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Siddhi Vinayak 5th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Magic pen does the magic

Siddhi Vinayak 5th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Vin asks Urvashi to sign the papers. I have signed them already. You just need to sign them. It will be yours afterwards. It is worth 15 crores. Urvashi thinks I thought he wont even look at me after what happened last night but he is gifting me my dream house. Vin tells her to sign asap so he can start the construction work on the site. It is worth 15 crores. Please sign. Urvashi smiles to herself. Shankar appreciates Vin’s idea. Siddhi snatches the pen out of Urvashi’s hand and signs them herself. Manjari smiles. Her game will be up now! Urvashi questions Siddhi why she signed the papers in her place. Siddhi calls her innocent. Patidev said that the property belongs to him and his wife. I am his legal wife while you are his Biwi No. 2. Manjari reprimands Siddhi too. Siddhi says I am just doing

my duty. Right, Patidev? She returns the file to Vin. I will select the interiors and designs of the house. Call me whenever you need me. She heads upstairs. Urvashi is miffed. Vin looks at the papers.

Vin tells his mother that Siddhi has signed on a blank affidavit. She says I know how hurt you must be but we had no other option. I am happy that you kept my word. Give these papers to lawyer now so he can file the divorce. She hugs him. Urvashi enters and complains about what all Siddhi is doing. You guys are hugging each other? What’s going on? Manjari covers her mouth to quieten her. They weren’t property papers. They were divorce papers for Siddhi. We will turn this blank affidavit into divorce papers. She has signed them already. It was mine and Vin’s plan. Urvashi is glad that now she will be Biwi No. 1 while Siddhi will be Biwi No. 0. She hugs Manjari excitedly. Vin goes to call the lawyer. Urvashi looks at the papers again but the signs disappear. Manjari checks them as well. Vin is also shocked.

Prachi asks Siddhi how she could sign any papers. You could have checked once. Siddhi reminds her how she failed a test once in childhood. You dint want our parents to sign the papers. Do you remember it? Prachi nods. Siddhi shares that she used a trick to teach you a lesson. I signed the papers in front of you but they weren’t there when you showed them to the teacher. Prachi nods. How did you do it back then? Siddhi shows her the magic pen. The ink of this pen disappears after a while. Prachi smiles. You are so smart. How did you understand it though? Siddhi says I had a doubt on Vin in the morning itself. When I saw Manjari Ma smiling at Vin, I became positive. Vin points the papers at Siddhi. What kind of a joke is this? Seems like you are used to cheating. Siddhi laughs. She keeps his hand down and asks him to look at himself. Dint you want to take my sign on some divorce papers? It is you who is cheating and not me! He throws the papers away. The wedding started with a cheating only. I wasn’t in my senses. I dint even know you were my wife. You were trying to make me believe that you love me. It was the same time when you were also after my brother! Siddhi keeps his pen back in his coat pocket. I was in my senses during our wedding. Despite of that, just to save you life, I married you! You are still calling me a cheater? Do you know what cheating is? It was when you had looked into my eyes and promised to be on my side; no one can separate Siddhi and Vinayak. You turned your face away from your promise. That is called cheating! You have a video on the basis of which you are calling me characterless. It can also be a lie! You married another woman right in front of me and made the same promises to her! I salute you! She asks Prachi to clap as well. Vin asks her to sign the papers and free herself then. Siddhi tells him it is too late. Now I am your wife and you are my husband. We are going to be husband and wife in the next 7 births even if you mind it! She hugs him while saying so. He breaks the hug.

Shankar has gathered everyone in the living room. He shares that everyone is stressed due to the past incidents in the house. I have decided to feed the old in old age home. With their blessings, the house will be at peace. I am sure Urvashi can cook food for 50 people without any help. Urvashi is taken aback. Siddhi hides her smile. She wont be able to do it ever! Urvashi thinks she does not even know how to cook. She still says yes to Shankar. Manjari points out that no one will be able to help her. Urvashi nods. Shankar advises her to prepare the food in the next 6 hours. Make sure she cooks it all by herself. No one will help her. Everyone nod. Shankar asks Vin to come to the studio with him.

Everyone else leaves as well. Vin asks Urvashi if she will be able to cook. She nods. Don’t you trust me? I will cook great food. He nods and goes.

In her room, Urvashi is panicked thinking how she will cook food for 50 people. I cannot even cook Maggie. I was mad to say yes in front of everyone. What should I do? She goes to seek help from Gauri. Gauri refuses owing to Shankar’s announcement but Urvashi requests her. You know I cannot cook. Gauri does not want to take any risk. You should go. Urvashi promises her no one will find out anything. I will give you the necklace which Manjari had given to me. Gauri thinks for a moment but then refuses. Chacha ji will throw me out of the house if he finds out. She pushes Urvashi out of her room. Urvashi mumbles that she shouldn’t have kept any hopes from Gauri. I will take help from Prachi. She is a greedy girl. She wont say no to me.

Precap: Siddhi s wearing a dress. Vin asks her where she is off to at this hour in this dress. He tells her to think of this family’s respect / dignity if she isn’t concerned about herself. She replies that the dignity of this house was put at stake the day the son of this house married another woman.

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