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Tantra 5th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Prithvi Khanna arrive at Jalsa

Tantra 5th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Akshat and Niyati sat in the restaurant. Niyati wonders how it is possible that Mohan broke into the house but never returned. Akshat says the old lady didn’t see him leave. Akshat realizes that was a steep valley behind Jalsa. He jokes that the house must have eaten them up alive. Niyati leaves the table, disturbed. She says only that old lady can tell them about the truth, they are hopeless without her.
The lady in black saree push the wheel chair of the old lady.
Nirwan calls Niyati and says Prithvi is directly coming to Jalsa.
Prithvi was watching Niyati’s cycling video on his cell phone. Jai Krishan comes to Prithvi with the good news that Mehtas’ are ready to give them the hotel at half rate. Prithvi says he isn’t interested anymore. In the car, Jai Krishan comments that

only Prithvi knows what’s going in his mind. They stop by a stall, Prithvi purchases an overpriced vase. Jai Krishan asks Prithvi how he is such a successful businessman, he didn’t purchase the half priced hotel from Mehta but an overpriced vase at this stall. Prithvi replies it because of his principles; Mehta got his brother’s hotel illegally transferred after his name and was selling it. Those who betray their relations can never be trusted for money. Jai Krishan asks about the shop keeper’s intention. Prithvi replies that this vase will gain its value after its decorated in his Jalsa. Jai Krishan asks what’s left for Prithvi to achieve. Prithvi wish his family lives happily in Jalsa.
Akshat and Niyati comes out of the restaurant. Akshat avoided to go with Niyati and suggests meeting her in the evening. Someone was following them. Niyati says Akshat appears to be a coward who is afraid of his father. Akshat denies this. Niyati tells him to bring the car then. The car tracing Niyati make a speedy reverse. It stops right near Niyati who was terrified. It then moves on.
Prithvi reaches Jalsa and says this was his yearlong dream, Jalsa. Niyati and Akshat come there. Niyati greets Prithvi and asks if he watched her cycle race, Prithvi says he saw her victory. She must always participate to win. Niyati greets Jackie Uncle as well. JK speaks curt of Akshat. Niyati whispers to Prithvi to save Akshat. Prithvi takes everyone inside, and asks Akshat if he liked it. Akshat complements it to be beautiful. JK curtly says he will only do what third class gainers get. Prithvi says they can employ Akshat to their hotel industry. Akshat says he has to do business like Prithvi and got a lot of ideas as well. Prithvi was interested in his ideas. He comes to the balcony and says a number of people have ideas and a lot of them, many people wanted this piece of land but only he was able to gain this location. Only a few are able to stand at the height. One needs courage and guts to fulfil the dreams, unfortunately he can’t see that spark, that courage and those guts in Akshat’s eyes. He passed in fourth grade, he shouldn’t dream for first grade then. Akshat argues that not everyone shall opt same paths of success. JK scolds Akshat but Akshat takes a leave. Prithvi wish him best. Niyati goes behind him worried but he doesn’t stop. She gets a message from Nirwan inquiring if she spoke to Papa about postponing of shifting? Niyati decides to speak to Prithvi about Nirwan’s wish. The scriptures in the house move behind Niyati.
Prithvi comes to Niyati and hugs her. He says Niyati looks really upset. If he was harsh with Akshat? Niyati says he could have said it sweeter. Prithvi says truth and medicines are always bitter. He says he handed the responsibility of this house to Nirwan but he hasn’t been able to complete the project yet. He should have given the responsibility to Niyati instead. Sumati comes to their confrontation and asks if they were talking against her son? She also has a confrontation against Prithvi. The family come there. Prithvi asks everyone to see their rooms and announces they are shifting within next two days. Niyati and Nirwan were caught whispering. Prithvi asks what the matter is. Niyati says she has checked the house, there is some work still left. Sumati objects but Prithvi says Niyati is right, they may postpone the shifting.

PRECAP: Akshat and Niyati come to the old lady’s house but she denies recognizing them and stood at the door in an unwelcoming manner. The lady in black stood behind the old lady, threatening her life otherwise.

Update Credit to: Sona

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