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Sitara 5th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Sitara breaks Viraj’s gift

Sitara 5th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Everyone is shaken by the earthquake. Chote Raj says it might be due to the land on which the palace his built. His SIL agrees. Kuldeep and Rajguru go to check.

Sitara picks up Chanda’s bangle. She looks around worriedly.

Rajguru notices the clock. She has woken up. This clock started working which means that she is back to life.

Vrinda says my ties are cut today. The girls ask her who has come in the palace today. What happened? Vrinda says I have to find out who that person is. If that person’s entrance can bring me back to life then maybe we can gain freedom with her help.

Sitara peeks inside the room where the royal family is gathered. Viraj has brought a special birthday gift for his parents. His sister asks for his gift. Viraj jokes that entire Germany knows about her.

I wouldn’t have been able to come without the gift. Samrat says she deserves it. Viraj says you both deserve it. I have kept your gifts in your rooms. Viraj shows his parents their gift. Choti Rani remarks that they are together after so long. Viraj’s sister clicks a selfie. Viraj’s mom says hope no one is able to cast their evil eyes on our family. Viraj’s father thinks that the earthquake was not due to some normal reason. Something is surely wrong which is why Kuldeep and Rajguru left suddenly. Viraj asks him where he is lost. Viraj’s father dismisses the idea. They share a hug.

Rajguru and Kuldeep are about to enter in the mystery rooms. They both warn each other of what might be lying ahead.

A guard asks Sitara what she is doing here. She starts running and ends up colliding with a servant who is taking flower petals. They shower upon her. Everyone looks at her.

Kuldeep thinks the Vishkanya’s have been kept here as captive since last 20 years. The secret is about to unfold! They are about to enter in the main room. Rajguru remarks that the real Agni pariksha starts now. They look around the room. Kuldeep is suddenly thrown high in the air. He is magically lifted in the air once again and lands right in front of Vrindra’s throne. Vrinda appears before him. She makes a fist in her both hands.

Guard asks Sitara to get out. She turns around in fear and ends up breaking the gift brought by Viraj. Viraj looks at her in shock. Sitara apologizes and starts picking the pieces. She is keeping them back on the table absentmindedly when she drops a vase. It gets broken too. She apologizes again. Viraj holds her hand this time and she gets pulled right in his arms. They share an eye lock.

Vrinda asks Kuldeep where his daughter is. You snatched her from my hands 20 years ago! Answer me.

Flashback shows Kuldeep walking out of that room holding a baby in his hands.

Vrinda hurts Kuldeep again. He falls flat on the ground. Vrinda walks up to him. Rajguru pushes her back using his powers. Don’t forget that you are still in our control. She remarks that she is his captive yet he looks scared today. Seems like you aren’t too sure about yourself today. Time changes and so does the situations. This fear is the indicator of that! She calls Kuldeep her husband. You had to come in front of me again after all these years. You look scared. It is good though. Get used to being afraid. Time is on our side now. I am going to be free from this Vishloka very soon! Chabeeli, Albeli and the third Vishkanya appears there.

Viraj asks Sitara what she is doing here. Dint your father tell you that you shouldn’t go anywhere without seeking permission. These were antique gifts. She apologizes to him. I came here looking for Chanda. Viraj is upset. His father recognizes her. What are you doing here at this hour?

Rajguru asks Kuldeep to do something now. Vrinda taunts Kuldeep for being helpless today too. He couldn’t do anything in the past and he wont be able to do anything today too. He was caught amidst relations years ago. It looks same today too. Rajguru calls it her misunderstanding. He broke his relations with you long ago and has also killed your daughter! Vrinda shouts angrily. Her anger creates a storm. Kuldeep and Rajguru are having a hard time holding themselves. Kuldeep takes his stick and chants a mantra. Vrinda and her alibis are caught in the web of chants again. Kuldeep leaves with Rajguru. Vrinda shouts after them. Nothing will happen if you close the doors! The time is about to change! You killed my daughter. Now you wont be able to save the royal family. I vow to destroy the entire royal family! You dint just hurt a Vishkanya but a mother too! I will ruin everything. I will seek revenge for my daughter’s death. I will destroy you and this royal family completely!

Viraj’s parents ask Sitara to answer. What is your relation with the palace? How did you step inside without taking permission? Whose daughter are you? Epi ends on Sitara’s face.


Update Credit to: Pooja

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