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Remarrying her with love — rules

rikara came back home that evening only to get wrapped by arms. it was dadi and jhanvi hugging them as tight as possible.
om: what happened mum aur dadi? why are you hugging us so tight?
they broke the hug and then dadi spoke: bidaai ho, you two are finally getting married.
jhanvi: how were we so stupid to forget that gauri never got her dream wedding?
dadi: why did you never tell us om?
she slaps his cheek lightly as he said: voh actually so much had happened and this buddhu never mentioned anything about her dream wedding.
gauri: who is a buddhu?
om: you.
gauri: you idiot! how dare you call me a buddhu?! today you will close your eyes forever.
she was about to get her shoe off her feet when om pulled her in his arms, trying to calm down his angry chiraya.

om: gauri, sorry baba. forgive karo na. you know i was joking.

gauri: no i am not forgiving you.

om: please meri chiraya.

gauri: no. you called me buddhu.

shivay came up and said: accha gauri, om is saying sorry. forgive karo.

gauri: then tell him never to call me buddhu again.

shivay: ok meri behna. oh omkara, don’t ever call my sister a buddhu again.

om: fine. now are you happy gauri?

gauri giggles cutely and says: yes.

shivay: that’s great.

he sidehugs gauri as she lets out her cutest smile. just then a thought hit om.

om: mum, dadi, how did you two know that i proposed to gauri?

jhanvi: rudy told us.

om: rudy? now how did he know?

rudy peaked from behind him and said: kyunki nothing can be kept from rudy as rudy is awesome.

om: done sefl praising yourself? now tell me how did you know?

rudy: i followed you to see where you were going in the daytime and i saw you at the fort. everyone knows about the fort. so i figured you were going to propose to gauri bhabhi? see look how smart rudy is?

om: yes he is very smart….at being a duffer.

he laughs as rudy pulls a sad face.

rudy: look gauri bhabhi. look how cruel he is.

gauri: omkaraji, be nice to your little brother.

om: but…

gauri interrupting: omkaraji.

om: fine sorry rudy.

rudy: no problem o bro.

dadi: so engagement tomorrow at 5pm?

rikara nods happily.

dadi: great, i need to go everyone.

jhanvi: i need to get this entire house decorated.

they both leave taking the entire family with them leaving rikara alone.

om: chalo at least dadi didn’t mention that rule.

gauri: what rule?

om: 4 feet rule meaning (he wraps his arms around her, squeezing her stomach and started to breathe in her rose and lily fragrance) i can romance you as much as i want.

gauri: omkaraji, don’t get dirty thoughts. you know dadi will mention it at one point.

om: she won’t.

just then dadi came back and om let go of gauri.

om: so gauri, do you want bubble tea?

before gauri could speak, dadi spoke: no she will not have bubble tea as she is staying in the guest house with anika and some of the new business partners of billu. also their wives will be staying with them.

om: what are their names dadi if you don’t mind me asking.

dadi: mahir sehngal and adi sehngal.

gauri: mahir and adi?

dadi: yes kyu?

voices echoed in her head as she stood there looking like a statue.

‘adi bhaiya, mahir bhaiya took my sweets.’

‘mahir bhaiya, read me a story.’

‘adi bhaiya, i want you to play with me.’

om: gauri?

dadi: gauri?

just then she came back to reality and said: ji?

dadi: you looked as if you were in a daydream.

gauri: was i really? leave it. anyway so what are the rules dadi?

om whispering to her: really gauri?

gauri rolls her eyes as dadi smiled.

dadi: thank you for reminding me. i nearly forgot. so om, you have to stay 7 feet away from gauri starting today.

om: wait a minute! 7 FEET! dadi, this is cruelty. lower it down to 0.

dadi: fine 4.

om: but..

dadi interrupting: four or seven?

om: fine 4.

dadi: next rule, you are both giving me your phones.

om: but..

gauri happily gave her phone as om hestianted to.

dadi: do you want to marry or not?

om: fine.

he gives his phone to dadi and finally dadi said: and last but not least, you two can’t ask anyone for help to meet each other.

gauri: ok dadi, i understand. i will pack my stuff and go to the guest house.

dadi nods smiling as gauri goes upstairs.

dadi: learn something form your wife.

she left leaving om sad.

om: please let this shaadi happen quickly bhagwan. please.

precap: enagement and business partners

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