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Patiala Babes 5th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Mini Confronts Ashok

Patiala Babes 5th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Babita tells Mini that there is some misunderstanding, she will speak to Ashok and clear it. Mini insists to call him right now and speak and dials his number. Babita hears engaged tone and says his phone is engaged. Ashok speaks to family and says he will take care of Mini and Babita and they can stay with him, but he will bring Mita home. Dadaji angrily shouts he will not let second woman enter his house and will not Ashok do injustice to Babita. Ashok says he is staying away from Babita since years and staying with Mita, if Mita cannot enter that house with him, then he will also not come. Dadaji says he is dead for them hereon and disconnects. Mita who also hears their conversation panics that his family will never accept him and his father called her second woman. Ashok says his family

is shocked and will accept Mita soon. Lovely and Daadi insist Dadaji that Ashok is his son and cannot be disowned, Babita is just his bahu. Dadaji says Babita served them more than a daughter, Dadi even now differentiates. Lovely says they are not ignoring Babita, but if Ashok does not return at all, what will he do. Babita and Mita enter and hear their conversation.

Bita walks to her room. Mita tries to console her. Bita shouts she is fine and asks her to go out of her room. Dadaji enters and consoles her that she will be his daughter always, though Ashok may not support her, and asks her to cry and vent out her anger. Babita cries loudly.

Mita goes to hotel reception and asks to add Ashok as guest in her room. Receptionist ask Ashok’s passport and asks Mita if he is her husband. Ashok says no.. Once in room, Mita asks Ashok why did not he say he is her husband. Ashok says they are not yet husband and wife. Mita says receptionists don’t know, they were gossiping now. Ashok says in password, Babita’s name is written as his spouse and she gave her passport as Mita Basu. Mita says what is stopping him from marrying her. He says Babita has not divorced her. Mita shouts if he wants to leav her, he can tell directly.

Dadi stops Mini from entering Babita’s room saying she will not vent out her frustration in front of her. Mini confronts they all did injustice to Babes. Lovely says it is Ashok’s mistake. Mini calls Ashok from Babita’s number. Mita sees that and disconnects repeatedly. Mini calls from Biji/Dadi’s number. Ashok returns from washroom and asks if he got a call. Mita nervously says no. He sees Biji’s call and picks call saying he told Biji will convince papaji. Mini speaks and asks why is he not picking Babes call and ignoring it, now he picked biji’s call, he should speak to Babes now. Babita cries holding mobile. Mita asks Ashok can’t he hear Babes’ cry, she does not know who Mita is, he is her papa and Babes is her mamma. Ashok asks to listen to her. Mita says they were listening to him since years even though he is staying away from them since years, Babes loves him so much and has preserved his letters and touches her name written by him repeatedly, how can he betray Babes. Ashok says he did not mean to hurt them. Mini asks then why did he send that message. Mita tries to leave hearing their conversation, but Ashok holds her hand.

Precap: Mini confronts Babita that she told her and papaji’s fake love story, now she does not believe in loves stories and hates Babita.

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