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RadhaKrishn 5th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Radha’s Risky Move

RadhaKrishn 5th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Agasur thinks it is time to separate Krishna from his team and throws fire from his mouth making a deep ditch in between earth. Nand with his team gets worried for Krishna. Balram tries to pull tree to make a bridge, but Krishna stops him says if he shows his immense power, everyone will find out who they are. Balram agrees. Agasur throws snakes from his mouth. Balram and his team kills them showing his real form. On the other side, Agasur grips Vrishbhan. Radha pleads Agasur to spare her father and take whatever he wants in return. Agasur says he wants her to come to him with food by evening and if she does not come, they should forget their village supreme. Radha agrees. Agasur leaves. Ayan thinks of impressing Radha and tells her not to worry, he will rescue Vrisbhan. He walks Agasur and

asks what is he doing, it was not their plan, Radha is only his. Agasur says he will kill whatever krishna’s favorite is to trouble him. Ayan returns and apologizes that he could not rescue Vrisbhan from Agasur. Kirtida and Radha get more tensed.

Radha gathers food in a cart. Kirtida says she will not let her go near Agasuur into jungle and herself will go. Pandit says if both Barsana and Vrindavan unites, they can defeat Agasur and rescue Vrisbhan. Krishna says it is not possible as Agasur stopped Vrindavan people by creating a deep ditch in between. Radha walks to her room and cries reminiscing Vrishbhan’s fatherly love for her. Krishna enters. Radha says he may not be able to get her as today may be her last day, if he can use is magic and rescue her father. He stands silently. She asks if he is afraid. He says yes, he wants to get fear out of her, else even Narayan cannot help her. She says she is seeking help from him and not Narayan, she will go to any extent to save her father and walks away. Krishna thinks Radha has to conquer her fear.

Radha gets ready to fight with Agasur. Kirtida says she grew up so big that she is going to fight a monster, she will not let her go. Radha says if she stays here, she will die worrying for father. Kirtida tries to stop her, but she leaves with food on cart into jungle, calls Agasur and says she is here now, he should free her father. Agasur spits Vrishbhan. Radha asks villagers to take baba to vaidya/doctor soon. Agasur invites Radha into his mouth. Radha gets afraid. Krishna watches from a distance. Radha closes her eyes and walks into Agasur’s mouth. Serial’s title song plays in the background. Krishna says better, Radha is walking from fear to fearless and erasing her fear, crossing barrier towards their unity. Agasur closes his mouth once Radha gets into his mouth.

Krishna gives moral gyaan that an ant’s life is of 2 days or max 1 week, but it works hard to gather food, even they should just do their work not worry for the consequences.

Precap: Radha hits Agasur’s mouth with Krishna’s bansuri/flute and jumps out. Krishna thinks Radha cleared her fear. Radha calls Krishna.

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