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Perfect Pati 5th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Pushkar lies to Ashwin

Perfect Pati 5th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Damini telling Vidhi about Pushkar’s mental illness and its first stage. Pushkar says I feel I m not able to keep Vidhi happy. Rajshri praises him. He says this extra care has become my problem, she doubts on me. He lies about Vidhi. Damini says Pushkar can get absolutely fine if he gets medicines on time. Vidhi says you can message me about medicines. Damini says no, I need more info about him, he is doubting on us, it will be impossible to treat him, come to meet me, I can get details about him from you. Pushkar says Vidhi will be doubting on me and Bela too. Rajshri says I don’t feel this about Vidhi, I will talk to her. He says I don’t want this. She says all the misunderstandings should end on right time, else the matter can get worse. She asks him to go to doctor

and heal the wound. He says Vidhi was coming with me, her friend has come and she forgot, she will remember and say sorry. She smiles and goes.

He says tough job, well done Pushkar. Rajshri comes to Vidhi. Vidhi says Damini gave these flowers. Rajshri says she is your friend, right, Ashwin and Nivedita went home, give some time to Pushkar, take him to doctor. Vidhi says I will take him to doctor. Rajshri says I m saying this as I m your mum. Vidhi promises to not give her a reason to complain. She requests her to show her the right path. She gets dizzy. Rajshri asks what happened, sit here. Vidhi says I m fine. Pushkar looks on. Vidhi says I love Pushkar a lot. Rajshri hugs her. Pushkar comes to hug them. He acts good. He asks Rajshri to think about Meera. She says where is Meera, don’t know. Vidhi says I will call her.

Pushkar gets Vidhi’s phone. Meera talks to her lover on phone. She says my family would be angry knowing I love a Catholic guy, sorry I can’t come. He says fine, I will come to meet you. He comes to meet her. She gets shocked and asks him to leave. He says I love you a lot. He gets close to her. Vidhi comes there and shouts Meera. She asks what’s going on, who is he. Meera says calm down, I will tell you. Pushkar asks them to open the door. Vidhi opens the door. The guy goes. Pushkar gets in and asks why did you lock door. Vidhi says Meera was teaching me dance steps. Rajshri says you scared me. She asks Meera to spend time with family. They go. The guy apologizes to Vidhi. He introduces himself. Vidhi says you know the family won’t accept this relation. Meera says help us please. Vidhi agrees. Pushkar answers Ashwin’s call on Vidhi’s phone. Ashwin says Vidhi, you got so busy that you didn’t call me once.

Pushkar gets acting weird. He asks Ashwin not to call Vidhi again. He reminds the moment they have spent in the garden. He says I know you are like her father, mum and Charu made this an issue, Vidhi took this seriously, she is running away from you I told her that this relation isn’t wrong in my eyes, bu she isn’t agreeing. Ashwin says I understand, its my mistake. Pushkar says you have right on her, give some time, everything will be fine, don’t call her, she gets upset to refuse to you, she cries all night. Ashwin says I didn’t know this. Pushkar says she asked me not to tell you, but I broke the promise, she shouldn’t know this, else she won’t trust me. Ashwin says don’t worry, I won’t call her. Pushkar thanks him for understanding. He says I will keep you informed about Vidhi, you handle Nivedita, take care. Ashwin agrees. Pushkar thanks him.

Pushkar surprises Vidhi. He arranges Shuddi for her. She gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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