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Shakti 5th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Soumya challenges Harman and gives him 10 days time

Shakti 5th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Soumya blowing on her hands. Preeto and Raavi cook food on the Chula made by Saya. Preeto serves food to Harak Singh. He refuses, but she signs him to eat. Harak Singh recalls Veeran and Shanno insulting him and telling that the house is theirs now. He takes the blankets which Saya left seeing Preeto and Raavi shivering and covers them with it. He sleeps on floor without covering himself. In the morning, Raavi sees Harak Singh shivering and tries to cover blanket on him. Preeto stops her and tells that Harak Singh will not compromise on his values. Lawyer comes to Harak Singh’s house. Varun and Balwinder tell that they called him. Varun asks Lawyer to make papers ready and give them equal share in the property. Shanno refuses to give them equal shares. Varun tells that he will

go to Harak Singh and will apologize to him. They will forgive me. Balwinder says even Raavi will forgive me if I apologize, but Harak Singh will never forgive his brother. Veeran gets worried and tells that he is ready to give them equal share. Shanno gets upset.

Sameer drops Soumya to the restaurant and leaves. Soumya comes there and sees Harman. She asks him to leave her. Harman says I came for work, and I got work to play guitar. Soumya calls Manager and asks him if he gave job to Harman. Manager says yes. Soumya requests him not to keep Jolly on work. Manager says my business will increase if he plays guitar. Soumya says then I will not do work. Manager thinks then how I will unite them? He tells that he will think of his restaurant better. Soumya says I am leaving job. She ends the call and asks Harman to do job. Harman holds her hand and asks her to call him Harman. Soumya takes auto and goes. Sameer comes and holds his hand. He asks why do you want to go to Soumya. Harman says we love each other and will be together. Sameer says you wanted to keep her with you and then throw her out. Harman asks her not to take his memory advantage. Sameer says Soumya came to me when you had your memory too, but that time I let her return to you, but not this time. Harman tells that he will convince her even this time and will prove that they are both made for each other. Sameer asks do you think if she is a toy and says now she has another way, Sameer Singh and I won’t let her go to you. Harman says your love is not love, but stubbornness. I don’t know what you will get by lying to her, but I am sure that you are trying to separate us, and says Soumya will return to me.

Sameer says Soumya will never believe you. Harman says those whose hearts are connected, they don’t have hatred in their hearts and she will come to me, hug and forgive me. He says if you don’t believe me then give me some time. Sameer says I am not a fool to give you time and says you can’t talk or see her from now onwards. Soumya returns and says no Sameer. She says it is not right to keep someone in illusion. She says Harman will think that I love him, and says you are living with the dream that I love you. She gives him 10 days time to break his illusion and says you have to leave from here on 11th day. Harman agrees. Sameer asks Soumya, why did she give him time.

Soumya says it is necessary, else he will follow me everywhere. She says nobody can be happy with him. There is no Gulabo and nobody can be happy with him. Harman accepts her condition and says if I don’t make you believe that I am your Harman and you are my Soumya, then I will leave from your life on 11th day. Soumya says your 10th day starts from tomorrow. Harman asks her to wait for a moment. Sameer asks why did she do this? Soumya asks him to believe her and says she knows what is she doing? Harman gets the bouquet and says we will see whose dreams break. He asks her to take chocolate and bouquet thinking it as a start of their challenge. Soumya takes it and then throws on ground. She says this is my start and I will keep these chocolates and will return this. She holds Sameer’s hand and asks him to come. Harman picks the bouquet and says even I promise that I will give you this bouquet when you becomes mine, and I will fight with my destiny and promises to take her home with him.

Harman comes to Soumya and asks about her house. Soumya says my parents are dead. Harman asks did Sameer tell this? He takes her to Maninder’s house. Maninder, Nani and Bebe come out. Nani get happy and emotional seeing Soumya.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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