hugged them both tightly ..
Finally I saw you twinkle dadi said and pecked her forehead while twinkle went with them to her house ..

It was a big mansion fully decorated while Leela and rt were waiting for twinkle she met them when someone kept a hand on her eyes while she smiled bhai she said and turned to find her brother Abeer he hugged her tightly ..

Bhootni finally you are back Haan Abeer said and twinkle nodded while they were teasing each other and having food with her dadi hands

You both are behaving like kids when Ishaan will see you na Abeer n twinkle he will say ..

They are still kids a cute voice comes from back while all smiled too see mehbeer (2 and half years old Ishaan) who woke up and came down with Meher while cutely rubbing his eyes all smiled seeing him ..

Aww jealoussss baby twinkle teased him ..and pulled his cheeks
Huhuh Papa see this bua came back to tease me Ishan complained ..

Don’t worry Ishaan when bua will have her kids we will tease them like this only Abeer said consoling him while others laughed and twinkle was worried ..

Soon they were done with breakfast mehbeer went with their son while Leela rt were taking with someone and twinkle went with her dadi ..

Dadi plz I am saying again I don’t want to get married twinkle said ..
Twinkle puttar plz what I am doing for you it’s good the family is good even groom is amazing her dadi said ..

But still dadi I want to become something now I have got a place in mumbai my work place will start soon twinkle said ..
Han twinkle I know the boy stays in Mumbai only and he will never stop for anything you can do your work even after getting married atleast meet them Tonight her dadi said ..

Okay if you say so twinkle said and rested her head on her lap not wanting to argue more ..

I am sure twinkle that one day you will say I have taken your life best decision dadi said while twinkle hummed in response ..Ishaan and Meher enters the room .

Uff Mumma see badi dadi loves bua only Ishaan said ..

Haww yes my dadi loves me you have any problem twinkle showed him tongue
Badi dadi tell bua that you love me more Ishaan said ..

Haan Haan twinkle I love Ishaan more okay dadi said while Ishaan showed twinkle tongue making them giggle ..
Soon it was night and twinkle was ready for her first encounter with her in-laws they decided to meet for a dinner ..twinkle was introduced to her fil and mil Manohar and Usha sarna her grandmother in law Shanti sarna who was twinkle dadi(Suhasini) best friends the Friends hugged each other ..while they made twinkle introduced to Karthik Yuvraj and amaira her to be brother in law and sister in law while twinkle develop a quick bond with them  ..

Bhai is really very much lucky to have you as his wife Karthik said flirting while twinkle smiled and laughed with them soon they had their dinner ..and went back to homes deciding to meet next day for Pooja as well as to take mahurat for their wedding ..
Twinkle went back home she had already denied to see groom photo and biodata even on insisting by Suhasini she took the envelope and returned back saying she doesn’t want to while twinkle get a call that she had to be in Mumbai too see the place ..she told the same to lert..

But twinkle they asked us to meet tomorrow it will look back if you wouldn’t be there rt said ..
That’s not my problem I won’t compromise for my dream so yeah I am going twinkle said ..

Twinkle is this the way to talk ? Leela asked … twinkle kept quite ..
It’s okay Papa maa I’ll go with twinkle and we will be back soon Abeer assured taking twinkle with him ..
Other side ::
Kunj was done with his meeting at Chandigarh and he reached Amritsar to meet bebe twinkle too reached airport with Abeer while twinj were few metres away from each other they both felt something and was going to look back when Abeer took twinkle telling that their flight has been announced ..the trio left from their ..
Kunj reached his home he sees sarna name plate and smile after so many years he said and went inside he find his bebe in lawn who was there for her night walk and keep his hands on her eyes while she smiled ..

Kunj mera puttar she said and hugged him while Kunj smiled ..
See I am here now why are you crying Kunj said ..

Huh I can’t believe that you are standing infront of me bebe said ..

Haha now believe it bebe Kunj said and they went inside Usha Manohar were surprised seeing Kunj Usha hugged him tightly while he met his parents ..

You freshen up I’ll make something for you I have to talk about so many things bebe said while Kunj nodded and left for his room ..

After sometime he came back he already told bebe that he wants to spend time with her so bebe took his food in her room and was making him eat ..
Kunj I have to tell you something bebe said ..

Haan Kunj replied ..
I fixed your wedding bebe making while Kunj choked his food bebe was patting his back ..

What ? What did you say ? You are joking with me right Kunj said ..
Nahi Kunj I am saying truth I have fixed your wedding with my best friend grand daughter bebe said ..

But I don’t want to get marry and you know this Kunj said he was angry
I know Kunj but till when you will stay alone puttar I also want someone to take care of you to be with you I know how much you feels alone in Mumbai I want to see you happy bebe said ..

Nahi bebe it’s nothing like that Kunj said while bebe was not ready to listen and Kunj was regretting why he came there ..
It’s okay Kunj if you don’t want to get married I am so bad you came for me and I said this bebe said
emotionally ….while Kunj agreed to meet them once …and bebe smiled Hugging ..everyone went to sleep ..
Kunj was sitting in lawn MARRIAGE nope I can’t do this man I can’t even deny bebe she is not listening to me what I should do I’ll tell the girl clearly that I don’t want to get married yes I can do this tomorrow Kunj said while he felt something in his back and turned to find his siblings hugging him ..

Bhaiiii we are so happy to see you amaira said while Yuvi and Karthik nodded Kunj was happy seeing them and the siblings spend time together this was seen by Manohar and Usha he still hates us Usha Manohar said ..

Not hate but he hided the love he had for us Usha said while both of them smiled sadly ..
The next day they all met again and this time twinkle was missing everyone from Taneja family met Kunj and liked him alott while he was sad with the sudden change in his life ..

I have seen her somewhere Kunj said seeing Suhasini and asked bebe about it ..
You have seen her many times in childhood Kunj bebe said..

Where is our bahu ? Usha asked .
She had work so left to Mumbai last night Leela said ..

What a coincidence Kunj came and she left Manohar said ..
It’s good they both will be settle up in Mumbai only rt said all smiled ..while Kunj was irritated ..

What’s this man here they all planned us to settle there I thought to talk to her may be she is too ambitious about her career just like me will be good thing for both of us ..Kunj thought

Pandit ji now tell us the nearest mahurat Usha said ..
It’s after 4 days then 1 month then so on the priest said ..

Kunj won’t come back if he goes 4 days will be enough bebe thought ..
After 4 days it will be good bebe said Manohar and Usha understand her ..

4 days ? Leela said ..
Haan it will be yes from our side too even my doll have too start her work soon Suhasini said and all agreed ..and went ahead for Pooja ..

Lo Naya Siyappa Kunj said palming his face and mentally cursed himself for coming back ..

Whole Meher informed Abeer and he told twinkle who was shocked too ..
Screen freezes ..
Look who’s here ???
Hah Expected ????
Well so yeah I am here as I said may be in December though my exms didn’t finished as they had been post poned due to elections 😲😲😲
So I am here back with a new short story I don’t know how many shots it will have  😝hope you all will support me ..
Do share your views
what do you think ??
This one dedicated to my Simran aka Kiya and others who have been waiting for me …
Writing after a month feels weird 😲😝
Missed you all …
Bye allahafiz ✌✌✌✌

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